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Mere Angne Mein 18th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya telling Shanti about the event company and her first order. Shanti says give me money when it comes, till then don’t cook any thoughts. She scolds Sarla for not trying. Sarla says I have told you I have tried a lot, I will go home. Shanti says fine, arrange some money if you can. Sarla thinks I won’t give them any money and leaves. Riya worries. Sarla reaches home. She says Shanti is always eyeing my money, where did everyone go today. Pari and Preeti come home. Pari says I went out with Preeti to have fresh air. Preeti acts sweet to Sarla and says I will massage your legs. Sarla says I have taken care of your family, and Amma has scolded me, I did not see such woman in my life. Preeti asks did Dadi come back.

Rani comes and says wow, Preeti is massaging

Sarla’s legs. Sarla asks why are you shocked, I asked you to clean Nirmala’s house. Rani says I went there, I had to give news, Nirmala kept fast for Ashok and took him along. Sarla asks where is he. Rani says he is at temple. Sarla gets angry. Rani says I was just joking. Sarla asks her to go and do cleaning. Preeti asks whose house. Sarla lies to her and says Nirmala has chosen a house for me, I m not sure of this house, I can lose this quarter. Preeti says stop making excuse, I know about Ashok’s second marriage. Sarla gets shocked.

Riya makes call to spread news about her event company. Pinky calls her and says my inlaws liked the engagement arrangements, can you arrange a birthday party, come today and we can talk. Riya says its fine, I want some advance. Pinky says its fine, just come, there is no problem of advance. Riya gets glad.

Kaushalya says I told you, if we do good, good will happen with us, tell Shanti and go. Riya says we will tell Shanti once we get order and advance. Nimmi and Riya leave. Preeti says I came here some day and heard you and Nirmala. Sarla gets glad and says you did not tell anyone, I misunderstood you, Kaushalya and Nimmi are not like you, I was helpless to get Ashok remarried. Preeti says I can understand your state well. Sarla says you know this situation, you can understand me. Preeti says my state is also like you, Riya is like Kaushalya, I will go home, else Shanti will scold me. She leaves.

Shanti comes home and asks Kaushalya to get water. She says I arranged 1.5 lakhs. Kaushalya gets happy and asks about Raghav. Shanti says Raghav went to office, he will get his job back, maybe he will also arrange 2 lakhs, we have to pay 3.5 lakhs, our Shanti Sadan will not get auctioned, we will manage it. Shanti asks Kaushalya to sing a bhajan. Kaushalya sings Ram Chahe Leela…. Shanti gets a call and asks what, this is not Shashikala event company, don’t call again. Kaushalya worries. Shanti says its fourth call and I m troubled.

Riya and Nimmi come home. Riya gives 25000rs to Shanti, and says we opened an event company, this is advance and we will get 1 lakh after event is completed. Shanti asks Kaushalya why did she not ask her before opening event company, don’t you value me. Riya says no, I thought to arrange money and then tell you, its first company. Shanti says fine, whats the name of your event company. Kaushalya coughs. Nimmi and Riya get tensed. Riya says we did not fix any name, but we kept Shashikala…. Shanti asks whats Shashikala, was it your mum’s name.

Nimmi says you, I mean your fav heroine, we can change it. Shanti says I don’t like this name, keep name Shanti Devi event company. Riya says yes, its great name. Shanti says I was getting calls asking for Shashikala event company, talk to them. Riya calls back and says I m Riya, from Shanti Devi event company, sorry Dadi ji felt its wrong number, tell us if there is any order, we will fulfill it. She gets glad as its big order of 200 people and says we will come and talk to you. She tells this to Shanti and says we will get this order. Shanti gets glad and says come with me, we will go and take vegetables. Nimmi murmurs Shanti made herself CEO. Shanti holds her ear and asks what did you say. Nimmi says I said it will be good if you manage. Shanti says don’t praise me, come.

Rani opens door and gets a gift box. She says who gave this gift box at this time, I will open it and see. She gets Amit and Bablu’s pic. She cries and calls out Sarla. She asks Sarla to see this pic. Amit comes and asks what is it. He sees pic and says its not me, its morphed pic. Sarla scolds him. He says I m not Bablu’s father, this is photoshop work, trust me. Rani sits crying. He asks her to stop crying. He says I m not Bablu’s father, if I had affair, I would have married that woman. He goes. Rani thanks Sarla for thinking for her. Sarla says I m not thinking for you, I m worried that I have to manage your sautan too, if Amit runs away, I will have to arrange other house. She goes. Rani gets angry and says I won’t let Amit become anyone else’s.

Shanti talks to tax officers and says we gave notice and gave one month time, now we won’t give time, house auction will begin tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Auction the house and kick all of them out atleast by tomorrow’s episode. Crap. Nasty story writer. They can’t do a better story than this. There was so much scope in this story with lots of twists but they lost all the charm.. ITs BORING BORING BORING..

  2. I agree, all leads are boring, same old, no exposing, shanti commanding and kushiya believing/doing everything she says. Raghav never takes a stand. Even this event company, shanti will be dictating and taking all monies.

  3. I request al to stop watching this garbage

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