Mere Angne Mein 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Sarla about the marriage. Sarla denies everything. Shantgi says Riya said Ashok called her at night, and I called you, you did not come home, so I came here and I see there are many questions, tell me whose marriage are you doing, Amit? Sarla says no. Shanti asks Pari? Pari says no, my fate is bad, do you doubt on my character. Shanti says I know someone’s marriage is happening. Preeti scolds Kaushalya and Riya. Riya says respect us as she stay in one family. Preeti scolds Riya. Kaushalya, Nimmi and Riya cry. Riya says Preeti has bitterness in her heart.

Riya gets Shivam’s call and says I have to go out for some work. Kaushalya cries. She asks about the water drainage repair. Nimmi reminds her to go to naam karan function. Kaushalya says I won’t

leave you alone. She asks Nimmi to get phone. Preeti says I will not get angry for them. She calls Lucky. Nandu attends her call. She says I m very happy, it happened what I wanted. He recalls how she insulted him. She asks where are you. He says tell me what is it, I m in garage. She says fine, I will come there. He asks why. She says Papa asked me to see cars. He says no, don’t come, my elder brother is here, he dislikes women. She says so what, he will do car deal, I will come. She ends call. He calls Ramesh and says Preeti wants to come to garage and meet me and my elder brother, I lied, what to do now. Ramesh says don’t worry, I will come there and manage everything, you also reach garage.

Sarla tells Shanti that they did havan puja. Shanti asks why did you not call me. Sarla says pandit said we have to do this secretly, this is the matter, nothing else. Shanti says I always forgive you and you do such drama, its fine, don’t tell me about havan, I won’t ask again, you can tell me if you want, I know someone got married here, where is Ashok. Sarla says he went out to run his stall, and buy vegs. Ashok asks whats happening, let me go out. Bansi and Rajendra shut his mouth. Shanti asks from where is this voice coming. Sarla asks what sound, Prabha sees tv like loud speaker, nothing else. They tie Ashok. Ashok screams. Rani screams to stop Shanti.

Shanti asks Sarla what is she hiding. Sarla lies and sends Shanti. Riya meets Shivam and tells about Preeti scolding Nimmi, her and Kaushalya. He says I don’t know what happened to Preeti, we will go and do shopping soon, else you will need to answer Shanti. He meets his friend. His friend tells about Shivam’s sisters, and asks him to get both of them remarried. He talks bad about Preeti and Nimmi, and Shivam scolds him.

Shanti gets to know from that municipal guy that Nimmi has sent them back. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to call those people. Preeti gets ready and does not fill sindoor in her maang. She removes her mangalsutra. Nimmi calls the man and asks him to come home to clean drainage line. He says we came and you guys asked us to leave. Preeti lies to Kaushalya that she is going to her friend’s birthday party, and asks Nimmi why did she not do this work. Nimmi says I will have to clean all this mess now. Shanti comes home and scolds Nimmi for not getting the men clean the water problem. Nimmi says I was at home, no one came. Shanti says the man told me that Nimmi asked them to leave, now start the work, clean the pipes.

The man comes and tells Shanti that Preeti has sent them back. They all get shocked. Shanti asks Preeti to clean the dirty water and scolds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. shivya scene is superb.precap is amazing.shanti today u proved that u r soo clever good job.preeti dyne deserve it.

  2. This is the worst serial, as I ever saw ?

  3. Aww finally, Preeti got caught in the Pre-cap. Tomorrow’s will be more interesting then. Thank god Shanthi didn’t see the wedding. IT will be fun in Sarala’s house. Nirmala will take over and control Sarala and Pari. So the directors are taking our comments seriously.

  4. Thanks to the MAM team

  5. shantidevi is shantidevi. Just loved her in today’s episode. Preeti deserves it. Rock shantiya

  6. Shanti devi really awesome to see the episode of punishing preeti. She deserves it. Now it’s really looks good to watch the episode. Shez acting as a step sister. She shd Know the value of family members. Please show us where is raghuva.

  7. Now shanti is nice to her family and what good and bad but preeti Is acting like kid who make mistakes but doesn’t accept it as she runways from her marriage to meet it also her fault that she didn’t believe mohit at first it obvious that that he goona take revenge for her because she didn’t listen to him but now she blaming everyone for her mistakes and good thing shan’t knew that she lying about the cleaning guys I hope she she learn her lesson but I know she will become more mad as before nimmi be strong and stay positive I like u hope for the best tomorrow preeti get her punishment by shanti well done shanti you re so clever and doing positive role

  8. Shanti is now changing. Good its getting better and Pretti must be brought back to reality.

  9. Yesterday Everything Was RIGHT
    Except PREETI Cursing Riya Was Very BAD

  10. Shruti Malik Arora

    Preeti must be taught a lesson. How can she even behave like this with her own sister who has always saved her from bad things coming her way.. too much preeti. its time for you to get a lesson now.

  11. They forgot to show one scene ,i dont know how many remember but sarla has gone to ptreeti boyfriend Rj house and met their parents and told wrong thing about preeti. they came to shanti place saw preeti and insulted they broke the serial they totally forgot to show this all was done by sarla and this should come in front of all.

  12. Agree with u seema.but CVS sarla ko expose nai karega.

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