Mere Angne Mein 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla crying and dreaming about Kaushalya, Shanti, Nirmala, Ashok, Riya and everyone laughing on her. She wakes up and is in shock. Pari thinks why did mummy going out at this time. Shanti sits praying at night. Shanti imagines Kaushalya troubling Sarla a lot. Kaushalya sees Shanti and says she will get unwell if she stays worried. Riya asks what happened. Kaushalya says Shanti is worried, I won’t tell you, you will tell Shivam. Riya says why will I, shall I do something. Kaushalya says no need, I will manage. Riya goes.

The men drink and sit near the Raavan idol. The man says I can see Shanti with Raavan. Sarla hears them. Other man says Raavan should be Shanti, and Sarla should be Meghnadh, Nirmala is Kumbhkaran, we will call Kaushalya and make her Ram, to make

the devils ruined. They praise Kaushalya. Sarla looks on.

Pari sees Sarla beating the men. The men run away. Riya calls Bunty. Bunty asks why did you call me at night. Riya says I have to say which I can’t tell family, you are my best friend, its big news, listen. She says Shanti did not trust me, I felt that, but she values my words and trusts me, Shanti told me that she wants to make me heir of this house. Bunty asks seriously. Riya says yes, she wants me to pass all tests, I want to prove myself, I can’t tell this to Shivam and anyone, Shanti told this to me herself. Shivam comes and hears this. Riya gets shocked seeing him.

Riya says I will call you later and ends call. Shivam asks what are you hiding. Riya says I promised Shanti that I will not tell anyone. Shivam asks him to tell him. She asks him not to trap her in emotional words. Sarla comes to Shanti Sadan and says I always dreamt to get this house on my name, but Shanti broke my dreams by giving the house to Kaushalya, I will snatch your happiness, whenever the family members get some sorrow, I will be the reason for it. She gets angry and says they should know how it feels when dreams break. Pari hears her and smiles. She says it will be fun to see.

Riya says fine, I will tell you, but you promise me one thing, that you won’t tell this to anyone, even if anyone taunts you. He asks what. She says everyone knows you love me a lot and call you Joru ka ghulam, its my and Dadi’s secret. He asks when did you join Dadi, tell me, what is secret. Riya says Dadi told me that she will make me heir, and is taking my test, she asked me to prove I m her right choice. He says Dadi is fooling you. Riya says no, she told me that she wants to make me heir of this house.

He asks why will she make you, you like to become leader. Riya says no, I told her to make Kaushalya the head, Dadi explained me that Kaushalya is very simple and can’t take strict decisions, if Dadi trusts me, I can try, we all know Kaushalya is really simple, how will she handle tough situation, I understood this and told Shanti I m ready, did I do wrong. He says no, but I can see after affects. She says Shanti thought well, everyone will be happy. He says they will be shocked. She says why are you always negative.

Sarla beats the men more. Pari looks on. Sarla burns the raavan. Sarla recalls Shanti’s words. She laughs and says Shanti Sadan burnt, now see Amma what I do. She starts crying. Pari says now it will be real fun, my mummy has come in full form. Sarla cries.

Sarla says I will fulfil the promise I took. Pari says I m with you, Preeti is in my hands. Sarla says now you see, how I burn Shanti Sadan’s happiness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. super fast update. thanks

  2. Hoping sarla’ planning fails. Shivam is right dadi is fooling Riya along with nimmi and kaushaliya.

  3. Boring serial….Riya & shivam’s acting is so much irritating.

  4. Why does shanti think that kaushalaya will treat Sarla like a maid after she dies!!! Riya is so dumb as dumb as kaushalya. Shanti is not right on her part of always supporting Sarla. Sarla has to manage her own house.

  5. Still no storyline. Sarla should take care of her own house especially as now Ashok got canteen back.

  6. lets see yeh Riya k pet mein koi baat pachti nahi hein.Pehle apni dost ko bataya frr husband ko.Abhi heir bani bhi nahi hein or sab jagah dhindhora peetna chalu kar diya hein isne.I dnt think she will be a good heir.See Nimmi she has not utter a single word about being her heir to anyone..I guess what Shanti thinks about Riya is right..But lets see What Sarla will plan now..

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