Mere Angne Mein 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya looking for Shanti. She calls Shanti. Shanti says she is outside. Kaushalya thinks Shanti would be at temple and praying for Sarla. She says she will do something and get Sarla home, so that Shanti gets happiness. She sees the swing. She says I will get someone today, and Shanti will be glad. She takes swing’s blessings and leaves. Riya cleans the floor. Shivam looks for his wallet. Riya asks him not to spoil floor and gives him wallet. He comes back and asks for kerchief. She says you came again, I m cleaning floor, take this kerchief and now leave. He thanks her and goes. She cleans floor all over again.

Sarla drinks tea. She gets lawyer’s call. He asks her to get Ashok and meet the senior. Sarla says fine, I will get him. She says I told Amma

that I will make Nirmala out of home, but how, I don’t find any way. Nirmala hears this and asks Sarla to think, but she can’t do anything. Shivam comes back to room and asks Riya for phone. She says you are troubling me. She gives him phone. He thanks him and goes. He comes back and says sorry, I forgot my watch, how will I go out.

She gives him watch and gets annoyed. He says thanks. She says If you come back again, I will throw this dirty water on your face. She cleans room. Shivam comes back and says I was saying….. Riya takes the water and throws. Shivam runs and water falls on Preeti. Preeti scolds Riya. Shivam sees this and runs. Riya says it happened by mistake. Preeti gets angry and goes. Riya says Shivam, you come back, I will take revenge for it.

Shivam stops at the tea stall. The men tell him that Raavan has burnt. Kaushalya comes and hears them. Shivam asks are they drunk to say this, how did this happen. The man says she was Surpanakha, I won’t say, you will beat me. Shivam says I will not beat you, tell me, else I will beat you. The man says she was your Bua. Shivam gets angry and asks what nonsense. The man says I m saying truth, she has beaten us at night and now you are beating us.

The man says maybe he has seen wrong and runs. Shivam asks him to stop. Kaushalya thinks what people think and say about us, Sarla has become a joke. Sarla asks Ashok to get ready, they have to go temple. She thinks where is Ashok. Pari asks where are you going. Sarla asks why are you asking. Pari says you are your own enemy, and tells her what she did at night to burn two raavans, why are you going with Ashok, I thought you will do something and I got happy, but you can’t even kill any bee like this.

Sarla says no, I have sworn and I will do it. Pari asks her to think what Shanti Sadan did with them, tell me what to do, I promise I will support you. Sarla says great, I feel you are really my shadow. Pari asks her to say her plans. Sarla says I will say, but not now, problems come all together, Nirmala is over our head, we have to kick her out first and then you see I will ruin Shanti Sadan’s happiness.

Pari says I can’t help in Nirmala’s matter, but I can do a lot for Shanti sadan matter, as I have weak link in my hand, I need money for it. Sarla asks her to promise for free fund, you are staying in my house and eating food, I can’t do more. Pari says you taunted me. Sarla says no, I don’t want your help, I will manage alone, if I can leave my mum, you are my married daughter, you left me alone when you got money, I can also lose you. Pari says you will regret, don’t come to ask for help. Sarla says fine, I won’t come. She goes. Pari gets angry.

Riya looks for Kaushalya and says she is not at home, its good chance to get Sarla back, I will lessen Kaushalya’s stress and fulfil responsibility given by Shanti. She sees the swing and asks if she is doing right to do her responsibilities. She takes swing’s blessings just like Kaushalya did.

Nirmala adds something in the milk. Rani asks what is she doing. Nirmala adds her to give milk to Ashok. Nirmala sits to have breakfast. She stares at the milk glass. Sarla notices this. She stops Ashok from drinking it. She asks Nirmala to have it and go to canteen. Nirmala says give it to Ashok. Sarla says no, you have it, you will need energy. Nirmala refuses. Sarla feeds Nirmala and says I have seen you staring at milk glass and smiling. Rani tells Sarla that Nirmala did something with milk. Ashok says you mean Nirmala added something. Sarla says yes, now she will bear this. Ashok asks Nirmala to go than bearing this insult. Sarla says we have to go temple, come. They leave.

Kaushalya tells Shanti that she will make things fine. Nirmala says I m Ashok’s legal wife. Kaushalya gives her a tight slap. Shanti smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what’s this new drama ???

  2. aww things are building up drama

  3. They should show that nirmala to be strong not a dumbo. Nirmala keeps getting slaps from everyone left right and center. She should be strong and show Sarla her place.

    1. Actually Sarala get slap, she sold her husband for money. But Nirmala loves Ashok that’s why she wanted to get married to him.

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