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The Episode starts with Shanti talking to jeweler. The man says he will give just 2 lakhs, that too as he knows them since ages, else he would have given just 1 lakh to others. Riya asks him to value right. The man says your bahu is doubting on me and leaves. Shanti scolds Riya and asks which bank will give 5 lakhs. Pari asks Vyom how did he forget her. He says he is doing this play to get her love. She gets glad and hugs him. He asks whats this bad smell. She says I have applied cow dung to wall, on Sharmili’s saying. He asks her to go and clean her hands.

Shanti says my daughter is dying, and Riya is arguing. Riya says its govt bank, try once. Shanti asks will you do the same if this happened with Anupam. Riya says don’t drag my dad in this. Shanti says I will drag your Dada ji

too. Riya asks what did I do. Kaushalya asks Riya to keep quiet. Raghav comes home and looks on. Riya says I can’t be quiet if anyone insults my dad without any reason. Shanti stares at Riya. Kaushalya and everyone see Raghav at the door.

Bindu comes to meet Prabha. Prabha happily shows her laddoos made for her. She says I m glad seeing Pari applying cow dung to wall, I was jealous seeing Pari in rich house. Raghav says again an issue at home, when I was away for few days, what is the matter, and why is Sarla wearing such clothes, did she take sanyaas. Sarla nods. Kaushalya goes to get water. Raghav asks what happened, did Nimmi do anything. Nimmi says no. He says I m tired, don’t test me, tell me. Shanti says your sister is dying. He asks what do you mean. Shanti says Sarla got cancer. Raghav gets shocked.

Raghav asks what are you saying, its cancer, it can’t happen like this, she will show to roadside doctor with fake degree, I don’t believe this. Sarla hugs him and cries. She says she is going to die, she has to arrange money for her treatment. Shanti says 5 lakhs, how will we arrange Raghav. Kaushalya says everything will be fine. Shanti says she is ready to do anything to save Sarla, she called jeweler to sell jewelry, but Riya raised question on my decision. Raghav says I m alive, no need to sell jewelry, let me think.

Raghav says you will have pension amount, you are saving it since many years, I will arrange rest. Shanti says I spent all money on Amit’s marriage. Raghav asks Kaushalya where is Shivam. Kaushalya says he has gone to temple to pray for Sarla. Raghav says Shivam should be at home at such time. He asks Riya whats her problem. Riya says nothing. Kaushalya stops Riya from saying. Shanti says she did not wish to give her jewelry. Raghav asks is jewelry more imp than Sarla’s life. Riya says no, I don’t want gold, trust me, I just said giving gold in bank and taking bank loan is easy and beneficial, Dadi ji brought jeweler and he was not giving right amount. Raghav says Riya is right. Shanti is shocked. Raghav says gold will be safe, Riya you talk to bank manager. He tells Sarla to come, they will meet doctor. Sarla acts like fainting.

Raghav asks Sarla to make her talk to doctor. Riya calls on that number. Rajendra gets the call. He stops rickshaw and phone falls. Sarla says doctor will be busy, he is busy. Raghav says he is not taking patient’s call, I will take Sarla for tests and treatment. He asks Rani where is Amit, is he not worried for Sarla. Rani asks Sarla to say.

Pari gets ready for Vyom. Sujeev comes there and she thinks she has to act now, as Sujeev came all of a sudden. She smiles seeing him. He holds her and sees the bangles. She gets tensed as he hates bangles. She runs from there. He asks her to wait, why does she wear bangles, bad Pari. She locks him in room and thinks whats this madness. He says I told Pari not to wear clothes and she is still doing same.

Sarla says doctor asked me to arrange money, we will go tomorrow, Amit may arrange money. I will go home now. Shanti and Raghav ask Sarla to be with them. Sarla says I have to teach Rani how to take traditions ahead. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get tiffin for Sarla. Raghav calls Sinha and asks about his funds. Sinha says he can’t get it before 15 days. A man comes and says parcel has come. Shanti asks what is it. The man says washing machine, address is same. Shanti says we did not give order. The man says Riya Srivastav gave order. They all look at Riya. Riya says yes, I gave that order. Shanti is shocked.

Sharmili asks Pari to cook fast and scolds her. She asks Pari to peel onions, ginger and garlic. Pari says I won’t do. Sharmili hears some sound and stops Pari. She asks her to work. Shanti asks what 18000rs, why do you need machine when there are 5 ladies at home. Raghav gets a call. Shanti says its useless. Kaushalya asks Riya why did she get machine. Riya says I know we can wash our clothes, but… Nimmi says Preeti and I wash clothes by hands, it was not needed. Riya says she did this to save money, winter is coming, that’s why she got machine.

Shanti asks Raghav to see Riya. She says Riya has spent 18000rs, when we need money at this time, even now you can’t see her laziness. Raghav says return machine, is this time to fight. Shanti says yes, Raghav make me go somewhere. Raghav says end this issue. He asks Riya to ask Shanti before buying anything, they will not stop her. Riya says sorry, I wanted to surprise everyone. Shanti says you always do mistake and show sorry flag. Raghav asks Riya to return machine. Riya cancels the order, and sends the man.

Sarla’s phone rings and she gets tensed. Raghav talks and asks Rajendra about Sarla’s disease. Rajendra says what disease, how is Sarla. Raghav ask Sarla is this doctor mad, and tells him I m Sarla’s brother. The call ends and Sarla lies. Shanti says I will drop Sarla at home and come.

Sharmili sees Sujeen locked and asks is he fine. He says I m fine, don’t know who locked the room. Sharmili asks him to rest. Sarla lights diya in her home and tells Shanti that this is her last diwali. She fills her ears against Riya. Rani hears them. Sarla sees Rani and scolds her. Rani says I know you are not unwell. Sarla is shocked. Sarla starts crying and Shanti asks her to take care.

Kaushalya asks Raghav not to worry, nothing will happen to Sarla. He says we need 5 lakhs, I told Shanti I will manage, but how will I get 5 lakhs. He asks will she support him in this tough time, will she agree to what decision he takes. She says sure, tell me. He holds her hands and says listen. Sarla thinks of Riya doubting her, and calls Rajendra to get any cancer patient report, she will give him 5000rs. He gets glad. Sarla asks him to get reports soon.

Raghav is worried and talks to Shanti. She tells him about Pari’s marriage, its good news. Raghav gets shocked and asks why. Shanti says I told her to let Raghav come, but now I understood, Sarla wanted to get her married soon, Sinha family is good, Pari is happy. Raghav says good, you sleep now. Kaushalya covers Raghav with her shawl, as he is going out for walk. She asks him to come back soon. Bansi and Rajendra are trying to get reports from any hospital. Rani sees Sarla going out. Sarla waits to get reports. Bansi and Rajendra get the report from big hospital.

Rani sees Sarla outside and even Sarla sees her. Sarla says she is going to get new wife for Amit. Rani says I will kill that woman and not leave her. Sarla gets Bansi’s call. She gets to know work is done and gets glad.

Raghav tells Shanti that this is the last option and asks for Shanti Sadan’s papers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice happen to shanti but riya always she is right and scolded by all

  2. Punch for daadi..let’s see what happens…anyways its just a hope but I guess dadi wil say sumthin or he other and wil make riya arrange money from her father asking her to giv 5 lakhs dowry money ans debt n wil nerver ever return that money saying hw cud u ask money used to cure disease…


    I love yhm its my fav

  4. Am sure shanti knows sarla is acting and yet she still act along with her just to get riya jewelries. But thank god their lies bounce back on her.

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