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Mere Angne Mein 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya saying I will get married in good house, you don’t worry. Shanti thinks Riya will be gone till Preeti’s marriage. Riya says she will also sell tomatoes with her and sits. Shanti thinks she will teach lesson to Riya, and asks her to sell tomatoes by calling out people. Shanti asks will you come tomorrow also. Riya says yes, I will come daily till you sell tomatoes. Kaushalya smiles. Riya gets customers and sells tomatoes in one day. Shanti counts money. Riya goes to get rickshaw.

Sarla gets ready. Rani comes and asks for necklace. Sarla gives her an elastic and asks her to wear it. Rani gets sad. Sonal asks her to wear her set, which Shanti gave her in Shivam’s marriage. Sarla scolds Rani. Pari tells the girl that Vyom is a big flirt, and a drunkard.

She asks her not to refuse marriage, else she will have to work as a maid here. The girl worries. Mama hears them. Pari asks what are they doing. Mama says I have come to see something, I forgot, I will come later. Pari makes the girl against this family, and smiles.

Shanti, Kaushalya and Riya come home. Shanti says I earned a lot today Preeti. Preeti cries and tells Shanti that she will not work. Riya asks why. Kaushalys stops Riya from saying anything, and asks Shanti to agree to Preeti and don’t do anything. Shanti gives them 10rs each as shagun from her first earning. Shanti thanks Riya for selling vegs with her. She goes to change. Riya asks Preeti what is she doing. Preeti says don’t try to change me, I don’t want to work, you manage your job. She cries and hugs Kaushalya.

Sarla and Rani get well dressed and show attitude. Amit says stop it now, come we will leave. Sharmili asks the girl does she like Amit. The girl says yes, Vyom is like me, we will be good together. Pari and Vyom get shocked. Pari thinks this girl is so characterless. Sarla, Amit, Rani and Sonal come to their house. Mama stares at Sarla and smiles. He welcomes them.

Ashok tells Nirmala that he did not visit Pari’s house as he is poor, and he is glad that Pari is happy there. He works at the food stall. Sharmili insults Sarla and Pari. Sarla says I m very rich, I have lots of properties, I lead a simple life. She takes the samosas and sits eating. Pari argues with Rani, and asks her to give her necklace. Sonal says I gave necklace to her. Rani and Pari argue. Sarla eats weirdly and talks to the girl’s family. The man says we have come to get our girl married to Vyom. Sarla smiles seeing Vyom. Sarla tells Sharmili why did I not think this before, and goes to drink water.

Mohit brings his bags and comes to Shanti Sadan. Riya asks why did he get bags. He says I spoke to Dadi, she called me. Riya says you are Chunnilal, who helped Preeti right. He says yes, Dadi asked me to come and stay here. Nandu comes there and says I m Khare’s son, Raghav called me to stay here. They both go inside the house.

Preeti gets shocked seeing Mohit. Mohit and Nandu lie down to greet Shanti. She asks who is this guy. Nandu says I m Nandu. Shanti says oh, Raghav told me. Nandu and Mohit say they are glad to stay here. Riya asks Chunni lal will he stay here. Shanti says he has many favors on us, he saved Preeti, me and traced Raghav too. Riya thanks him. Shanti says you both will stay in that room, and you will just get food and water, don’t talk to anyone in this house. She asks Kaushalya to keep bags in that room. Riya says but Dada ji… Shanti asks what. Riya says nothing and goes.

Sarla says Pari’s Devar Vyom looks a hero, he should marry Sonal, if this happens, it will be so good, Pari did not give any rupee to me, but Sonal is like Gau, she will shower money on me. Mama goes and flirts with Sarla. She gets angry and asks is he mad. He says you ruined my feelings, I was joking. She asks him to see Vyom and that girl, they don’t look a match, Sonal sits Vyom. Mama gives her a card. She asks whats this. He says he has given his car, she can call him. She tears it and scolds him. He says I was giving number to make Vyom and Sonal’s alliance fixed. She says fine, and takes the torn card. The girl’s family greets Sharmili and leaves.

She says talking on phone is time waste, I will manage once Sonal and Vyom meet. Riya tells Kaushalya that she does not feel this right. Kaushalya says Chunnilal is here for 15 days only, I trust my daughters, don’t make it an issue. Riya gets call from office and tells Shanti. Shanti asks her to go. Preeti goes to Mohit and asks him why did he come here. He says for you. Shanti comes there and Preeti goes. Shanti tells Chunnilal not to talk to anyone.

Vyom tells Sharmili that he won’t marry. Sharmili asks why, do you still like Pari, agree to me, else Pari will get all property. Vyom disagrees. Sharmili says you have to understand me. Sarla is glad seeing the fruits and dishes. Pari talks to her. Mama sees Sarla. Amit sees him staring and turns to see. He sees Rani and Sonal there. Mama turns away.

Riya is at office and tells Bunty that Shanti is missing Bua, everyone feels Shanti felt bad by Preeti’s job, she lost her job, I have to understand Dadi and change myself. Riya asks her not to change more, as she already changed a lot. Riya worries.

Sarla tells Sharmili that she was tasting the food to see how Pari made food. She says its wrong Pari, you are making Rani work. Sujeev asks Pari to feed Rani by her hands. Rani sits with Amit. Pari fumes and has to obey Sujeev and Sharmili. Nandu does exercises and Mohit had to do same to show off. Mohit thinks Nandu is impressing Shanti, and tries to impress her. Preeti gets angry on Nandu. Shanti asks everyone go to, and talks to Nandu and Mohit. Sarla praises Sonal to Sharmili, and gives Sonal’s proposal for Vyom. They all get shocked.

Mohit says the food is very tasty. He looks at Preeti. Shanti looks at him and Preeti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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