Mere Angne Mein 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 18th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandu dancing with the heroine. The movie shooting goes on. The director asks Nandu to dance with heroine and not be shy. The choreographer asks him to dance well. Nandu dances again. He steps on heroine’s feet. She screams and scolds him. Nandu worries. The director says you have to dance, not fight. Heroine goes. Producer says it will be my big loss. Nandu thinks of the senior’s words. He asks for one more chance.

Riya asks Shivam to leave her hand and not get angry without knowing anything. He asks what’s left now. She says truth. He asks what truth. She says you think I m doing this purposely to defame Shanti. He says yes, I think so. She says you feel wrong, if I had to do this, why would I come and stay with your family, don’t you find this strange,

I m alive, everyone is saying I have died, there is no proof of my existence, my dad is missing, Bunty is refusing to know me, wherever I go to get my identity proof, Amit comes there first, how can this happen, its someone’s planning, Sarla has done this. He says Riya you… She says enough, listen to me, I have proof, I see Bansi everywhere, he sees me and runs away, this can’t be coincidence that he is Sarla’s party member, see this photo, Sarla has done everything. He gets shocked.

Nandu dances with the heroine well. Director hugs Nandu and praises him. Riya says Sarla planned everything, you have to know one thing, I did not come back from Bangkok by my wish, your life deal was made, I was told your operation will happen when I give my mangalsutra, I had no way, I had to give mangalsutra and leave from there, I thought if I hurry, everything will come on me, I did not tell this to family, I know my way is wrong, but my intention is not wrong, I still love the family and think same, I request you to trust me, support me and please don’t tell to anyone, our family will come in problem.

He says I want to believe you, I know someone is behind this, I m sorry, I could not believe you, my love fell weak, I promise I m always with you. She smiles. He says what kind of husband I m, I can’t return your mangalsutra. She says when my husband is with me, I don’t want suhaag sign. He promises to not withdraw his support till his death. They hug.

Nandu saves the heroine and fights with the goon. He does shayari and acts well. Director says great. Nandu thanks him. He gets the money and smiles. He thinks to get some good food for Preeti.

Shanti recalls Sarla’s words. Kaushalya comes there and laughs on her, asking what happened now, Sarla broke your trust. Shanti asks her to leave. She imagines Kaushalya. Kaushalya really comes and gives her water seeing her tensed. She says you did not meet Sarla since many days, I will call her. Shanti says no need, go. Riya comes home at night. Shanti asks where did you go and get milk. Riya says I went to find my documents. Shanti asks where are documents, why are you tensed. Riya says nothing and goes. Shanti says what Sarla did, I lost trust on anyone. Kaushalya asks what did Riya do. Shanti says she is hiding something, I m getting doubt on her.

Preeti eats food and asks Nandu why is he staring, did he have food outside. He thinks I can’t leave loving Preeti, whatever she does is fine. Shivam comes home. Kaushalya tells police coming home and threatening. Riya hears them. Shivam apologizes. Kaushalya says no, its our mistake, I could not give you a good life, I could not become good mum, see all children’s life, Preeti does not value husband’s love, Nimmi became widow, and you are struggling with life alone, you did not get Riya’s love and respect. Shivam says don’t think so, you are my best mum. She says I m lucky to get a son like you, have food. He says you go and take rest. She goes. He thinks Riya is not so bad as Maa is thinking.

Shivam talks to Riya and says I m feeling helpless, everyone is taunting you, your life has become such bad. She says its fine, you are with me, nothing will happen to me, I will everything fine, trust me. He asks promise. She promises him. They hug.

Sarla and Shanti argue. Rani says I have forgive you, it does not mean you will win, just Shanti will win. Rani joins Shanti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally Riya told shivam the truth and he believed her. Read in spoiler shanti wins elections. How will Riya support shanti?

  2. Riya Will die …Read in spoilers

  3. @Annie -me too. She’s leaving MAM and sarla’s left. Don’t know how it’ll progress.

  4. I miss you ria dont leave the sirial what your personal matter

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