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Mere Angne Mein 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam getting angry and throwing things knowing Shanti took Nimmi to hospital. He asks Kaushalya why did she send Nimmi. Kaushalya and Riya ask him to calm down, Nimmi has gone by her own wish and no one forced her to go. He scolds them and leaves. Prabha and Bindu come to hospital and make fun of Shanti and Sarla. Shanti gets angry, but Sarla and Pari hide with her. The nurse asks is anyone there with Namita Srivastav. Prabha and Bindu hear it, and does not see Nimmi. Pari comes and confuses Prabha and Bindu. They go to see someone’s grandson.

Preeti gifts a shirt to Lucky and asks him to wear it. He says I will wear later. She gets annoyed. He says fine, I will wear it. he wears shirt and says its nice. She hugs him. He says its beautiful gift of my life. Preeti

gets Kaushalya’s call. Kaushalya asks where is she. Preeti says will that clerk has reputation to take me out, I came to temple to pray for Nimmi. Nandu asks what happened to Nimmi. Kaushalya asks is there a guy with you. Preeti says I m in temple, many people are here and ends call. Preeti asks Lucky do you know my sister. Nandu says no, who is that clerk you were saying about. She says a clerk stays in our house, and goes. He gets sad. Shivam is on the way to hospital and thinks of Nimmi.

Nurse brings Nimmi. Sarla tells Shanti that everything will went fine. Shanti says yes, I got relieved, it all ended well, we will go home. She asks Sarla to come along. Sarla thinks to go her home and makes excuse. Pari says we will go with Shanti, I need to meet Preeti. Sarla says meet Preeti later. Shanti says you come home and talk to me, whose marriage did you do there. Sarla says no one and acts unwell. She says I will come later and talk. She goes with Pari. Shanti asks Nimmi to sit and goes to get rickshaw.

Rani sees Amit and smiles. Someone comes home. She opens the door and does not see anyone. She gets a gilli danda and shows Amit, asking whats happening, I think someone is giving us signs. He asks her to see less movies. He asks Nirmala for money. Nirmala says you just ask for money. Amit tells Nirmala that he will call Ashok. Rani calls Ashok. Kaushalya waits for Nimmi.

brings Nimmi home. She asks Nimmi to sleep for some time. Kaushalya cries and sits by Nimmi’s side. Shanti asks Kaushalya not to cry, end work in kitchen, you all just cry. Nimmi asks Kaushalya not to do drama and make film with Shanti. Shanti says I will seal your tongue when you get up from bed. Kaushalya says Nimmi’s state is bad, but mouth is not shut. She caresses Nimmi and goes out. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get pots, I will grow vegs at home, and cut down expenses.

Rani and Amit do arrangements for Ashok and Nirmala’s lunch. Rani takes few things to set another table for her and Amit. Amit asks Rani to decorate table well for candle light lunch. Rani shows him the arrangements she did for them. Amit asks why did you do this. She says we will sit alone here and have lunch. He says go to Shanti Sadan, clean all this. She says I have an idea, we will go out. He says no, you go somewhere, I will get Papa. He leaves.

Shanti talks to Kaushalya about Raghav. Kaushalya asks did Shivam come to hospital. Shanti asks why did you tell him. Kaushalya says no, he got to know himself, I have sent Riya after him. she says its good, all got solved before he came, else Shivam would have created a big scene.

Shivam breaks the clinic furniture and scolds doctor for doing Nimmi’s abortion. Riya stops Shivam and asks him to stop. Shanti asks Kaushalya did you say intentionally to Shivam, you thought to stop me. Kaushalya says no, trust me, I swear on my children, I did not send him. Riya tells inspector that Shivam did not do anything. Inspector says hospital property is damaged, we have to arrest him.

Shanti tells Kaushalya that Nimmi’s baby was not growing in her womb, its good we took her to hospital on time, doctor said Nimmi can’t keep baby, if we wanted, we could not keep baby, doctor said anything would have happened to Nimmi, you all don’t trust me, if you think I did wrong, forgive me. She gets a stick and asks her to beat her. Kaushalya says no. Shanti says tell Shivam to punish me, Nimmi got saved, think of it. Kaushalya sees Nimmi and cries.

Shivam comes home and asks for Nimmi. Kaushalya says she is sleeping in Shanti’s room. Shivam tells Shanti that she did not do right by getting Nimmi’s abortion done. He scolds Shanti. Everyone look on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Has nimmi had the abortion or did she change her mind?

    1. yes she does have the abortion

  2. Well done Shivam – finally you Manned up! its hi-time you put them all in their place instead of just listening to what they say.

  3. Why isn’t 20th august update not published?? Too eager to read.

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