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Mere Angne Mein 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti and Bindu taunting the couple/Preeti and Nandu to do shameful thing on the road. Preeti hides herself in an umbrella on seeing Shivam coming. Shivam passes by and sees Preeti’s back. He does not recognize her. Bindu and Prabha say its bullet raja and taunt him about his characterless families. He gets angry and leaves. Bindu says this guy looks like Nandu. Prabha says no, he is very simple guy. Preeti runs from there.

Nirmala tells Amit that Pari should earn some money and help family, am I saying wrong? Amit says no, you are saying right, go and rest, don’t worry. He smiles seeing the money. Shanti has leg pain and headache. Kaushalya and Nimmi take care of her. Shivam asks Riya where is Preeti. She says I don’t know, what happened. He goes to Preeti’s

room and does not see her. Shanti asks why is Shivam shouting for Preeti. Preeti comes home and is tensed. Nimmi sees Preeti coming home. Shivam calls out Preeti and asks where were you. Preeti says I was sleeping inside there, what happened.

Shivam says don’t lie, I have seen you in market. Preeti says maybe someone worn a saree like me, its cheap saree. Shivam asks her to say if she had gone out. Shanti asks what happened, if Preeti went, why are you angry, did you see something. Shivam says no and leaves. Riya goes after Shivam. Preeti stops Shivam and asks do you want to blame me again. Shivam says don’t start drama, I just asked whether you went to market or not. Preeti says I m using his money, so he will taunt. She goes to her room.

Kaushalya and Shanti talk about Shivam’s anger. Shanti says that will affect his baby too. Nimmi thinks why did Preeti lie, where did she go.

Riya asks Shivam why did he react so. He says I felt Preeti has gone out and meet some guy, I got angry. Preeti hears them and thinks to be careful and meet Lucky next time. Riya says Preeti said she was at home, we have to trust her. Rani sees Nirmala reading how to control husband book. She asks Nirmala to use her eyes and sign Ashok to attract him. Nirmala asks her to do it and show. Rani agrees to help her. Shivam gives dictionary to Riya. He sees Bal Gopal pic and asks whats this. She says Kaushalya asked me to frame this and keep it, so that our children are also cute like him, why don’t you want cute kids. He says I want, but there is a condition that your focus should not move from me and I should be your first priority, my children should be cute like me, I will keep my pic also, we will see how our son looks. She says I will keep my pic so that we get a daughter. They argue and smile.

Rani asks Nirmala to have tea. Nirmala dislikes it and spits the tea, saying its horrible tea, that’s why Amit gets away from you. Rani reads the book. Nimmi goes to Preeti. Preeti asks how did you come here, is Riya busy. Nimmi says Riya is free, I came to spend time with you. Preeti says you came to spy. Nimmi says why will anyone send me, I came to say, I know you are lying. Preeti asks her not to give lecture, just go. Nimmi says I have seen you coming from outside and acting to sleep when Shivam called you. Preeti gets shocked. Nimmi goes.

Shivam tells Kaushalya that he has kept his pic along Bal Gopal pic. Kaushalya laughs. He goes. Kaushalya and Shanti have a talk. Preeti recalls Lucky and smiles. She sees the bangles in mirror. Nandu looks at her and gets sad. He thinks I wish you got happiness from Nandu, not Lucky, anyways I m happy with what I m getting.

Its morning, Kaushalya gives clothes to the lady to iron clothes. Preeti sits grinding some spices. Kaushalya goes to help Preeti and asks about the bangles. Preeti says Nandu got this. Nandu comes and hears Preeti lying. Kaushalya says maybe your annoyance is getting less. Preeti goes.

Shanti asks Nimmi to grind on traditional stone. Nimmi tells Riya that she will grind in mixie and Shanti won’t know. Shanti comes home and Nimmi sees her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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