Mere Angne Mein 19th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 19th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya saying she is very much hurt and is still doing all the work alone. Shanti turns deaf ear. Chanda comes and says I have gone to temple for prayers. She takes the clothes to dry. Shanti says even Riya is upstairs. She asks her to use the phone they gifted her and record everything. Chanda goes to Riya and talks to her. Chanda starts the recording and asks Riya about her relation with Shivam. Riya says there can’t be any break in Shivam and my relation, we can never get separated. Chanda says but relation is breaking, you both signed on divorce papers before I came here. Riya says yes, I had to sign, there was no other way, I can’t please anyone like you. Chanda starts crying. Riya says don’t cry, I was joking.

Chanda says I was thinking to help you, but I

m not able to, I went to temple and prayed for this house’s peace, I got this thread for your relation, when you and Shivam’s nature is good, why is your relation break. Riya says its because of Shanti, she wants to make me leave. Shanti waits for Chanda to get the recording. Chanda gives the thread to Riya and says Shanti is not so bad. Riya says when you get time, see her by my perception, whatever happened in my life is because of Shanti. Chanda says you are Shivam’s love, why will Shanti do this, Shivam will get sad.

Riya says Shanti just cares for her power and thinking, when I stopped her, she felt bad and does not like me. Chanda asks why does Sarla dislike you. Riya says Sarla planned to get me married to Amit, when I refused in mandap, she felt bad and dislikes me, I m away from my family because of them.

Riya says I always tried to solve problems, I feel bad as Raghav and Kaushalya also think I spoiled their daughter’s lives, I did not do anything, they made me bahu, no one thought about me, even Raghav and Kaushalya did not support me, else Shivam’s second marriage talk would have not started. Chanda says maybe Raghav tried. Riya says yes, but maybe Shanti did not listen to her, she is stubborn and does not care for anyone, she may not love you tomorrow, you also be alert. She goes.

Chanda calls her BF and says I m very happy today, you know what happened, I got such a proof that can change everything here. Sharmili goes to Nimmi and wakes her up. She asks about jewelry box. Nimmi asks which jewelry. Sharmili asks her to recall and return that jewelry box. Nimmi says I remember, I kept is in cupboard, I will get it. Pari steals the jewelry and says Sharmili will make Nimmi dance for this jewelry, but where shall I hide this. Pari hides the box. Mama apologizes to Sharmili. Pari sees them. Sharmili scolds Mama. Pari says no one’s fathers will get this jewelry now, and gets glad.

Shanti asks the men not to make noise, I m getting headache. Kaushalya asks Riya to make the bed outside, why are you troubling. Riya asks the men to go out and make the bed. Shanti says Riya is doing this intentionally, she can get readymade bed, and wants to trouble us. Chanda comes there and Shanti signs her. Chanda nods. Chanda says take your phone, I don’t know how to use this, if I press any button, something happens. Shanti says you are innocent, and shows her the phone use. Chanda waits for Shivam to come. Shivam comes downstairs. Shanti plays the recording, and asks whats this. Riya gets shocked. Chanda asks how did this happen, I don’t know what button was pressed. Shivam and Kaushalya hear what Riya said against them. Shanti asks them to see. Riya cries. Shivam stares at her angrily.

Shanti starts crying and hypes the drama. She says I will leave the house, see this Shivam, hear this well. Riya says I did not say this angrily and with bad intentions. Shivam scolds her for blaming his family, you don’t deserve to be here, now this divorce will happen. Riya cries. Chanda smiles. Shivam asks Shanti to call pandit ji, I m ready to marry Chanda. Riya gets shocked. Shanti and Chanda get glad.

Riya tells Shivam that she won’t let him remarry. He swears to marry Chanda, with in a month.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why is Shivam overreacting,,,,He knw his dadi very well,,,then WTH is his prblm

  2. today episode riya is responsible for what happen

  3. Y within a month….plz marrry today only….atlist we don’t have to bear torture fr another two months(der 1 mnth equal to 2 mnth fr uus) even we wana see u blo*dy people ruined by chanda …hmare dil ko sukoon milega thoda…plz marrriage ka program jaldi se jaldi kro….wana see ds blo*dy people ruined

  4. Chanda to shadi k isliy ruk ri…ki use new jewellery etc milega….chor ka b kuch ethics hta h sirf chori kro niklooo…na ki dusro ki shadi khrab krna Jb wo shadi krne b nai wali….aur hmare janab shubham ji 6 mahine nai hue shadi krne chale….court me khinch k le jana anupam aur bolna ki he dint tried to save hs relation(riya se to hga na) and rules todne ka severe punishment dena court….6 mahiine poore b na hue wo shadi krne gya isly

  5. Shivam u beta support ur wife.

  6. Hi Roz!
    This is The WORST SERIAL of My LIFE.
    Itna Ghatiya.
    SHIVAM toh Kisi Bhi Angle mai HERO NAHI Dikhta
    “Na Chehre SE,Na CHARACTER Se”.

    Itni AHSAANI SE Divorce tak Ahgaya.

    Ek BAAT toh Pakka HAI Roz

    1. Seriously PAtience ka limit cross kra dia h ye serial

  7. Aishwarya Dande

    Stupid bakwas serial… I hate shivam

  8. Hi Swapna JAZ Noori Come HERE Once.

    1. Hey Adu roz noori such mein KAMIna hain shivam aur riya she never show ka MAKERS ARE WRITERS sab ke sab gandhe dalinde hain.

    2. Hai Adi,Jaz,,,,,Y U ppl didn’t register…? and u r rite they are stretching the story line(story he ya nahi) like rubberband,,,I started watching the show for Karam and he is shown as a stupid husband and Riya ,,,,she can’t be called modern,,,sirf rona hi kaam he

      1. Roz ye register kaise karthe hain.

  9. pls pls chanda should marry shivam, it will be very nice!!!!!!

  10. Get to Wed to today stupid shivam let chanda rule on them they all are blind people trusting on stranger not to family Shane on them hate this serial another two month of torcher of chanda shivam marriage hell them no sense I mean grow you people writter still are torcher the viewers a lot enough now enough of dadi crap I can’t see her always plays game with family and everyone is blind don’t want see dadi true face

  11. Kumari Ranasinghe

    What’s wrong with this drama ? So unfair things happened with riya for this short scenario ..and writers they should have been more considerable
    Even shanti went through the same phase but during that time she had so many people by her side though she was a drama queen. . even the family supported her. But now when it comes to riya she has no one else wit her even her so called husband ..This is so unfair. .They should have used their brains because the audience too can understand some situations ..they used to imply all the time that riya is a imposter .as we know riya was the only one who was so concerned about the family upbringing ..but they always negociated her character. .so disgusting

  12. Why this serial has such shit it should happen that Shivam marry Chanda and riya moves out and Chanda puts shanti out and riya have to save her.

  13. Shivam is the most dumb guy on this earth. Why Ria suffers everytime. Shivam does not deserve ria someone like Chanda is fit to marry him. Why is Ria taking so much of insult rather should leave Shivam. Its being too much. At least a normal person could not bear this much.

  14. Track is so poor. Preeti is responsible for everything. Director should end this track asap. Its too lengthy track….

  15. I hate this serial……what nonsense first raghav now shivam and kaushalya is so dumb n preeti is f**king whore….
    Not even a single character is worth watching

  16. I guess Raghav quit the show.

    1. i guess so…. woh acha actor hai and i saw him in some movie. must be busy.

  17. ye serial achcha hai bus avi kuch story me change karne ki jarurat hai agar riya itna suffer karegi to society me wahi msg jayega jo hota hai in a wrongway mein.serials keval entertainment ke liye nai hote wo society me strong and sahi massage v dete hai .plz director and writer sir iss serial mein preeti ki v galti ko highlight kijiye saath hi riya ko sahi sabit kijiye..hum sabhi iss serial ko bahot pasand karte hai..but ab story line up thik nai hai preeti ke saath hi kausalya ko v realise hona chahiye ki galti riya ki nai hai.shivam ko v imp role milna chahiye apna sahi decision lene ka..and nimmi ke role ka itna importance nai hai ..but preeti shivam amit rani kausalya shanti raghav and sarla ki family ka track bahot achcha lagta hai hume..we love this serial mere angne mein that’s why we want a positive and strong change in coming story…love u riya and shivam

  18. Shivam came across as a spineless man…. no ethics at all. first of all jiske saath saat phere liye ….usko jab nikala gaya toh chup raha. dimaag toh lagana nahi… aur riya ne jo bola kuch galat bhi nahi bola. pata nahi yeh writer kuch soch samjh ke likhta hai bhi ki nahin… starting mein dikhaya ki daadi ke intentions teen pota poti ko pata hai. abhi sab dadi se bahut pyaaar karne lag gaye aur riya galat ho gayi. sabse jyaada funny tha…jab riya ko nikala gaya toh nimmi chila rahi thi please bhabi ko meri galti ki saaja mat do…. aur jab riya ghar waapas aayi toh saari galti usiki ho gayi…itna change toh animals mein bhi nahi hota. writer is not making any sense in this serial.

  19. yeh serial ka angle acha hai …but har topic ko kuch jyaada hi kich ta hai… thank god abhi 6 months ka shaadi 1 month mein ho raha hai. as it is 1 month toh inke liye 2 months hote hain. so may be jab tak mein europe ghoom gham ke aa jaaon toh ye bakwaas dusri shaadi waala drama khatam ho gaya hoga. Negativity in telly serials add tadka… par ahi kuch jyaada hi negativity ho raha hai. its not fun to watch anymore…. baseless lag raha hai. writer sahab kuch dimaag lagao aur characters ko real banao. Shivam ka character bahut acha tha…abhi pura spineless waala lag raha hai.

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