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Mere Angne Mein 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam opening the Kankan from Riya’s hand. They have an eyelock and romance in their imagination. Kabhi jo badal barse………..plays………. The lady says Shivam don’t hold the hand, you have to open the Kankan. He comes out of imagination. Kaushalya laughs. Amit cuts the Kankan by knife in anger and hands over to Rani. Rani asks him to open her Kankan. He cuts it by the knife. Riya gets shocked seeing this. Amit asks can I go now? Bindu tells Renu that it will be fun now, Shanti has controlled Kaushalya, but Riya will not be controlled by Shanti and Sarla.

Anupam asks Bua not to do anything. He asks Sahil to see Bua does not go anywhere. Shanti asks the brides to sit. Amit says I m going home to rest. Kaushalya stops him and asks him to rest here. Rani

asks Riya not to worry, and welcomes her in this new house. Sahil misses Riya. Bunty says even I miss her, see she did not call till now. Sahil says yes, I m getting respect since morning. She says we will go to her and come. He says no way. She says we will just visit her. He says no. Bua says she is afraid, and asks them to go to Riya’s home once. Bunty says yes, we can’t refuse you. They leave.

Raghav calls Amit and asks is Shivam with him. Amit says yes. Amit says Raghav is calling you to talk to tent man. He taunts Shivam and asks does he want to go, he will tell Raghav that Shivam is busy with his bride. Shivam says I did not wish to hurt you, I m sorry. Amit and Shivam argue and get angry. Amit asks him to control his anger and says he will never forget this insult.

Kaushalya introduces Riya to her neighbor women. Shivam comes there and smiles seeing Riya. Music plays…………… He leaves for the work. Kaushalya gifts earrings to Rani. Rani says its very beautiful. Kaushalya says I never met Riya and did not know I will get my bahu, sorry I did not arrange anything for you. Riya asks for blessings. Kaushalya blesses her. Shanti says you gave Chandrahaar. Kaushalya says its from my mum, and gives her chain to her rom her side. She blesses Rani and Riya.

Sarla says I was becoming your saas and now became Bua saas and handsover 100rs to Riya. Shanti asks her to take money from her and give more. Sarla says no, its by my status. She gives 5rs to Rani and says thinks my blessings are 1 lakh for you. Kashaulya introduces Renu as her childhood friend and her Bhabhi. Renu gives 100rs. Shanti says you are Mami Saas, give good nek. Renu says she will make anklet for both bahus and blesses them.

Anupam stops Sahil and Bunty from going to Riya’s house and asks Bua whats the matter with Shanti. Bua says she can’t tell them. Pari tells Vyom that she will meet him tonight. He asks promise. She says yes. Preeti hears her and asks where is she going. Pari asks her to not interfere in her personal matter. Preeti says whom will she meet at night.

Sarla argues with Kaushalya in kitchen. She taunts Kaushalya and scolds her. Shanti says they are like this since childhood, they are like friends. She asks Renu to play dhol loudly. Renu plays the dhol. Shanti is worried as brides can hear this. Shanti comes to them and sees Sarla scolding Kaushalya. She asks Kaushalya whats this drama. Kaushalya says I did not do anything. She scolds Kaushalya for being happy in Shivam’s marriage. Sarla starts crying and says you have insulted me, I m unlucky since my birth. She does drama and asks where is matchbox. Kaushalya stops her.

Shivam talks to tent man and asks can he make a call. He takes phone and calls Nimmi. He asks is everything fine there and asks her to take care of Riya. Nimmi says yes, we will take care of your problem. Riya asks who. Preeti says code work and they make her talk to Shivam. He asks are you fine. Riya says yes. He says take care, I m coming home. They tease Riya. Rani says you are very lucky Riya. Sarla says she wants to die. Shanti asks her to have water. Shanti tells Kaushalya why did she let Shivam marry Riya, she would have stopped him, see Sarla and Amit now. She scolds Kaushalya.

Bindu asks for the nek. Shanti gives her 500rs. Bindu says just 500rs. Shanti asks shall I give this Shanti Sadan to your name? She asks Nimmi to call Raghav. Shanti asks Riya what is she seeing, this happens in marriage functions, Bindu is Sarla’s sister in law. Shanti says Bindu is asking for the envelops Anupam gave. Raghav asks Shivam about the phone. Shivam says his phone fell when he was running away from the goons. Raghav asks how much is needed for a phone. Shivam says I don’t need. Raghav says you are married now, and work in office too, you will need it. He gives him 5000rs. Shivam says he will get good phone in this. He says he will drop him.

Raghav asks him to stop being away from home and come on time at night, as he is married now. Shivam nods. They leave. Bindu asks for envelop. Shanti asks Nimmi to get Bindu’s envelop. Nimmi gives her. Shanti gives it to Bindu. Bindu sees 1 rs in it and asks why did they call her to insult. She starts crying. The ladies say Sarla insulted Bindu. Kaushalya says she will take Riya, Riya has to rest. Shanti stops her and says she can rest later. Sarla says this envelop is not from my bahu’s house and cries. She says this is from Kaushalya’s bahu.

Shanti says she wants to see wedding video first. The man asks is there computer or laptop. Nimmi brings the laptop. The man shows the video.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think it vl b kaushalya who ll b seen in video while holding bag full of envelopes as as per d past track record dis serial alwz favours sarl n her children’s :p

  2. Ohh no poor kausalya also fall in the trap of sarla. I think again she falls in the envelope case……..
    But am happy to see that the show now come to the right track..

  3. I feel sorry for kaushalya

  4. Antara Kashyap

    I lv this show.

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