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Mere Angne Mein 18th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani taking Golu on stage and saying Golu is my would be husband. Amit and everyone get shocked. Rani says I m going to become policeman’s wife now. Aarti says I don’t know what Rani does. Amit asks Golu did he just got my wife. Golu says she is not your wife now. Nandu says now she is Amit’s ex wife, am I right. Amit says yes. Nimmi says did you just get him, he is cheap. Rani says he is my would be husband. Golu says Nimmi you are misunderstanding, its just for …. Rani stops him and says she understood, I m your would be wife. She thinks why is he explaining to Nimmi.

Raghav says I will take sanyas before time. Kaushalya says I will also take sanyas. Kaushalya asks Shivam to see and learn, when will you get a wife. Shivam asks Raghav to explain her, why

is she making him angry. Raghav and Shanti see Kaushalya’s stupidity. Kaushalya says I have to get Shivam married. Nandu asks Preeti why was she scared, to lose him or his status. Preeti says you could not understand me. He laughs on his dialogue. He says its better to start program. Kaushalya asks Shanti to see what’s happening, Rani will also do second marriage. Shanti asks Kaushalya to remarry. Kaushalya says no. Raghav asks her not to refuse, spare me, stop spoiling things. Kaushalya asks them to start sangeet.

Nimmi and Pari dance on Chalka re….. Rani sees Golu smiling and seeing Nimmi. She thinks does Golu like Nimmi, it will be huge drama in Shanti Sadan. She sees Amit and holds Golu’s hands. She asks Golu to look at him. Amit gets jealous. Everyone clap for Nimmi and Pari. Golu keeps clapping. Rani steps on his foot and dance got over. Golu says I did not see, I will go and congratulate her. Amit stops Rani and asks her what’s this. Rani says you worry for Charni, why are you worrying for me, I can do anything, go from here.

Aarti asks Rani will her new drama be right for them or not, I trusted you, marriage is getting close, I won’t drink water from Amit’s hand. Rani asks her not to worry. Rani says now Golu will dance for me. Golu says sure, why not. Amit says I will also dance for my would be wife. Golu and Amit go on stage. Nandu says it will be good to watch them dance. Amit and Golu dance on mujhse shaadi karogi…….Aarti takes Rani and asks what’s happening, I m worried. Shivam looks for Aarti and goes to them.

He asks what were you saying. Rani says I will make her future right. Shivam says your future is not right, what will you do for her. Shanti says I want to bless entire family. Shanti blesses everyone. She gets emotional and sings for Aarti. Aarti cries and thinks Shanti believes me a lot, what will happen when I tell her my truth. Aarti hugs Raina and thinks of telling her truth to Shanti. Rani asks Shanti to blame her and Golu also. Shanti asks Rani to tell everything to Golu else second marriage will get ruined. Rani says he knows. Shanti tells Golu about Rani’s second marriage. She says if marriage is pure, it will go long. Raghav asks her to be quiet. Shanti says we should tell him. Golu says let her say, I will answer, I know everything, you think I agreed without having info, times changed, I have no problem with her second marriage, I liked her goodness, I would have not got such a girl, she told me everything when I came here, like she announced about me today, I became her fan. Shanti says fine, we will have food. Aarti looks on and cries. She thinks if I have to leave, I will leave, I can’t lie. Rani stops her. Aarti says enough of acting now, I m going to tell truth to Shanti, look at them, they are so happy, will you break everyone’s happiness, what if Amit does not agree to you. Rani cries and asks her to tolerate it, if she tells anyone, she will eat poison. Aarti gets shocked.

Shivam asks Aarti to have food. Kaushalya says what did you do, she kept Nirjala fast for her husband, her would be husband can break her fast, not you. Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Kaushalya u dumb.. always b dumb never changes…….nimmi so nice …..Golu clapping for nimmi good…Rani go on your plan ……

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