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Mere Angne Mein 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amit getting arrested. Rani scolds him a lot. He asks her to think of Preeti’s marriage, it will break if her inlaws know about him. Rani says you should have thought about this before when you have lost me in game, you can’t do anything, go to jail. Amit is taken away with police, and Rani cries.

Sarla has stomach ache. Kaushalya asks Sarla to stay here tonight. Sarla says no, I have to go home, I have work. She asks Shivam to drop her home. Shivam says yes, I will bring keys. Riya offers Kaushalya help to clean haldi. Kaushalya asks Riya to be away, I don’t need help. Riya insists and Kaushalya goes annoyed. Shivam takes Sarla and leaves. Shanti tells her husband’s pic to do anything that Riya does not know the attack and get kicked out. She looks at Riya

and smiles. She says it will be done and looks confident.

Sonal asks Rani why is she not having food. Rani says I m not hungry. Amit is given food in lockup and throws plate refusing to eat it. He says Rani has put me in jail. Rani prepares to sleep on the floor and Sonal asks why is she sleeping on floor, she may catch cold. Rani says I will be fine. She thinks Amit will sleep on carpet in jail, how can I sleep on the mattress. She rests on the carpet and cries. Amit is troubled by mosquitoes and says I will not leave Rani, she would be sleeping well at home and I m killing mosquitoes here.

Sarla comes home and thinks where is Amit. She calls out Rani to talk. She says she is sleeping when husband did not come home till now. She calls Amit and worries. She thinks Amit will come till morning.

Its morning, Riya goes to help Kaushalya in work. She asks her to forgive her, till when will she stay annoyed. Kaushalya says see I know what Nimmi did, you did not know that I was not informed, but Nimmi is young, you are mature, don’t you know about Mohit’s matter, we have to be careful. Riya says I did not know. Kaushalya says the day was very bad, Shanti dealt with the women. Riya says I don’t know who called women. Kaushalya says I just want you to be away from Preetil till her marriage. Riya cries.

Riya says I don’t know what you think about me, you all are my family, I can never think bad about you all, Preeti is like my younger sister. Kaushalya says I don’t want to hear any explanation, just be away from Riya.

Sarla tries calling Amit and says he is not receiving call. She asks Rani does she know where is Amit. Rani does not reply. Sarla asks did she get deaf. She wonders where is Amit, even Rani is not saying anything. Rani cries. Sonal tells Sarla that she is going for tests and will come to Shanti Sadan from there. Sarla says you are good Sonal, look at Amit, he does not say where he goes, he is not taking the call. Sonal says I don’t know about Amit. She leaves. Sarla asks Rani not to waste ration, I will get tiffin from Kaushalya’s house. Kaushalya calls Rani and asks when will you come. Rani says I will leave now, I will come soon. Sarla says Rani won’t go anywhere, who will do work. Rani says I have to go there, you do the work. Sarla says I will go first and you came there after me. Rani says I have done Amit’s work already and leaves.

Kaushalya asks Preeti to apply haldi lep. A man comes and greets Shanti. He gives her the jewelry. Shanti checks jewelry and likes the designs. She asks the price. The man says just 3 lakhs, you give 2.5 lakhs, I will bring Chandrahaar later. Shanti tries jewelry on Preeti. Everyone smile. Kaushalya compliments it. Riya goes and counts cash. Riya hands over money to jeweler. The man greets Shanti and leaves.

Nimmi asks Riya for some money, as she is making lahengas for everyone. Shivam says Riya, even I need some money to give tent maker. Riya asks shall I give in evening. Nimmi says its haldi today and marriage after 3 days, how will get material. Shanti asks Riya why will she not give money to them. Riya says money got over. Shanti and everyone get worried. Kaushalya asks how did money got spent so soon. Riya says everyone used money when they needed. Kaushalya says you are blaming everyone. Shanti says you are saying right, everyone ate money, we have many people here and we need money, you have to give money, you lost one lakh. Kaushalya says I have no money or jewelry to mortgage. Shanti cries and says I will beg someone for money, I will get loan, what about 10rs note bundles. Riya asks what bundles. Kaushalya says it will be needed. Riya says Shanti did not tell me. Shanti says if you asked me, I would have told you. Riya says I never did these arrangements, you should have told me. Shanti says now she is blaming me. She beats Shivam and says your wife is blaming me. Shivam says don’t worry Dadi, I spoke to my friend, I will arrange one lakh, Riya you also talk to boss.

Shanti says its Preeti’s marriage, I will also beg, if there are three earning people at home and unable to do marriage, I will beg money and do her marriage. Shivam says you won’t go anywhere. Kaushalya worries. Preeti gets Mohit’s message and goes away. Riya says I asked for loan and it will cut from my salary every month, money will come. Shanti argues and says I m alive, I have kept money, if you ended 4.5 lakhs, its fine, I kept money for Nimmi, I will arrange for Nimmi later. Preeti thinks her family is doing so much for me and I can’t give them anything else than sorrow. Shanti thinks she will shock Riya by failing her big time.

Preeti tells Riya that Mohit is threatening me that he will show my messages to my inlaws. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aj pehli bar amit k 7 kuch acha hua hai…arre shanti itni budi howi hai ek b bemari nai kya khilate ho use writers…abi kya kya hoga is me pata nai….riya tum ek dam dump lagri ho

  2. I hate diz serieal they should just end it ….enough of stupidity

  3. OMG sooooo fed up of shanti and kushiya. Why blame Riya for the money finishing, when they’ve paid everyone what they asked for, why is shanti behaving like she’s doing a big thing spending nimmi’s saved wedding money on preeti’s wedding? They should end this serial now.

  4. Poor Riya. She should just stay aside and let them handle everything.

  5. Shah Abhay Shantilal

    Everyone imagines himself or herself in the place of hero or heroine,and when one saw Riya as dumb character having no smartness ,braveness even common sence.Riya forgets challange given by Shanti and acts as if all Shanti and Sarla are very innosent.Only once when Shanti mixes chilli powder in tes Riya acts smart.
    So let the heroine wins and every one gets happyness to see the serial.

  6. Is that why nimmi is marrying a guy in us and leaving show lol.?

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