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The Episode starts with Sarla talking to ladies about Amit’s proposal. She praises him and Amit stops her from match fixing. He says he has work and leaves. Shivam sees Riya and hides his face by flower basket. A kids throws it and it falls over Shivam and Riya. She says she was finding him. He asks what. She says her dress is spoiled, where is washroom. He says anyone will see, come with me. He asks her to clean her dress by the tap. She asks why is he strange, he can’t go, else she will start shouting and say this is my colleague and not helping me. He helps her and the tap water hits them. They get drenched by the overflow.

The ladies talk to Sarla about the girls for Amit. Amit sees Riya and smiles. Few guys stop him and take him. Shivam stops the water and Riya holds his hand.


ladies tell Shanti that her daughter has seen Shivam with a girl. Sarla says how did we not know this. Nimmi says his love story will end before starting. Shanti cries and says she will go home, she will not stay here after what Shivam did. She calls Raghav and asks did he come home. She says he should know what his son is doing and Kaushalya worries. Shivam sees Sahnti coming and Riya asks what happened. He sees the shade and hits the bamboo. He hides inside with Riya. He thinks if Dadi sees me, she will not leave me. Riya smiles seeing Shivam. Pari brings the rickshaw and Shanti leaves with Kaushalya. The people lift the bamboo and Bunty asks Riya is she fine. Riya says I m fine, come.

Shanti and Kaushalya come home and bang the door. Raghav keeps the radio and goes to open the door. He asks why does she look worried. Shanti says she heard something new today, Kaushalya knew everything and did not tell me. Raghav asks what. Shanti says she found bahu without telling me.

Shanti asks Kaushalya who is the girl. Preeti and Nimmi come home. Shanti asks them. Shivam comes and says I will say. Raghav takes his bike keys. Shivam says she is my colleague and I went to drop her home. Shanti says the people have written love story and asks Raghav to keep an eye on the children. The sisters tease Shivam about his GF and call its real love.

Kaushalya brings milk and gives him. He asks is she annoyed with her. She says no. He says there is nothing like Dadi said. She asks why is it not like that, tell me when there is anything. Its morning, Sarla’s husband Ashok calls Kaushalya and asks her for some recipes to impress the family coming to see Pari. Shanti looks on. He says I will keep this combination in my canteen too. Shanti asks her to work. Kaushalya says she will talk later. Shanti scolds her for cooking well and Ashok finds Sarla’s had made food bad. She says Ashok will think Sarla does not know anything.

Shanti asks her to help Ashok but give all the credit to Sarla, tell him Sarla has taught you cooking. Kaushalya says fine. Shanti says she will meet Sarla and asks her to make Koftas. Riya sees Shivam in office and smiles. She says he is acting as if he does not know me, and see Prashant, he is giving smile. The manager asks them to do a couple exercise. He asks them to trust their sales partner and the pairs will be together till the end of this program. Riya says she will not miss this chance and looks at Shivam.

He says he will decide the pairs by same color chits. Riya sends Bunty to get water glass. She puts water on the girl and the girl leaves. Riya sees he took yellow chit and she does not have any yellow chit in her bowl. She takes the blue one, and Prashant too gets the blue one. Riya tells Bunty that her plan failed. She sees the one with yellow chit and Bunty asks her to exchange her chit with her.

Riya talks to the girl and says her partner is Shivam, he is very arrogant and does not talk to anyone. She gives her blue chit and says Prashant is a happening guy. The girl asks how will she manage. Riya says she will manage. The man asks them to come forward and form pairs. The man asks the guys to fall behind with trust on their partners. Few pairs does not perform well. Riya asks Shivam to trust her. Shivam falls back and Riya holds him. The man says fantastic, this is called trust. Music plays……… Shivam looks at Riya. Bunty calls her and Riya leaves him. They both fall.

The man says they fell. Riya says its fine, we fell together and will get up together. Shivam gives his hand to her. She holds his hand and gets up. The man says well done. Riya thanks him. Sarla says its good mum is coming, I will ask her to stop this cheap proposal for Pari. A girl comes and says she got Amit’s fav dish. She asks where is everyone. Sarla says she does not know who comes anytime, and Amit does not tell them anything. The girl says once she comes here as bahu, she will manage everything. She says Sarla she will wash the utensils. Sarla gets glad and sits having apple. Amit comes and Sarla sees Riya’s pic in his phone. He asks her not to see his phone.

The girl stares Amit. Sarla asks the girl to go. The girl says she will do any other work. Sarla says come in evening. The girl says Amit that she wants to talk to him. She gives him some money and says he came to know he needs money. He says he can’t take. She insists and he asks her to note it in copy, it loan. She leaves. Sarla asks what is the matter. Amit says nothing, he will tell her after he gets details of the girl he likes. She says she will say Shanti. He says not now, we will tell after meeting the girl’s family.

The man gives the next task, and shows the shampoo. He asks them to take addresses and sale the sample products. Bunty asks Riya to impress Shivam. Riya says he will take me on date. Shivam takes the address and shows her. They leave. Pari works at parlor and sees her jewelry. She comes out and sees a rich guy, the son of the rude rich lady. The lady complains him about Pari. Pari removes her ring and goes to the lady. She asks is this ring yours. The lady says she left work midway. Pari says sorry, I was getting call from hospital, my mum is on death bed. She says she is co owner of the parlor and can come for any personal service. She feeds her number in the guy’s number. She wishes the guy becomes her husband.

Shivam and Riya are at the parlor and he says about the shampoo. The lady asks them to give live demo. Riya says w will give the demo and makes Shivam sit. She washes his hair and praises the shampoo. Music plays…………… They have an eyelock. She dries his hair and asks the lady to see. They hold hands and promote the product. Everyone clap for them. The lady says their presentation was great and asks them to sell it together. Riya and Shivam come out and congratulate each other.

She says we should have some celebration right now. He says he has some work, he is getting late. She insists and shows icecream. He asks her to buy just one. She takes Kulfi and eats it. He says he will go now and leaves. She calls Bunty and tells everything. She asks her to come home soon.

Riya and Shanti meet again. Sonal comes to Shanti and asks about teaching Nimmi. Riya asks Shivam does he have any GF.

Update Credit to: Amena

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