Mere Angne Mein 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Golu stopping Kaushalya from committing suicide. Shanti taunts and asks Kaushalya to get down. Kaushalya gets down the ladder and hugs Nimmi. Golu says she tried to commit suicide, I have to arrest her. Aarti shuts the door. She takes some milk for baby and goes to her room. Nimmi says you can’t arrest my mum. Golu says let me do my duty. Shanti says you are also responsible for all this. He says I had to do such that day and even today I have to do this. Nimmi says you are responsible, you misbehaved with me, I will get you arrested. He thinks what to do now. He says she has no right to do this. Nimmi asks why did he do that drama with Rani. He thinks his impression will get bad on Nimmi. He asks them to go and not do anything such again. Shanti asks people to go, they

all started taking video seeing the drama. Golu tells constable to inform Amit that he solved this case. He leaves.

Shivam comes home being worried for Kaushalya. She hugs him and cries. She says I know I did wrong with you, do me a favor, make that bad character girl go out of this house. He asks what, you told me to marry, I did, but what’s the problem now. She says you don’t know, I also did not know Aarti is already married. Shivam gets shocked. She tells him everything about Ajay, what Ajay said against Aarti. She says my mind stopped working knowing all this, the day she came here, she did not tell anyone her truth. Aarti hears Shivam’s name and goes to see. Kaushalya asks Shivam to wash her maang. Aarti smiles seeing him and tells the baby.

She comes downstairs. Shanti says she can’t become my bahu, she is bad character, so her husband has left her, what do you want, such girl to be your wife. Chandra is doing dhyaan. He gets disturbed. Shanti makes Aarti sit. Aarti wishes they get free of this marriage. Kaushalya takes Shivam. He gets a bucket of water to pour. He pours water over himself.

Kaushalya asks what did you do. Shivam asks what if she is a divorcee, how can you believe any stranger, if her husband left her, my wife also left me, she died, so this is our second marriage. Chandra opens his eyes. Aarti looks at him. Everyone gets shocked. Kaushalya says wipe off her maang. He says I filled her maang in front of the society, even if she is a divorcee, she will stay here now. Chandra thinks this house’s atmosphere is not peaceful, I will go and see. Aarti asks Shivam to listen, Kaushalya is saying right. They go upstairs. Chandra comes downstairs and asks Shanti what’s happening, is this Charni’s second marriage.

Aarti says you can’t take my life’s decision. Shivam asks what’s your problem. She says you filled my maang without my permission, everyone is pointing finger at me, do you know how I have been bearing this sindoor, my husband has left me, even then I regard him my husband, I don’t accept this relation, free me of this relation. He asks why, your husband left you, if I leave you, where will you go. She says I will go anywhere. He says I can’t help, I also don’t want to believe in this marriage, everyone wants a mum for baby, none can be better for baby, be as baby’s mum here, just Riya will be my wife till I die. She says just Ajay will be my husband till I die. He says its better, be enjoy stay here as baby’s mum, you have to be with this sindoor burden all your life. He goes.

Chandra asks Shanti did Charni not say anything, what will society say, our family name will be spoiled, lie is a sin, whatever happened, accept this as fate, she is bahu of this house, you have no option than accepting her. Kaushalya says she still thinks of her husband, she does not like Shivam, he is not understanding, how will he pass life with bad character girl. Chandra says don’t say bad things, forget what society will think. Shanti says I understood, your Dada ji should not know this matter, else I will leave food. Chandra says don’t worry, pray that Lord gives strength to you all to accept this jodi, and they accept each other as husband and wife. Aarti thinks how to explain Shivam. Kaushalya comes and scolds her. Aarti says I will explain him that he is doing wrong.

Chandra hears Kaushalya scolding Aarti. Aarti says I thought he will wipe off my maang, but he refused. Kaushalya says you did magic on him, you do something to leave from this house. Chandra gets shocked. Kaushalya goes out and sees Chandra. Aarti cries. Chandra thinks this girl’s situation is bad, she did not get husband and family’s love.

Shanti asks Shivam to choose Kaushalya or Aarti’s handmade food. Shivam chooses to have food by Charni’s hands.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When will this show end I don’t watch it anymore just read the updates and all I hope is that it ends soon

    1. Same here don’t watch it anymore just reading the written updates waiting for the last episode

  2. Mind blowing update tomorrow definitely i will watch the show ??????

  3. Finally for the 1st time shivam did something sensible
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