Mere Angne Mein 1st January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 1st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti Prasad coming to Shanti Sadan. He tells Raghav that I will tell you what to do, Shanti did not tell me where is my son, since she went from here, she did not call me once, she has just one day, if I don’t know about my son, then I will get your missing poster printed. They all get shocked. Shanti Prasad leaves his man there to keep an eye on them. He leaves. Sarla calls Babloo and gets leaving. Raghav says when Amma calls, don’t tell her anything, she will worry. Sarla says fine. She thinks Shanti Sadan is getting ruined, my fate is getting good. She goes. Raghav worries.

Rani goes to police station with a small baby. She requests inspector. She says I have three kids and cries. Amit gets to see Rani and calls her out. He thinks what’s happening, who

are these three kids. He asks Rani to explain him. Inspector asks why are you crying. Rani says what to say, Amit is my husband, two kids are crying for their dad. Inspector says sorry, I can’t leave Amit. Rani says who came to get him free. Amit says no, my wife has come to free me. Inspector asks Rani why did she come. Rani asks him to keep Amit here. Inspector and Amit get puzzled.

Riya and Shivam are at the hotel. They get welcomed. He stumbles and holds a girl. Riya gets jealous. Shivam asks Riya to stop him else he will go. Riya asks him to go. The man asks Shivam to meet someone at pool side. He goes. Shanti and Pari land in same hotel. They get inside lift and do not see Riya.

Rani asks Amit how will she manage three mischievous kids. Amit asks her to help him. Rani asks inspector not to leave Amit, he always troubles her. Inspector asks her to stop crying and have water. The kids throw things around. She tells inspector about the naughty kids, how will she manage them alone, kids were asking for notes, I called Amit asking him to get fake notes for kids, then Amit did not come home, kids were asking for Amit, so I got them here, see the kids are such a trouble. Amit smiles. Inspector says yes, I can see, take your husband, we can’t manage kids here. He asks Amit to manage his kids. Amit says I will go home and manage to them. Inspector asks him to take care of kids and not trouble wife. Amit takes Rani and kids, and leaves.

Shivam meets Mr. George. He tells Shivam about the agreement, which is necessary to be signed. Shivam asks what is it. The man says this is your death agreement. Shivam gets shocked. Pari comes in balcony and stands there. Shivam thinks they want me to sign on death contract. Amit thanks Rani and says you learnt acting like me. Rani says I m paying price for loving me. He says I did not do any cheat. She says leave it, I will drop these kids home. Amit sends her with kids.

Shanti keeps her husband’s pic and talks. Pari says its such a nice bed, I m loving it. The kidnapper calls Shanti and asks her to reach somewhere. Shanti asks where should we go. Pari explains her about sea beach. Shanti says I will tell Shanti Prasad to send money. She calls Shanti Prasad and says send the money, I will give you address. She explains him to leave money in dust bin and leave. He says nothing should happen to my son. Shanti asks her not to trouble her family. He agrees. Pari and Shanti leave. Shanti Prasad says this old woman is very dangerous, call your man and tell him to take money. He asks his man not to use smartness, nothing should happen to Pramod. He goes. The man calls someone and gives same instructions to put money in dustbin, when you see Pramod, take Pramod and money, now old woman will know what we do.

Riya looks for Shivam. Shivam says this fight is dangerous, what is it written. The man says if you die while fighting, your body will be taken who has come with you, we require concerned person sign too. Shivam thinks to take Riya’s sign too, it means my death chances are high in this fight, I can’t move back, how to make Riya sign on this.

Shivam signs. Riya comes and asks where did you go. She asks him to show papers, I read death in it. He says its my imp documents.

Update Credit to: Amena

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