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Mere Angne Mein 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla celebrating her fake birthday and being happy. She cuts the cake and feeds everyone. Kaushalya sees Nimmi with Varun and wishes he likes Nimmi. Sarla goes to Shanti and asks her to see Varun and Pari. Shanti says they look good together, the guy is real gold. Sarla says I feel Kaushalya also likes the guy. Shanti asks are you mad, Raghav is alive. Sarla says what, I meant for Nimmi, they get after any good guy, what will happen of Pari. Sarla asks Varun to have snacks. She acts sweet. She makes the cake fall on him intentionally and says plate slipped from my hand, sorry, your shirt got spoiled, you have to change clothes, Nimmi come here, cake spoiled his shirt, take him to change clothes. She stops Pari and says Nimmi will help him. Riya thinks whats happening,

is Sarla planning with Pari again, and Varun also looks weird.

Nimmi helps Varun. Pari gets angry seeing them. Nimmi slips. Varun holds her and asks are you fine. She says I m fine. Pari looks on. Laxmi says we will leave now. Varun takes Shanti’s blessings. He asks her to guide her for Shanti Sammelan. Shanti says I m ready for guiding, come again, be happy. Laxmi and Varun leave. Sarla stops Pari from going. Sarla asks Kaushalya to pack cake for her. She says Shanti should not know about Varun, I will tell her when right time comes. Kaushalya says how to hide form her. Sarla says if relation is not fixed, Shanti will get sad. Sarla asks Pari to get gift. Sarla and Pari leave. Pari is angry.

Sarla asks what happened. Pari says I don’t like Nimmi bringing close to Varun. Sarla says everyone will feel Nimmi and Varun are close, but Varun loves you, this is our planning. Pari says how is this possible. Sarla asks her not to worry. Pari thinks Nimmi can take away Varun and fly, I can’t trust her. Nimmi thinks of Varun and smiles.

Riya comes to Nimmi and sees her smiling. Varun smiles. Laxmi asks whats the matter, you were trying to impress Pari and Nimmi. He says this is my work, I proposed Pari that I will marry her, Sarla will be happy and help us, and Nimmi started loving me, Kaushalya and Shanti will be in our hands, they will be used by us, they are not of any other use.

Its morning, Sarla and Pari meet Varun. Sarla feeds him sweets. She asks him to say what he wants to do, she will fix his relation with Pari. He thinks matter is getting ahead. He says as you wish. Sarla blesses him and asks him to call her mummy ji. She says I will give good news to Amma and do your engagement. Varun asks why so hurry, we can know each other. Sarla says you proposed Pari, what else to know now. He says I meant, Shanti Sammelan is there. She says so what, it will be better. He says no, it will be a problem. He thinks family of real Varun will know of engagement. Sarla says I m a girl’s mum, and this is my dream that Pari gets married. He thinks she is emotionally blackmailing, what to do.

Shivam practices. The manager says will you fight like this with small bets, Amit can’t get big fight and bet, I can help you. Amit comes and says you are cutting my deals, I have done a big fixing, Shivam will fight with Chagan. Manager asks are you mad. Amit says Shivam will make him lose, Shivam be ready for big fight. Shivam says I felt glad. Amit says you are my brother, be ready. He goes. Manager asks Shivam not to trust Amit, I know him well, be careful of him.

Sarla asks Varun to say. He agrees for engagement. Sarla gets glad. He says I have to do many pending things for Shanti Sammelan. Sarla says Riya does catering work, she can help you, and Kaushalya is leader of bhajan mandli. I will tell them to help. Varun says its great. Sarla asks him to prepare for engagement and reach Shanti Sadan. Sarla tells Laxmi about Varun and Pari’s engagement. She hugs Laxmi and leaves.

Sarla comes and meets Kaushalya. She tells that she has a good news. Kaushalya asks what is it. Sarla says Laxmi came in morning and said keep engagement today evening. Kaushalya says so soon, how to do arrangements. Sarla says I told them about Nimmi, Varun will be famous after Shanti Sammelan. Kaushalya says Riya said not to hurry. Sarla asks her not to take Riya’s name and talk to Shanti. She acts to do big favor. Kaushalya thanks her from heart. Sarla asks her to talk to Shanti. She smiles and thinks to give big shock to Kaushalya.

Nimmi gets ready for engagement. Shanti asks why did you get ready, its Pari’s engagement. Nimmi and Kaushalya get shocked. Sarla smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. agar kisiko 30 min me pagal hona hai toh mere angne me dekhlow

  2. show ka 500+ episode ho chuke hai but ab tak sarla k plan n plotting khatam nehi hue hai. mene toh life me kausalia raghav n shivam jaisa dumboo nehi dekha n

  3. I think now the writers of this serial should get some sense and end it. Swaragini writers have done the same, ended the serial before it went completely off the tracks this show too is not following its title mere angne mein anymore the writers are just introducing new copy cat storylines that are just boring

  4. It is too ugly a show now to be watched or even read. May be it is high time that Amena, Pooja, and Company stop translating it. Even the regulars like, Raghav has almost left the show (may be he also does not see an end to this stupidity), and even for some time, Riya had left the show.

  5. I think written doesn’t want to listen to audience when this is about off air because all they are forcing on negative not a single positive things going on this serial sarla pari and amit is goona do all those stupid things Amma me santi shadan ko barbad kar dungi she always say these dialogue what kind of daughter she is she get everything from her mother’s shame on her keep on plotting and she doesn’t know she trapped very badly by varan and his Anpar bhua another gawar in the searl now I like shanti she better then everybody

  6. I agree with all of you! This show is indeed going down the gutter! Ugly Sarla & horrendous Pari have continued with their cunning deeds. Writers are favouring stupid Sarla & Pari. Dumb Kaushaliya is becoming more dumb and greedy with time. It’s time to change the script or end MAM.

  7. You’re right Mr singh

  8. A very nonsense serial without any proper storyline.Best shows like Dahleez n tamanna haven’t touched 500 episodes and this dumb serial has completed 500 episodes.God knows who watch this stupid serial with insane characters not even a single strong positive character. Just end this forever

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