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Mere Angne Mein 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla lying to Shanti about Babloo. Nandu asks Lallan to get away his wife Preeti. Lallan asks Preeti to dance with him. Nandu says I think you will not agree like this, and goes to get the bat. He gets the bat and threatens Lallan. Sarla asks them to stop it and pushes Lallan. He falls down and faints. Raghav asks what happened. Sarla says nothing, he was drunk and fell. Nimmi says Lallan is Sarla’s relative, Lucky has got this bat to beat him, does anyone do this with guest. Lucky says I got angry, sorry. Sarla says I should be sorry, I will take my relative home. Shanti stares at Lucky. Sarla thinks if Amma doubts, my happiness will be ruined. Shivan takes Lallan outside. Sarla and Pari leave.

Shanti goes to Lucky and says I will not lie, what I have seen the

fire in you, I got happy, just you can protect Preeti. Lucky greets her. Kaushalya and Preeti smile. Its morning, Lallan wakes up. He asks who has done this to me. Sarla says you slipped. Babloo says no, Sarla has pushed Lallan. Saarla says no, Lucky was beating Lallan with bat, I was saving you, even Shivam was angry. Lallan asks her why will I sit at home, someone has to stay with me to serve me, else I will not stay back.

Lallan flirts with Amita. Sarla worries. Amit asks Sarla to get Lallan go. Babloo looks at them. Amit thinks I have to do something, I m not able to go out. Pari makes Preeti ready. Preeti says I m happy, I m going from here, now I won’t see anyone’s face. Nimmi asks where will you run from relations. Preeti says my mood is happy, I don’t want to hear your lecture. Kaushalya asks Preeti what is Nimmi saying wrong, why don’t you want to see our faces. Preeti says I just said, even you want to get rid of me. Kaushalya says have some shame, I did so much and went against Shanti and Raghav. Preeti says enough, its big day of my life, no drama today, please go, I don’t want to see your unlucky faces.

Nimmi shouts and says enough, I will raise hand and forget you are elder sister. Preeti asks really, beat me. Kaushalya says stop it, I really feel Lord makes us free of you soon. Kaushalya asks Pari to make Preeti ready before Lucky comes. Nimmi tells Preeti that she will soon come on ground. She goes. Pari thinks Sarla would have clapped seeing this scenes, anyways the real fun will start now. Kaushalya cries and asks Nimmi to stop it, its big day for Preeti. Nimmi says I know she is elder sister, how was she talking to you, I can’t bear it, stop taking her side, she scolded you. She goes.

Nandu talks to Ramesh and worries. Ramesh asks him not to worry, everything will go fine. A man Mishra comes and asks for Nandu. Nandu meets Mishra. Mishra says your voice is like Nandu, you look different. Nandu says I m Nandu, tell me. Mishra says you took long leave from office, so I came to meet you, I know Ramesh will know of you, but I got you here, what happened that you took long leave. Nandu makes excuse that its Ramesh’s marriage. Mishra goes. Nandu sees someone there and gets shocked.

Amit asks Rani to help him. Rani asks him to help himself, end this matter, else be with Lallan. He asks are you threatening me. She says yes, either send Babloo, or go with Lallan. Lallan comes and says Amita ji you are here. Rani says I like your and Amita’s jodi. Lallan asks Amita to come along. Amit makes excuse and runs. Rani says Amita is annoyed with you. Lallan asks why. Rani says you go and convince her. Lallan says I will convince her, I have a condition, if you make me get friendly with Amita, I can take Babloo. Rani says oh, I understood, I will help you, Amita will not get a guy like you anywhere, I was finding a guy like you for Amita. He asks her not to go against her words, else he will get angry. She says never. He goes. She says I won’t say Amit that Lallan has forgiven us, Amit should suffer.

Sarla calls out Shanti and says we have reached, pandit is here, where is Preeti. Kaushalya says Shanti went to temple. Sarla asks at this time? Shanti comes and says family’s bad deeds increased, and I had to go temple to pray for peace and happiness. Sarla thinks this time Lord will not be happy and snatch the happiness. Sarla says groom will be coming now. Ramesh asks Nandu to come fast. Nandu says there is change in plan and tells everything. Ramesh gets shocked. Nimmi asks Nandu when is he coming. Nandu says reaching in 10mins. Pandit asks them to call bride, they will do puja. Sarla asks Pari to get Preeti fast. Nandu says forgive me Nimmi, my plan changed now, I can’t tell you anything about this, I m scared Ramesh. Ramesh says yes, I m also scared, I m your friend, I will support you, you are taking big risk, win for sure.

Preeti cries and says Lucky will surely come. They all get shocked seeing…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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