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Mere Angne Mein 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti telling Riya that she will take them to market next time. She says you have gone to big market and would have not bargained, there won’t be more profit, next time I will tell you how to make budget and make profit. Riya agrees and says I will make budget with you. Kaushalya cuts vegs. Shanti asks her to cut vegetables finely, and argues with her. She takes the knife and sits to chop vegs. Riya and Nimmi smile seeing Shanti with big knife. Shanti says I m just helping you all. Nimmi jokes.

Sarla hears Nirmala talking on phone. She asks Rani to take Amit and go to find about Nirmala’s house matter. Rani says I m worried for Bablu, before anything happens, I will get my Bablu. Sarla says if there is no roof on head, where will we stay, once we get house,

we will see about your Bablu. Rani asks really and hugs her.

Shanti, Kaushalya, Nimmi, Riya and Nandu keep the dishes in the trolley. Shanti says ask automan to take food carefully. Riya says Nimmi and I will go along, Shivam and Nimmi will get other items. Kaushalya asks them to go carefully. Shanti wishes they get successful.

The tax officials come to Shanti Sadan. Shanti thinks they are thieves and shouts to Kaushalya. The man tells her that we are from tax department. Shanti apologizes. The man tells her about tax unpaid since two years, where is Shivam and his mad Bua. Shanti asks them to sit and talk. She asks Kaushalya to get cold drinks. Shanti talks to the man. He says your money got stolen and you could not pay tax, is this our mistake. Shanti says no, its our mistake maybe. She asks Kaushalya to get breakfast. Kaushalya signs and asks does she really has to get it or not.

Shanti angrily asks her to get breakfast. The man says Amma ji, explain Shivam, his Bua was provoking him and blaming me for corruption, I m Sharma and I m working honesty, I m blamed now, its all because of you, I will not give time now, we gave notice before, the house auction will start tomorrow. Shanti and Kaushalya get shocked.

Nandu, Shivam and Riya deliver the food. The man talks to them rudely and commands them to keep food inside. Shivam and Nimmi feel bad. A rickshaw passes by in speed and a big utensil falls. The food falls on the road. The man asks them why did they not keep food at side, its their loss, what will they feed to guests now. Shivam says its our loss too. The man says how is this your loss, what will we tell guests. Shivam gets angry on the man and asks him not to say anything to Riya. Riya and Nimmi calm down Shivam. Riya says we will arrange the dish, we will find a solution instead of arguing. The man tells Shanti about the house auction starting tomorrow.

Riya says we will make food, we will not charge for food which fell down, but atleast give money to bring the items to prepare food. The man asks shall I pick money from your father’s tree. Shivam asks the man what did you say. The man misbehaves. Shivam beats the man. Police comes there and arrests Shivam. Riya says its not Shivam’s mistake, don’t take him.

Shanti asks the man how much money do they need to pay. The man says 6 lakhs and leaves. Shanti and Kaushalya cry. Shanti calculates her savings. Kaushalya asks Shanti to do something. Shanti says I will do, don’t cry, it will be arranged. Shanti and Kaushalya try to arrange money. Shanti says Riya said she will get one lakh. Kaushalya asks will we need to sell furniture. Shanti says I was thinking same, I don’t think any other way.

She asks Kaushalya to find out, how much will they get by selling swing, Shivam’s bullet will get 50000rs, did you get upset hearing son’s bike sale. Nimmi comes home crying, and tells what happened there. Shanti says we bought all items, the man should pay, what did Shivam and Nandu do, they should get money. Nimmi says Shivam fought with the man and police took Shivam. Kaushalya asks what, police took him and cries. Nimmi says Riya and Shivam went to get him out.

Shanti cries and asks her husband to save her house from getting auctioned. Kaushalya, Riya and Nimmi see Shanti crying and they all cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t think any comments made are going to change anything in this serial. Shivam again getting into fights with his anger.

  2. Yeah cry don’t do anything else

  3. What the writer is drunk or what? The director won’t leave until Shivam commit a big crime and kill himself before kill his entire family. Where this story is heading to? Hello the MAM group please focus on the story and the characters.

  4. Boston Indian

    Writer is so showing the definition of stupidity. I guess script writer watch/learn from Pakistan Drama .
    The Plot is so cool here one can make so interesting episodes here but all they want to show negative.

    1. Have you even seen Pakistani serials so don’t judge them .if not watch humsafar
      And about mam it has lost its way somewhere in the middle since riya came back so quit this show if u dislike it instead of saying bad things about it

    2. Exactly well said. The script writer lost his dhimak. The plot is very intense they could have un tie all the plots one by one and expose Sarala, Amit, Pari, Preeti and finally Shanthi. She takes all her son’s income and spend it to her greedy daughter Sarala.
      Nimmi’s pregnancy was an unnecessary scene. She got pregnant and they go for abortion with much difficulty and hardship. Then the Dr’s says the baby wasn’t growing well. What was the scene created for? It shows the DIR-Story Writer- Producer all are confused whether to move on with this story line or just prolong with the same scenes like the “trap made by Sarala&Co.’ which affects Kousalya& Co. Raghav & Shivam are useless, waste unwanted characters.

  5. Please and please could someone pls explain to me what is the storyline if thus serial?

  6. God what a pathetic mode u r giving to this serial…only misery happening to this family…nd making shivam’s character worst day by day..there is no ending of the misery of this family…please stop all these non sense thing…we r not watching this serial to tolerate all this stupid stuffs…it was my favourite serial before due to it’s comedy touch and excellent acting by all the actors…but now the story line has made this the worst one.

  7. Shivam is fighting all the time . Boring story ……..

  8. I request all the actors to stop working for this serial as the storyline is meaningless and a kind of mental story. otherwise they will also become mentals and definitely going to lose other acting opportunities.

  9. Shivam needs to see a psychiyatrist

  10. The Director, the story writer, and the producer needs to see the physchiorist. If not their super character Shivam will beat and kill them. But we will have a happy ebding.

  11. How can the property tax be 6 lac for 2 years. Really the serial is getting worst.

  12. How long the brainless writers going to hide sarla bad deeds?? Stupid wtiters made shivam into a big looser, what next? Don’t care because no one watches it anymore

  13. Seriously this serial is getting worst day by day . Pls replace this serial

  14. Seriously this serial is getting worst day by day . Pls replace this serial with something better

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