Mere Angne Mein 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti arguing with Raghav. She asks him not to stop him for anything, else manage everything on his own. Kaushalya asks about gifting ring to Vyom. Shanti sees Riya tensed and says now it will be fun to see how she manages. Shivam goes after Riya. Shanti asks where is he going. He says I have to see some arrangements. Shanti makes faces. She tells Sarla that she will handover 4.5 lakhs to Riya. Sarla coughs and asks why are you giving such big amount to Riya. Shanti says I can do anything to send Riya out of this house, I can sell this Shanti Sadan but I want her out. Sarla asks how will this happen, and is tensed that Shanti will lose the money also. Shanti says I have to do this, Riya is showing that she is managing well, she will take money from me and then return

the money with the keys. Then she won’t have anything, no money, no keys and not even this house. Sarla smiles and praises Shanti.

Nirmala finds her house locked. Lady inspector comes there and asks Nirmala did she call her. Nirmala says no. Inspector tells about the call. Bindu and Nirmala say its nothing like that. Inspector gets angry that they always call police for no matters. She scolds them and goes. Nirmala and Bindu start fighting again for the house keys.

Sujeev comes home hurt. Sharmili cares for him and sends Pari to get first aid box from Mama’s room. Sujeev says I will not leave her, I will shoot her. Sharmili asks who, calm down. Sujeev tells about Nimmi. Sharmili asks who is she, did you take her pic. He says no, I will call sketch artist and make her photo. Mama comes home. Sharmili asks from where is he coming. Mama says I got troubled by a girl. Sujeev asks where did you get her, at what time. Mama thinks did Sujeev saw me, and lies to him about Sadhvi. Sharmili reminds Mama about Sujeev’s state, and the engagement function today. Vyom comes and Sharmili shows Sujeev’s wounds. Sujeev says I got sarees for mummy, Pari and new bahu. Pari looks for first aid box and does not get it. Sharmili checks the sarees and price tags. She says I will give cheaper saree to Pari.

Riya calls Pari and says we are going to buy ring for Vyom, ask him his ring size. Pari tells the ring size 18. Riya asks are you sure, ask Vyom. Pari says fine, I will ask Vyom. She acts and says Vyom is saying 18. Riya says fine. Sarla says Riya, I have to check if everything is right, and asks her to make things fine else Sharmili will go back. Riya says don’t worry, I confirmed from Pari, she said Vyom’s ring size is 18, if you say, I will ask Vyom. Sarla says no need, if Pari said, she will be right, she won’t say wrong and get her respect turn down there. Raghav gives money to Shanti. Shanti asks him to give it to Riya.

He asks Shanti to manage. Shanti says I did duty to accumulate the money, now Riya will spend. Riya says no, you keep it. Shanti says I m sanyasi, I can’t keep money, you have the keys as well, spend well by thinking. Raghav asks Shanti to keep money being eldest in the house. Sarla thinks she would have got some money as well and stares at money. Raghav asks Riya to do grand arrangements, its about house’s respect, its all on you now.

Shanti goes to talk to her husband’s pic and says I worked hard and Riya will take the credit, I won’t let this happen. Riya will fail in managing things. Sarla looks on smiling. Pari asks why did Sharmili send me to find first aid box. Sharmili says I forgot, the box was in my room, I got it myself. She does aid to Sujeev’s hand. Sujeev says once I get that girl, I will not leave her. Sharmili asks him to remember, they have to go for Vyom’s engagement today. Sujeev tells Pari that he got sarees for them. Sharmili thinks to check whether Sujeev got medicine effects. She asks about that girl. Sujeev says she has thrown roses on my face and I got hurt by thorns. Sharmili says calm down, get ready now. She gives saree to Pari. Pari thinks Sharmili gave her just one saree and asks her to wear this saree today.

Kaushalya asks Nandu to give gajras to Preeti. Shivam and Riya go to buy the readymade ring for Vyom, and asks the jeweler to show some good designs. Riya and Shivam like a ring and ask its price. The man says it costs 15000rs. Riya tells Shivam that its in our budget. Shivam says fine and gets it packed.

Parlor lady sets Preeti’s makeup and asks her to stop crying. Nandu comes there with gajras and sees Preeti crying. Nandu compliments Preeti and makes her smile. He asks her will she marry him. it turns to be his dream. The lady asks for gajras. He says sorry, and gives gajras. He compliments Preeti. Preeti gets angry and asks did I ask you, get lost from here, you don’t care of the insult always. He asks her why does she talk to him like this, he never said anything wrong to her. She sends him out.

Sharmili gets a ring from the charity they got. Mama sees the mum’s pic, and says its blessing. She scolds him. Mama says Amma, I was telling jiji about you. Sharmili gets shocked. Mama says I m joking. Sharmili slaps him. She says she does not want her mum’s blessings and scolds Mama.

Nimmi silently comes home. Kaushalya scolds her and asks her to see the time. Nimmi gives gajras. Kaushalya says Nandu got the gajras. Nimmi says a mad man met on the way, and I got hurt. Raghav gets angry and asks Kaushalya to explain Nimmi not to get into fights, she won’t get any good family guy. Sarla laughs. Shanti jokes on Nimmi, and they all laugh. Riya and Shivam come home. Sarla asks did they get ring. Riya shows the ring. Sarla sees the small ring, and says its very light like it will fly now. Kaushalya says yes, its very light. Riya say we have seen many rings, we liked this one, it can be used as daily wear, and is in our budget also. Shanti shows the ring to Raghav.

Kaushalya gets angry and asks what budget, will Preeti get married again and again, we are getting her married in rich house. Shivam says its not like that, we both liked this ring, I will change it if you say. Shanti thinks Kaushalya is becoming like me, and scolding Riya. Raghav says Riya got the right ring, don’t worry, we can give any gift all life to them, it will go on. Kaushalya asks Riya to wear her Chandrahaar. Sarla gets angry and taunts Shanti about Chandrahaar. Shanti thinks I have to gift Chandrahaar this time.

Sujeev is still angry on Nimmi. Pari argues about sarees. Sharmili looks on smiling. Sujeev scolds Pari and asks did you not value feelings. Sharmili starts crying and says I heard everything, it means I gave her cheap saree. Pari is blaming me, fine I will give my saree also, and wear old saree. Sujeev stops Sharmili and asks Pari to wear the saree she chose, get ready fast.

Nandu meets his friend and gets the letter. Mohit comes there and asks Nandu to talk to him well. He gets the love letter and says Nandu you wrote this love letter, but to whom. Nandu asks him to return it, I don’t like jokes. Mohit says so Nandu is in love and announces it. He asks is this for Preeti and gets angry. Nandu takes the letter and runs away.

The lady says makeup is done, all the best wishes from me. Kaushalya gives her money. The lady goes. Kaushalya gets emotional seeing Preeti. She says you are still little Preeti for me, I m very happy and hugs Preeti. They talk. Shanti gets glad seeing the decorations and says Raghav will get relieved after Preeti’s marriage, I will get Nimmi married and make Raghav free.

Nimmi gives water to guests. Sujeev and Nimmi get shocked seeing each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why don’t directors end this show?

  2. Bakwasssss

  3. Best show till date

    1. Mere ange mein rox

      True dat

  4. I’ve head it’s going to be 1/2 hour instead of 1hr as TRP has gone down. No wonder with all the conspiracies shanti and sarla do and no one hears or does anything to punish them.

  5. I am thinking how many more episides will be about preeti’s marriage. It looks like to me that no positive movement is there, the downfall of sarla and shanti cunning minds but Siri the show is about Riya’s insult and preeti marriage from last two months. I think that there is nothing new and interesting with the director to add in this show in order to make it more interesting. Preeti is not a very famous character in this story but director is giving her marriage matter a lot of time and no improvement in the actual characters of the show. This is not fair for audience as they want to see something more attractive. No change in sarla house among the characters of rani, Amit, sarla and now nirmala. The same old story is there. Director needs to bring some change there. Now talking about the character of Nandu, I think the director has to create a new girl for him otherwise the whole show will be full of preeti’s lovers which is also very boaring for the audience. Before every episode I think that this time some new and positive movements will be there but the same old negative movements are there all the time I think it’s time for a big change now.

  6. You know what one thing is clear about this show liars and deceit always win in all starplus serials. Because I don’t know why sarla and shanti always get away with all the deceit they do. We are tired. We need changes

  7. shame on you Shanti devi .
    The director is trying to show we women are fools. I t is a Bakwass serial.
    we have lost interest now . He is dragging and dragging and dragging………………

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