Mere Angne Mein 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya asking Kaushalya can she stay at Anupam’s place if needed, as he is unwell. Kaushalya asks Shanti. Shanti asks Kaushalya to decide. Kaushalya asks Riya to stay there, make kada, ask Shivam to call doctor and show Anupam in hospital. Riya says fine, Shivam will have dinner with us and get late. Kaushalya says okay, take care of Anupam and ends call. Shivam and Riya go to Anupam’s house. Pari serves food to Bijli and thinks she is very fast to have food. Bijli gets unwell by the Jamaalgutta added in food. Pari takes her to bathroom. She asks Mama to come out. Mama gets shocked seeing two girls. Sujeev comes home and shouts Mama, where are you, how dare you do this with Pari. Pari smiles. Mama gets tensed.

Sarla asks Ashok why did he come late. He says he had

some work. She asks whats this court papers, and starts crying. She says I knew you will give me divorce and beats him. He asks her to see, Nirmala gave her house papers to me to keep it. Sarla asks why did she give you, that she trusts you so much. He says Nirmala is scared and feels Bindu and my brother will sell her property. Sarla says Nirmala thought right, Bindu eyes other’s property. He says I refused to take papers, I said I will show papers to Sarla, if she agrees then I will keep papers. She says we will keep this for humanity sake to help her, we will keep papers. He says fine. She laughs and says I did not know you respect me so much. He says who else will I respect, who else do I have, Sonal will also get married and go from this house. She says fine, I will keep papers and shift in Nirmala’s house too. He asks what. How can we shift there? Sarla says we can shift there and name it Sarla Sadan too to secure her property. He says fine, I will tell her. She does not see bindi on his sweater.

Sujeev says I won’t leave you Mama and gets gun. Mama runs with the girls. Sujeev says how did you do this with Pari. Mama and the girls hide. Sujeev looks for him. Mama asks the girls to leave fast. Pari stops them and asks how was the food. Mama says I will not forget what you did, let Sharmili come, then she will come and give you electric shocks. Pari argues. Mama asks the girls to come and takes them. Pari also hides to get saved from mad Sujeev.

Its morning, Nimmi waits at the door. The milk man gives the milk and rushes. The newspaper guy brings paper. Kaushalya asks Nimmi is anyone coming. Nimmi says that mobile tower people were coming. Shivam comes home. Nimmi gives the good news about Kaushalya signing on some paper for the first time, they will get Rs 10000 per month.

Shivam asks what did Maa do. She says mobile tower. The man comes and asks where to fix the tower on terrace. Shivam asks what tower. Nimmi tells him and says deal is fixed. He asks did you talk to Papa. The man says deal is final and what are you saying now, Kaushalya signed on agreement, we don’t have waste time. Shivam says don’t talk this way. The man says we came to fix tower and you are stopping now, we will go court. Riya comes and hears them. Riya asks whats happening. Nimmi says we will get 10000rs by tower. Riya says we won’t fix it even if we get 20000rs. Shanti gets glad by their clash. The man says I heard a lot about you all and did not know you will do this, and shows agreement. Riya tears the agreement papers. Kaushalya looks on.. everyone get shocked. The man says now you see what we do. Riya asks the man to leave. Kaushalya asks why did you tear papers, I decided this, I told him to fix towers, is my decision not imp, I m seeing you decide everything. Nimmi and Preeti call her wrong.

Riya asks them not to blame her for everything, the mobile tower has radio waves which are not good for health, Nimmi is literate and knows this, so please explain them. Kaushalya says I know your new way to cut my decision. Shivam says no, Riya is saying truth, radiation is not good for our health. Kaushalya says I took decision for first time. Riya says its harmful for heart and mind, it causes illness. Kaushalya cries and says I know you want to cut my words. Riya asks Shivam to explain. Kaushalya goes.

Rani smiles seeing Amit changing. He asks why is she smiling and sends her. He wears shirt and asks where is Sonal. She says she is not here. She apologizes for coming to agency, Prabha insisted and took her. He says I don’t have any relation with you. She says I know you can’t bear anyone insulting me. He leaves without having food. She says I know you are annoyed, as I was talking to that man, this shows how much you love me, see how I convince you.

Riya apologizes to Shanti and says radiations causes heart problems, and tries telling Kaushalya the same. Kaushalya is very angry. Riya asks Nimmi to read the article and tell Kaushalya. Nimmi reads. Kaushalya does not listen. Shanti smiles and says today I feel Kaushalya got training from me. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to listen to Riya. Riya says you have torn papers and show my status in this place, I don’t matter in this house. She cries and asks Riya to stop explaining. Riya says that man was talking badly. Nimmi says Riya is saying right, the radiation can cause cancer too, it was my mistake. Kaushalya says I don’t trust anyone now, and goes.

Ashok prays and Rani asks shall I put this sweater for wash. He sees the bindi and says I will wash it. She says why, I m your bahu, I will wash it. He makes excuses. Sarla comes and sees them snatching the sweater. She takes the sweater and asks Ashok why will he wash the sweater. Ashok says this is my favorite, so I was explaining Rani, I will wash it. Sarla says you won’t wash this. Sarla and Ashok argue over sweater and she falls on him. They have an eyelock and smile.

Rani disturbs them and asks for sweater. Sarla says shut up. Ashok asks shall I leave now. Sarla says come home soon, we will have dinner together. Rani says tell me Ashok’s fav food, I will make. Sarla says no need, we will dine alone, go and work. Ashok says I will come home early, and Sarla smiles.

Shanti thinks to see Kaushalya and Riya’s drama. An old lady comes and greets Shanti. Shanti tells her about sanyaas. She tells about today’s bahus, who trouble saas. Kaushalya comes. The lady tells about some big Rishi coming, wherever he stays, that house gets happiness, he is good Sadhu and not greedy, he gives good Gyaan, he chooses Bhakt by his wish. Kaushalya says if such Mahatma comes in our Shanti Sadan, we will be lucky, we will tell him our problems and ask for remedy. The lady says I m glad meeting Shanti and goes.

Raghav comes home and greets the lady, while she is leaving. Kaushalya says I will make food. He says I m unwell, I have fever and headache. Kaushalya goes to make tea. Shanti checks his fever and says see your wife is not taking care of you. Raghav says we need you a lot. She says I will pray to Lord. Kaushalya gets call and is shocked. She says when did this happen, I will tell Amma. She tells Raghav and Shanti about Mama ji. Shanti’s younger brother Santosh Mama ji got heart attack. Shanti gets shocked.

Raghav says I will go to meet Mama ji and goes to do packing. Kaushalya asks Shivam to go along, as Raghav has fever. Shanti says I will also pack bag. Riya says I will pack. Shanti stops her.

Pari calls Sarla and asks her to help her, if any other bride comes, then it will be problem. Sarla says Sharmili did not come home. She asks her to meet her. Pari says fine. Kaushalya tells Raghav that she has done her packing. Raghav asks her to make things half. Kaushalya says you will get ill. He says I have light fever, I will be fine. She says fever is high. He says its important to meet Mama ji. She says I wish he is fine. He says I have to hurry, and packs the bag.

Ashok comes to food stall and greets Nirmala. He asks why is he looking worried. He says no, I m very happy, my face is such which looks upset always. She asks did Sarla not say anything. He says no, she says anything daily. She says you took papers. He says she did not say anything and kept papers. She asks why is he worried. He says a small incident happened, I m shy to say. She asks what. He says your bindi was on my shirt, its good Sarla did not see it, else it would be big thing. She thinks Ashok is Lallu, she has to do something else.

Riya tells Shivam to check his clothes again, and packs his bag. She gets sad and asks him what wrong I do, I told about tower for everyone’s good. He says no need to say, sometimes you have become bad to do good, I m with you, I trust you, I know you can’t think wrong about this house. She hugs him.

Sarla tells Kaushalya that she will take Preeti to meet her friend. Sarla calls Pari and asks her to get Mama along. Sarla takes Preeti to meet some designer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice episode what riya done is right

  2. She(Ria) needs to be stuburon to take care of the house of all illustrate money hungry idiots. Now Shanthi has filled Kousalya’s ears with power, she is a MIL of this house she can control Ria. But gave the finance power to Ria lets see how she is handling it. Nimmi is the Pakja idiot sbe is the one made Kousalta to make this decision. Preeti will be in danger with Sarala in tomorrow’s episode.

  3. plzz sarla & pari aapni plan mee success nai hona chaiyee .mohit & preeti ki milan karwaoo kitna irrited karhaihoo aaplog.

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