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Mere Angne Mein 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti telling that she has always saved money and kept for emergency use. Kaushalya gets glad and cries seeing Shanti managing everything. Shanti tells about the home running. Riya tells Shanti that she tries managing and even then don’t know how money ends so soon in her hands. Shanti says it happens and acts sweet to her. She hugs Kaushalya and Riya and says house runs like this. Shanti thinks she will make things tough for Riya and smiles. Riya and Kaushalya cry hugging Shanti. Rani looks on.

Preeti is sad and writes a suicide note, as she is unable to do this marriage and forget Mohit, this is very tough for her. She cries. Shanti asks Kaushalya and Riya to get back to work now. Rani cries seeing them. Shanti asks Rani to hurry up and grind haldi. She asks

Kaushalya to forgive Riya, as Riya always keep telling sorry sorry…. The woman comes and asks Shanti does she have to call other women. Shanti says yes, certainly. The woman gets some nek and goes.

Nimmi tells Shanti that daily dose just ended, and smiles. She says Preeti has gone to take bath. Shanti asks what, does anyone take bath before marriage. Nimmi says I got scared, everything fell, you go to Preeti now. Shanti asks Riya to go and get Preeti. Riya goes. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get Gangajal. Kaushalya asks why. Shanti says just get it. Preeti looks outside and shuts the door. She takes a blade to cut her nerve.

Riya is on the way to Preeti’s room. Riya gets shocked seeing Preeti with the blade. She runs inside via window and stops Preeti, asking did you get mad. Preeti says let me die, I can’t live. Riya scolds her and asks why are you doing this. Preeti says you have to hear so much because of me, I can’t see all this, Shanti and Maa always scold you, I feel Mohit will not let me live peacefully, check this, its result of my mistake to love a wrong person, whatever I sent him, messages and etc, he is threatening me that he will show it to my inlaws. Riya gets shocked. Preeti cries and says Mohit won’t let this marriage happen, and then everything will be ruined because of me, I can’t bear this.

Riya requests Preeti not to do this, we will solve this problem. Mohit messages Preeti that he won’t let her become someone else’s. Riya reads message and looks on.

Shanti tells Kaushalya that she remembers all the work and has done it already. She asks Rani about Amit. She says since Riya and Shivam got married, Amit is not coming here, what can I do about his fate Rani. Rani grinds haldi and cries. She tells Nimmi that she is getting tears by grinding haldi. Nimmi says your haldi on hands look dark, as if you are the bride and teases Rani. Shanti asks Rani to call Amit soon. Rani cries.

Sarla is worried that Amit is not taking call and thinks to call police station. She calls Pari to ask about Amit. Riya asks Preeti to fight with the problem, if Mohit is problem, we can find solution. Preeti asks what solution, do you think he will leave me after my marriage. Mohit calls Preeti. Riya answers call. Mohit says thank God Preeti ji, you answered call, I heard its your haldi, I wanted to see you, shall I come home, you might be looking beautiful. Riya scolds him and says I will do police complaint, you will get senses then, its limit now, this is last warning, stop troubling Preeti. Mohit smiles and ends call.

Preeti says you don’t know Mohit, he is stubborn. Riya says I promise there will be no hurdle in your marriage, I request please don’t do anything like this again. Preeti cries and hugs Riya.

Sharmili is happy seeing Vyom’s haldi going on. The lady says he should look fair and glow, apply haldi well to him, where is Pari, she created much issue that day about shagun, Sharmili got solid bahu. Sharmili says Vyom’s bride is like cow, she is best. The lady warns that cow can bite her as hungry tigress, we can’t trust bahu. Sharmili says but I trust my sons, I will check the girl and bring her. The lady asks her to call Pari. Pari looks on and thinks I m preparing for haldi such that everyone will see.

Sarla comes to Shanti Sadan and sees Rani grinding haldi. Sarla says Rani came here before me. Kaushalya says she is helping. Sarla goes to Rani and asks about Amit. Shanti says come here and sit, and asks Rani to grind haldi fast. She goes to Preeti. Sarla stares at Rani.

Riya tells Preeti about Mohit, Kaushalya saw me with him and scolded me, but I managed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Boring episode

  2. This show is becoming more worse

  3. Plzzz yaar preeti is a nice girl I think you should stop her marriage….

  4. Kaushaliya’s attitude towards Riya has made MAM more frustrating !

  5. pls stop dragging the marriage of preeti with vyom cause that will be her biggest punishment cause clearly vyom and pari are into each other and why can’t mohit mother reveal what sarla told her about preeti its clearly that mohit loves preeti very much she just keep quite while her son is heart broken. And why is kushaliya so dumb don’t she have mind of her own can’t she see that preeti is not happy with the marriage, Rita should step up her game cause she have given so many daughter’s in law out there courage now she seems defeated and confused let’s not forget the bet between her and dadi

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