Mere Angne Mein 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti beating the pandit. Shivam looks on. Pandir runs. Kaushalya picks photos and biodata and hides. Shanti says no unmarried girl should see our house. Pandit falls down. Shanti pulls his dhoti. Shivam smiles. Pandit runs away. Aarti laughs. Shanti scares Kaushalya. She sits on swing and asks them to get water. Shivam goes.

Pandit says don’t know where I came. Kaushalya calls pandit. He wears dhoti and says I won’t come. She insists and asks him why did he come home. She likes a girl and asks him to talk to her family. He refuses. Aarti gives water to Shanti. Shanti asks her to get cold water. Aarti sees Kaushalya talking to pandit. Pandit leaves.

Kaushalya sees Aarti and asks what is it, why did you come. Aarti says Shanti wants cold water, stop spying

on me. She makes face.

Prabha asks Rani what does she want to do, Amit got his first salary, he will get a wife, if you were with him, you would have right on his salary, you were unlucky for him. Rani gets irritated. Prabha says we will go to marriage agency, if you get anyone, it will be good. Rani asks her to go and marry. Prabha scolds her. Rani says I m going canteen to work, I agreed to Ashok. Prabha asks why does he want his bahu to sit there, what will people do. Rani says I m going. Prabha asks her to stop. Rani goes.

Amit sees Rani and Ashok leaving and stops them. He asks where are they going. Ashok asks him why is he interfering. Rani shouts for help. Ashok holds his heart. Rani says its drama. She tells people that Amit is teasing her. Amit says she was my wife, I m talking to my dad. Ashok says I m not his dad, help…. Amit says what are you doing, don’t insult me this way. Rani asks do you have any respect. He says people respect me, everyone is not like you. He leaves on his bike.

She asks Ashok which girl respects her. Ashok says nothing, he is saying this to make you jealous. She says no, we have to find out, there is some girl. They leave. Shanti asks where are photos. Aarti says don’t know. Shanti calls Kaushalya and asks for photos. She says I will cool your fire to get Shivam remarried. She throws water on Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to click pics and send Shivam fast. Nimmi clicks pics and sends to Pari. Pari asks Shanti to see Nimmi is sending her girls pic.

Amit asks a man to pay him money, else he will not leave her. Constable comes to him and asks him to come canteen. Rani serves the people. The men eye her and smile. Amit comes there and slaps the man. Ashok says he is our customer, what’s this. Amit asks Rani what is she doing here. Rani says I m working. Amit asks Ashok is he not ashamed to keep Rani at work. Ashok says she wanted to earn with respect, she is like my daughter. Amit asks constable to check their license. Ashok says I m your father. Amit says I m on duty. Rani asks Ashok not to worry, Amit will get papers. Amit says I will come back in 3 hours, remember I will shut this canteen.

Shanti, Pari and Aarti come and see the girl’s photo. Shanti says she has beautiful face, she will become good bride. She burns the pics. Kaushalya says please, let Shivam marry. Shanti blows off fire and says I will not let Shivam marry again.

Amit comes back and asks Ashok for papers. Ashok says I never thought you will do this. Amit says I m standing against wrong work, canteen will shut now. Rani gets permission papers and asks Amit not to cross limits. Amit taunts her and leaves.

Aarti goes to Kaushalya and says I should have not laughed on pandit. Kaushalya says you should laugh, if any other girl comes, your rule will end, you don’t want this. Shanti hears them. Kaushalya scolds Aarti. Shanti calls Aarti and comes there. She asks Kaushalya to tell this again. Kaushalya says now I won’t get any pandit. Shanti says good, we won’t do Shivam’s marriage again. She asks Aarti to go and manage baby. She scolds Kaushalya and says Shivam’s marriage won’t happen.

Amit says I can adopt a child, or remarry to become father. Aarti hears him. Shanti says world won’t let you take first decision, I won’t let you take second decision.

Update Credit to: Amena

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