Mere Angne Mein 19th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari seeing Nimmi’s dupatta at bedside. She cries and says how could you Vyom, if not Preeti, then Nimmi…. She leaves from his room. Kaushalya goes to Shanti and cries. Shanti says Nimmi has gone on me, she will make her place, you see, don’t be scared, I told everything to police, no one can make Nimmi leave that house now. Kaushalya goes.

Nimmi greets Sharmili. Sharmili asks her not to do this drama. Pari says but I like all this, touch my feet too. Sharmili says you woke up very late, did your parents not teach you Nimmi. Nimmi says they taught me to support family in tough time. Sharmili says and cheating others too…. Go and have breakfast now.

Mama asks Sharmili not to behave rude. Sharmili says I don’t know what to do. Mama says what British

did, divide and rule. She says I don’t understand. Pari asks Nimmi to serve breakfast to everyone. Nimmi says you are sitting. Pati asks her to serve juice. Nimmi asks her to take it herself. She serves breakfast to everyone. Sujeev says I don’t want food by her hands. He leaves. Kaushalya comes to Raghav and holds his feet. Raghav gets a call and goes. Kaushalya cries.

Preeti calls Nimmi and asks how are you. Nimmi says I m not fine, Pari is doing tandav, everyone hates me, Sharmili already hated me, and now I will have to work all my life. Preeti apologizes for bearing punishment. Nimmi says I will get punishment all my life, I told you not to go, you did not listen to me. Preeti says I m broken, I have become Nandu’s wife now, that Nandu whom I hate the most in my life. She cries and ends call. Nimmi cries too.

Riya comes to office and looks for Shivam. She turns and collides with him. He picks his files. She tries to talk to him. He thinks he told her their ways are apart now, that his family is different, still it happened what he was afraid of. She thinks she broke as he did not trust her, she did for good, still she is punished, no one wants to listen to her, why does he not trust her once. Shivam and Riya are called by boss. Riya cries seeing Shivam.

Pari shows kitchen and items kept in shelves to Nimmi. She asks Nimmi to start cooking. Nimmi asks how will I cook for many people. Sharmili and Mama see them. Sharmili says I want them to fight and die. Kaushalya calls out Nandu. She asks him to get gas.. Preeti comes there. Kaushalya says sorry Nandu, I realized you have become son in law now, I will tell work to Shivam. Nandu says I m like your son before being son in law, I will get ration. Kaushalya asks Shanti to give keys. Shanti says Riya had it, I don’t have. Nandu says I have money, don’t worry, I will get items. He leaves.

Kaushalya cries and says I can’t manage anything at home, and asks Shanti to manage things at home. Raghav comes and is upset. Shanti tells him to see what Kaushalya is saying. He asks her to decide anything and leaves. Shanti says I have taken sanyaas, I can’t manage things. Kaushalya says I got colored saree for you, you have to sit on swing today. She gets saree and asks her to change, she will call Sarla.

Boss says I got report that some people are fraud whom we gave agencies, Amit is putting products on gambling, this agency was under Riya. She says sorry. He asks her to call him. She asks who. Boss gets angry and scolds her. Shivam asks boss not to bring their marriage in between always. Boss asks who are you to say this. Shivam says I m her…. Its not important, you can’t talk to staff like this. Boss says lets get back to work, Riya tell me how will Amit pay for losses. She says he has no money. Boss asks her to pay. She says even I don’t have money. Boss says its your responsibility, you have to pay penalty in next 10 days. They all leave. She asks Shivam to help her in sales targets. He says I would take stand for anyone, I can help but don’t expect anything, don’t talk to me. She says you are my husband. He asks really, where were your husband when you made Nimmi sit instead Preeti. She says try to understand. He goes. She says fine, don’t talk to me, I hate you. She cries and thinks why am I angry with Shivam.

Shanti gets dressed in colored saree and gets the keys back. Kaushalya makes her wear garlands. She sits on the swing. Preeti plays shank.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. pamela suppanee

    really disgusting this show

  2. Omg how innocent game playing this creepy nandu

    1. ye nandu h kon? or inka kya lgta h inke ghar Ku PDA hua h humesha se

  3. Lo shantiya bedgayi jole mei pls cvs ye preeti ko kuch din tak mat dikhao yaar all time rona shit

  4. Sivam said to riya frist don’t trust amit but riya tho riya haina o kisiki nai sunti lo ab leneke dene padgaya

  5. Enough shantiya this drama yehi tu chahati app. Jhola satta apni marzi malkin. Nonsense dadi

  6. Unbelievable. They get Preeti married to Nandu. Pfffff. What a shame. Because of Sarla this drama took place. And this dumb Riya who cries everytime instead of understanding what happened exactly.

  7. So The DEVIL Gets Back to Authority.
    As usual There is NO Change in RAANDI KAUSHALYA’S Behaviour.
    Kaushalya TOH SHANTI DEVI k Paav kyun NAHI CHAAT Thi.isko SHANTI DEVI Jaisa RAANDI Hi Jamti.RIYA Jaisa ACHCHI Aurat
    Sanskaari BAHU NAHI Jamthi.
    INN Sab mai Nimmi KA ZINDAGI Bhi Barbaad Hogaya.
    Pehle SARALA KI Galathi
    Mohit k GHAR Kaale Poora Bhadkaayi PREETI k Baare mai.
    Doosri Galathi
    PREETI SHAADI k Mamdap Chodkar Mohit SE MILNE Gayi.
    (Mohit KI CHARACTER Bhi Karaab kiye).
    Teesri Galathi
    RIYA Sab SE PREETI KI Baat NAHI Chupaani Chaahiye thi.
    Kam se Kam Raghav KO ya Dhivam KO Bhatani Chaahiye thi.
    Don’t Let These blo*dy PEOPLE WIN in This SERIAL.
    At One Point of Time
    This SERIAL was My BEST n Favourite SERIAL
    Now I Stopped WATCHING This SERIAL
    This is Not A GOOD Sign for The SOCIETY,
    Showing Negative Things n Making Negative PEOPLE Powerful n NICE PEOPLE WEEK.

  8. Well said aditya kiran this show become only negative

  9. Aditya kiran u no one thing kousalya loves only bad people not good people ihate khushiya she loves sarla shanti pari amit nandu

  10. disgusting show. u r absolutely right Aditya kiran.Hate this stupid nandu.This chamlika tail nandu & fox sarla r the root of all problems. plzz seperat nandu & preeti.Get mohit back soon by making him positive & unite with preeti.Mohpree r swt couple.

  11. I love the lead pair shivam and Riya just watching for them.The bjm kabhi jo badal …………..blows my mind….LOVE IT.And we need to understand that the serial is showing us different mindsets of people.This is how people are around us.Atleast better than ssk showing stupid things.whoever agrees with me pls comment.PLS PLS PLS PLS..

  12. yaa i agree with you misha this serial is actually showing such bad ppls around us and it is very much better than this ssk or saath nibhana saathiya or yeh rishta kya kehlata hai and many more
    and in this case riya is also somewhere wrong (not fully) she should have told any of the members of the family and the biggest mistake is done by preeti and she hates nandu. atleast he is the guy who has married her and saved her from making her life hell.

  13. Right mishaa ssk is worst drama.Oh god alwaz nagin,ghost, chudiel,Indrawati-padmaoti,mohini kala jadoo now chandramani,& simar family getup is totally funny sabko pagal vanakar rakhi hair Rashmi aunty lee Yesa bakwas show ko continue karke.
    av Ekta aunty lee lagta hai rashmi aunty ko follow karna chati hai.jese avi nimmi-preeti ki sath howa uuee simar-roli kee sath howa thaa.but atlast simar prem milgaee.roli ki vi kitna aaccha ladka siddhant milgaya.par preeti ko yeash stupid nandu ki sath fasadiya.jesi track chalrahai uusai chalta raha mere angne mein(MAM) serial SSK see vi jayada worst hoga.bakwas drama ki vaad vi SSK ko accha trp milrahai.par MAM show ko trp nai milega yedi jaldi twist change nai howa thoo.air show end hogai.

  14. today is mylast day watching this show this serial is going nuts

  15. I don’t like nandu n preeti’s pair…preethi is so pretty…. Why ths story is gng worst..

  16. Shivam really needs to grow a pair. I can’t believe this show is still on air.

  17. Are yaar hum log jitna bi bole lekin ye cvs log apni manmani karthe hai ojeisa dikha ye hum o dekhe koyi nahi sunta humari awaz

  18. Kitne serial meine dekhe hai lekin riya jaisi dumb heroin nai dekha hai cvs pls make riya strong

  19. And no one cares how sarla broke the beautiful relationship between Preeti and Mohit by provoking Mohit’s parents. Moreover the writer got Preeti married to Nandu who played so much. Writers wake up. Every story has an urge to bring out truth and make the positive characters win over the negative ones..Riya being a true character is showcased very weak and all other negative characters are strong and tricky

  20. First thing is Preeti shd call Riya and apologise and ask her to try to come back. Nimmi shd also help Riya on this. Next thing Riya shd not think its one man show n she is an expert. She shd promise to keep Shivam informed. Nandu ka such to bahar aayega and Preeti will hear it. Dono ka divorce hona chahiye and she will start her studies and try to build her confidence. Amit will again join that gang and will hv to be punished in such a way Ki maut uske kareeb dikhe. This will again take few months and finally ek waqt aisa aayega Ki Raghav will realise that his mother is the devil of the house but he cant do anything and will not be in talking terms with her. Kaushalya Ki nayya paar toh khud bhagwaan hi laga sakte Hein.

  21. Immature fellows only can claim that children are not influenced by the environment, serials and movies. May be the kids are small. Even grown up people are influenced by these things. Read some newspapers/ watch news channels/ read court cases. The best way to stop these type of story is to stop watching. Good bye to MAM from myside.

  22. Ban this serial so much of nonsense shown

  23. I agree swapna such a nonsense show

  24. One more thing I remember sarla ke do chamche kab pakkade jayege khabi doctor bankar khabi police bankar mohit ko pakkadthe hai aur ab lawyer bangaye riya aur shivam ka divorce karnekeliye sarla I hate u aur kitna niche girogi khuki bachoki zindagi sambal don’t interfe your brother family

  25. What yaar this is shit nandu

    1. ye nandu h kon??? or inke ghar ku pda hua h shuru se???

  26. But One Thing We All Can Analyse By Seeing RAANDI Kaushalya
    Some People Like ONLY Vulgar And CHARACTERLESS PEOPLE.
    No Matter Whatever These PEOPLE Do
    People like Kaushalya Will Forgive Them or Don’t even Bother to Take The Matter into Consideration.
    Now Am Getting More Angry About Kaushalya Than BUDDI SHANTIDEVI SARLA
    Kitne Bade DALINDE yeh Dono MAA-BETI.

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