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Mere Angne Mein 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansi and Lallan keeping the bag seeing no one around. They argue and worriedly leave Sarla there. Raghav scolds his family and asks them to obey Shanti. He is fed up by daily fights. Bansi and Lallan go to have tea and tell about some bag found there. The man informs Raghav about a bag found without owner. The man says he does not know whats in bag, it can be bomb also, crowd is gathered there. Raghav asks what, get police there, I will come there. He tells Shanti that some bag is found and they are suspecting there is bomb. Shanti and Kaushalya stop him.

Raghav asks shall I be at home, what about people there. Shanti asks him to go. Kaushalya prays for him. The media gathers there and they speculate news about bomb. The police comes there and thinks its any suicide

bomber. Raghav also comes there and goes to see the bag. Shanti and family see the news live on tv. The bag is opened and Raghav is shocked seeing Sarla. Shanti and everyone also get shocked seeing Sarla in the bag. Shanti says who made my daughter a bomb and cries.

Raghav sprinkles water on Sarla and wakes her up. Sarla asks where am I? Raghav says you are fine, and thanks Lord. Sarla gets up and asks who has put me in this bag. She cries. Shanti asks Riya to go office. Riya says I will come with you. Shanti says no need, I will meet Sarla and hug her. Sarla gets angry on reporters and asks how does he feel when he is fallen inside the bag. She says I don’t know how I was put inside the bag. Raghav says Sarla, come. Bansi and Lallan look on.

Rani asks Amit to think is it fine to go Allahabad. He says yes. He gets a call and Shanti tells him that Sarla is found, she is very happy, she was found near station. Amit says fine, we are going station, we will meet mummy there. Nimmi and Preeti pray to Lord for saving them from Raghav’s anger. Preeti prays she does not want to marry Dadi’s chosen guy. Nimmi hugs her.

Shivam is on the way. Nimmi calls him and says Sarla has made big entry, she is on news channels. He asks what is she saying. She tells everything to him. He says fine, I will come home, where is Riya. Nimmi says Dadi has sent her to office. Rani talks to her friend and says she has married Amit and wants to stay at her home for few days. Her friend asks her to stay as long as she wants. The inspector asks Sarla does she know who kidnapped her. Sarla sees Bansi and Lallan and gets angry. She says I don’t know, I don’t remember. She says Ashok does not earn much, so maybe kidnappers left us.

Bansi and Lallan feel Sarla is so great, they did so much and she did not take their name. Bansi says I want to surrender to police. Raghav says we are simple people, maybe its misunderstanding. Lallan says I think she will punish us herself. Shanti comes there and is glad seeing Sarla. The inspector says I will inform when I find about kidnappers. Shanti asks Sarla to come home. Amit asks Rani to come with him and she smiles.

Nimmi tells Shivam that Riya should learn to adjust. He asks about Sonal and Ashok, did they inform them. Nimmi says I will inform Sonal, you inform Ashok. He asks them to inform Pari. They start acting like Pari. Rani sais I m glad that Sarla is found. Amit asks her to take train and not miss it. Rani asks him to come. Amit says I m not come with you, I just came to send you. She says how can you leave me alone. He argues and asks her to go fast. Shanti tells Sarla that she was worried for her a lot. Amit comes there to meet Sarla.

Sarla says I m fine, don’t cry, where are Ashok and Rani. Amit says I have send her to Allahabad, she had mannat for you. Raghav says I have to go police station and do formalities. Shanti takes Sarla. Vyom tells Pari that Sujeev likes her and wants to meet her. She says when did he see me, what did he say. Vyom says he danced with you and praised you a lot. He says he is thinking of future. Shanti asks Sarla to come down. Sarla says I know you have seen marriage CD. Shanti asks what, I did not see and asks rickshaw driver to take them to some place, she has surprise.

Pari tells Vyom that she will meet Sujeev and lies to him. Vyom understands and she says she will come home to help Sujeev. He says I m glad, my life will be set. She thinks her life will also get set. She gets a call from Sonal and asks what, mum is found, fine, I will come. She tells Vyom that my mum is back from London. He says he will drop her. She says no, I will go myself. She hugs him and leaves.

Shanti brings Sarla somewhere. Sarla asks why did she get her here, where is the surprise. Shanti says they can get flats here in few years, Riya and Shivam’s salary is coming, and Sarla Sadan will be built soon. Sarla asks really? Shanti says I will get all salaries, and I have controlled Riya too, I will use her salary now. Sarla laughs. Shanti says come with me. They leave.

Nimmi asks Kaushalya to eat food, she will help her in work. Kaushalya asks her to go and study. Riya asks Kaushalya to have juice. She cries. Kaushalya asks why is she crying. Riya says I know I did mistake, I said what I have seen, I did not know saying truth will change things. Nimmi is annoyed and leaves. Kaushalya explains Riya that she has to adjust in join family, she is making them fight. Riya says no. Kaushalya says you have to learn when to talk and what. I did not feel bad that Shanti scolded me and Nimmi, but Raghav got sad, I can’t forget this. Riya says sorry. Kaushalya cries and says Shanti lost her name by your truth, you have seen Nimmi putting Pari’s pic, why did you not stop her. Riya says I did not know its Preeti’s proposal. Kaushalya says your mistake is saying infront of strangers, even I m with truth, but time and telling which person is imp.

She says Nimmi is stupid, she will understand, Nimmi and Preeti are like your sisters, go and have food. Riya leaves. Bindu and Prabha laugh and talk to neighbors that Sarla was found in a stolen bag. Shanti brings Sarla there. Prabha taunts Sarla and asks her to call Ashok. Prabha asks about her britisher husband and why did she run away. Shanti and Sarla hear them and fume. Prabha asks Sarla to give Agni Pariksha. Shanti scolds all of them and defends Sarla.

Shanti and Riya have a talk. Nimmi tells Preeti against Riya. Shivam hears her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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