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Mere Angne Mein 18th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla being tensed seeing Shivam. She gets worried seeing the haldi on him. Sarla takes Shivam along for some work. Haldi functions are going on in both houses. Pari gets her BF’s call and goes to meet him. Sonal looks for Pari. Kaushalya says maybe she went to parlor. Sonal takes Nimmi and Preeti with her by Shanti’s permission and goes to meet Riya. Pari meets her BF and acts sweet. She asks for any surprise, and says she did not eat anything since morning. He says he will take her and she gets glad. He gives her a watch and she hugs him. They have an eyelock. She asks him not to stare, she feels shy. He smiles.

Sarla comes home and asks Sonal to get water. Kaushalya says Sonal, Nimmi and Preeti went to give haldi at Riya’s house. Sarla worries that Nimmi can

tell anything to Riya. She calls Pari and tells her everything. Pari asks whats the matter, how can I help. Sarla says I m telling you now, Riya thinks her marriage is happening with Shivam and I m Shivam’s mum, you are Shivam’s sister. Pari is shocked. Sarla says reach to Riya’s house and don’t let anyone talk to Riya.

Pari takes lift from her BF and he drop her to Riya’s home. The girls like Riya and compliment her looks. They ask where did she see their brother first. Riya smiles. Pari comes and says Riya did a lot to convince our brother. Bua and Bunty look on. Pari does not let Nimmi and Preeti say. Riya gets confused. Pari does not let them tell anything, and manages the situation. Raghav compliments Kaushalya and she leaves smiling.

Bua does the shagun rituals and gives 100rs to Pari as shagun. Pari sees a mobile and steals it. Bua does aarti of others too. Pari says she is in hurry, and takes the girls. Anupam asks them to stay for some time. Pari says we will come later and leaves alone, asking them to take another rickshaw. They leave.

Pari comes home and says she has done the work. She asks Sarla for money. Sarla is relieved and says she will give later. Sonal and girls come home, and Rani tells her aunty that she will spoil the haldi shagun. Shanti asks what did they get in nek. The girls happily say 101rs. Shanti says Sarla that old lady has done this, she is miser. Nimmi argues with Shanti. Shanti reminds about the store room, and asks shall I lock you there again. Bua ji tells her bahu that she lost the phone, and recalls the girls were here. Her bahu says why will the girls steal it. Bua asks her to find her phone.

Sarla brings Amit for haldi. Bua ‘s phone rings and Pari hides her purse. Sarla understands she has stolen it and takes her. Shivam comes home. Sarla asks Pari what did she do. Pari reminds her to give money. Pari hides the phone. Sarla says I will just come. Rani takes haldi. She thinks she will not let haldi get applied to Shivam. Kaushalya sends Shivam to get clothes kept in her room. Rani gets an idea and smiles. The ladies dance in the function.

Riya’s haldi is also done. Shivam comes downstairs and Rani puts the haldi on him. Everyone get shocked. Sarla scolds Rani. Rani cries saying she did not do this intentionally. She apologizes to Sarla. Sarla says I know why you did this. Sarla asks Shivam to clean the haldi. The pandit asks him to sit in mandap and get haldi cleaned off, only after doing his haldi rituals as per the customs. Kaushalya makes Shivam sit in the mandap and applies haldi to him. Amit gets angry. The sisters also apply haldi to Shivam and take pics. Bua’s bahu says the phone is not found. Sahil jokes and Bua asks Bunty to sit with Riya.

Bunty teases Riya asking shall I send your pics to Shivam. Riya says even I wish to, but aunty refused saying it will be abshagun. Bunty says who believes all this. Riya says I can’t break aunty’s trust. Bua ji asks Bunty to apply full haldi to Riya. They all laugh. Riya imagines Shivam there. Kabhi jo badal barse……..plays………….. Shivam says he could not hold himself and came here, as mum gave the promise to her, not him. He gets haldi and applies to Riya. Riya applies haldi to Bunty. Bunty asks what is she doing, and everyone laugh. Riya realizes it was her imagination.

Sarla does Amit’s haldi. Bua ji gets emotional seeing Riya. Amit asks Sarla to stop Shanti’s rituals, once marriage happens, he will do all rituals, but if their plans then.. Rani hears them and questions.

Sarla asks Rani to go home. Rani says she has got chandan and gulab jal for Amit. Sarla asks her to go. Rani says she had dreams with Amit and everything broke up, she will go home after his marriage. Sarla asks Amit to beware of Rani.

Shanti gets Bua’s call on Bua’s phone and Bua calls her a thief. Shanti argues and Bua says she will call police. Shanti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice epi i hope this confusion gets over soon

  2. Hmm…this confusion shd gt over n now i thnk dt at last of this confusion shivam n riya r goin 2 gt married….jst make it a bit faster..itna slow karoge toh interest chale jaayega n shivam ko toh bahot kam dikhate cmpred 2 other supporting actors..nw wth v wanna do wid dt pari n her bf????

  3. Good ep……….

  4. plz update 19 july epi fast

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