Mere Angne Mein 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 1st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti saying Aarti did this to bring Amit and Rani together, or was Aarti playing game with Rani as well, I will not bear this, you will not step in Shanti Sadan, leave from here. Rani tells Amit that he proved that she can’t become a mum, when she knew she can become a mum, she did not tell anyone and left home because of him, he will not get love so soon, like she worried, he has to tolerate all this as well, he is very lucky to get her love, now he has to win her respect. Rani goes. Amit says I love you a lot Rani, I will die if I don’t get you. He cries.

Aarti says I will not stay here, I will go. Shanti asks her to die by jumping in Ganga. Aarti says you said right, I should do this, I should have died that day itself, I went to die, but Raghav gave me a new

life. Kaushalya says he did this big mistake, he did not know you will be big fraud. Shanti says no, its her drama, she was standing there and jumped after someone came. Aarti asks why will I cheat. Shanti says you were finding a roof and trapped us. Aarti says when my husband did not support me, how could I expect someone to support me, I really went to die.

Kaushalya says I will say why he made you leave the house, you maybe bad character, you lie so much, who will stay with such a liar wife. Aarti cries and says you are right, its always woman’s mistake, I did not do any mistake, I loved him a lot and was much dedicated, he did second marriage, even then I was ready to stay in his house as maid, I begged him that I will take care of his wife, he kicked me out, what could I do.

Shanti says you are a liar, I don’t trust you. Shanti says I lied many times and did big sin. Shanti asks her to go and die, Ganga will wash sins, see to it that there is no one to save you. She apologizes to guests. She says sorry, no marriage will happen here. Guests leave. Aarti apologizes. She says when Raghav saved me, I thought I got a house to stay, but in some days, I got close to you all, I started loving you all, I tried to get love and respect from my husband and didn’t get, the love you all gave, maybe I did not wish to lose it so I lied, my love was not fake. Shanti asks her to stay away.

Aarti apologizes. Kaushalya says you forgive us, go and never come back. Aarti apologizes to Raghav. Raghav sees Shanti and Kaushalya. Aarti meets baby. Kaushalya pulls her away. Baby holds Aarti’s dupatta. Kaushalya says you did wrong with this girl, Lord will not forgive you. Raghav says stop, did everyone finish, now I m going to talk. He asks Aarti to listen to him, she will stay in Shanti Sadan. Aarti says no, I can’t stay there, by what right shall I stay there. He says by right of my bahu and baby’s mum. They all get shocked. She says no. He says Shivam filled your maang, you are my bahu, you will stay there. Shanti says I m the rule maker of Shanti Sadan, this girl will not step in there. Kaushalya says I will take my life, society will laugh on us. Raghav asks did we care for society ever, we have drama in our house every other day, Sarla was pregnant when you made her run and marry Ashok. They get shocked.

Raghav says I stay silent, it does not mean I don’t know anything, I know everything, I hate Ashok because he did not have courage to accept Sarla and marry her, he earns well for family, did you not care for society that time, even Preeti has run away from mandap, Nandu married her, you told me many things to convince me, this Nimmi sat in Preeti’s place by donning ghunghat, do you remember, what else shall I. Amit was going to marry Riya, but she got married to Shivam, I always stayed silent as Shanti said when men interfere in house matters, house breaks, so I kept silent, today I m trying to join a relation, which you want to break.

Shanti asks did you insult me well, did you finish, yes many dramas happened in our house, I tried to keep everyone united, whoever did those things, I stood as shield in front of them, maybe I did wrong, you know what’s right and wrong. She cries and says how shall I forgive you now. He says I did not apologize, you always decided for Shanti sadan, I m doing this decision, as I know its right. Shanti says you saved her life, gave her new life, gave respect and house, you did right, what was the result, she cheated all of us. She scolds Aarti.

Raghav takes a fire torch and asks Aarti to come as bahu in Shanti Sadan, else he will die. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. now it’s going good! Naagin Khuashya should be the one to die!

  2. Shanti is such a hypocrate ! First she told arti that shes like devi to her and now she calling her a sinner ! Where’s her own daughter and grand daughters ( pari and preeti) are the biggest lier and cheeters but she never throws them out of her hous ! Without knowing the reality she has no right to judge or punish someone!!!

  3. Haha ! Pallavi you are right that kaushaliya joker should be thrown out of shanti sadan and gullo and nimmi’s story should start !

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