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Mere Angne Mein 18th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam shutting the door and talking to doctor. He tells about Riya’s injury and gets to know medicine needed. He says fine, I will get that. He tells Riya that anything would have happened to her, and applies the ointment. She cries and says its aching a lot. He cares for her. She gets happy. He applies ointment o her shoulder and recalls their old moment. Aashiyana mera………… they have an eyelock. She cries and hugs him. He gets away and her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt button. He says the distance increased between us, there is no use to end it now. She stops him holding his hand and says I m not far, I m here, close to you. He leaves. Shanti asks Sarla to open the door. Sarla asks Kaushalya to go. Shivam comes out and says I will get medicines from market.

Sarla says I can’t bear this more, I m leaving now.

Nirmala gets pandit and asks Rani about Sarla. Rani says she went to Shanti Sadan, she is getting Shivam remarried. Nirmala says she is not helping in my marriage. Rani asks her to be away from Amit. Nirmala says I can guarantee that, just help me. Sarla comes home. Nirmala tells her that pandit said Ashok is fine and nothing will happen to him, so I got him to get mahurat. Sarla scolds her asking do you think I lied, and makes the pandit leave. She apologizes to Nirmala. Nirmala says Rani told me about Shivam’s second marriage. Sarla says his divorce did not happen yet, but Shanti is adamant.

Nirmala says if I marry late, I can just stay as suhaagan for less days. Sarla asks her not to worry, but she needs money. Nirmala gives her money. Shanti asks Chanda to do something, else Shivam will go to Riya. Chanda asks what shall I do. Shanti says then be here, leave. Riya comes out and holds the pillar. Shanti says you are walking, you said you can’t even get up. Riya says I had to prove your grandson loves me a lot. Shanti says it means you did this intentionally. Riya says I learnt this from you, to see if your savior is around, then create a problem, you know the rest of the story. Shanti gets angry and calls Kaushalya and Chanda. She turns and sees Riya gone. Kaushalya asks what happened. Shanti says nothing, cook food and get for me. Shanti says Riya is playing with me, I will have to give her solid answer soon.

Shivam gets medicines for Riya. Shanti asks Shivam to see Riya’s truth, she will not apply this medicine, she will say she is fine, I m saying truth. Shivam goes and gets water for Riya. Shanti says trust me, she won’t take medicines by your hands. Shivam asks Riya to have medicines. Everyone look on. Riya says I will take care of myself. He looks at Shanti, and asks Riya to have medicines. Riya sees Shanti staring and understands her plan. He asks Riya to have medicines again. Riya eats the medicines, which shocks Shanti. Shivam sees Shanti. He asks Riya to take medicines on time, and leaves. They all leave. Riya tells Shanti that she can even eat poison for Shivam’s sake, this is just medicine. Shanti goes. Nandu comes home and is sad.

Preeti asks him about the house, go and get my bags, I can’t stay here more, what happened, tell me. He says I did not get the house. Preeti gets shocked. He says house was not allotted to me. She cries and says you were saying a lot, that you will keep me as queen in our love, I should have understood your status, stay here as Ghar Jamai. Kaushalya asks Preeti to stop it. Preeti asks her not to get in between her and her husband. Shivam asks will you talk to your husband like this. Preeti says you are Riya’s servant, you were giving medicines to Riya who ruined your sister’s life. He asks shall I give her poison then. She says do anything, don’t get in my matter, I don’t have any brother, husband or family, I m lonely. She cries and rushes to her room.

Nandu tells Shanti that he did big mistake, I have shown big dreams to Preeti and broke it. Shanti says no, you have spoiled her, we should have got her on ground in time, this insult would have not happened. Nandu says I m feeling sad that Preeti’s dreams did not come true, till I arrange my own house, I will stay here as Ghar Jamai, if you have no problem then…. She cries and says what problem will I have, stay. He goes. Kaushalya cries and says what shall we do of Preeti. Shanti and Kaushalya cry.

Chanda talks to her BF and says I was smoking and Shanti got cigarette, she had doubt on her grandson. Shanti sees some smoke from Chanda’s room.

Shivam cries and tells Shanti to call pandit, I m ready to marry Chanda. Riya gets shocked and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. let shivam marry chanda and free riya to this stupid family.I want to see this family tortures by chanda at least for one day but today episode is good

  2. epi was good bt precap !

  3. Precap was bad 🙁

  4. I want chanda une acha sabak sikhay and blo*dy preeti pata nai riya p kyu blame daaal ri

  5. Shivam doesnot have cock. He must drink kusia’s milk. ha ha ha.

  6. Bloooody preeti nd shanti, btr go to hell. Dis idiot shivam doesnt deserve riya’s true love. Oh god pls dnt let dis precap happen pls.

  7. Bakwaas serial.

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