Mere Angne Mein 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla going to a PCO shop. She asks the man to bring change and makes the call to Sharmili. She tells Sharmili that she is collector’s mother. Sharmili asks really, tell me. Sarla says I heard you liked Preeti for your son. Sharmili says yes, I have seen her, did I do mistake. Sarla says no, I chose that girl for my son, I heard she is nice girl. She says the girl is very good and many proposals will come, I think they will fix the best proposal, I wanted to know if you move back, I will get my son engaged to Preeti. Sharmili says ask your son about Sinha family, everyone knows us and about this proposal, this relation will happen in our house. Sarla laughs and says fine, I wanted to ask if we could get that girl, Shanti Devi said they are in hurry, I wanted to final

the proposal in 2-4 days. Sharmili says no, I will fix it tomorrow itself. She ends call.

The man comes and says I did not get change. She takes the note back and asks him to write call charges, she will pay late. Its morning, Shivam talks to someone and says date is not fixed yet. Sharmili calls Kaushalya and says pandit ji told us that today is good mahurat for engagement, you can prepare it well. Kaushalya informs this to Shanti. Riya says how will we arrange so soon, we gave ring order, I don’t think we will get ring soon. Shanti thinks Sarla has done great thing, now its my turn. Shivam says we have to get readymade ring. Riya says we will keep extra money too. Shanti says don’t say about money always. Riya says I mean we should have money extra for safety side, don’t worry.

Raghav comes home and asks what happened, tell me. Kaushalya says Sharmili called and said she wants to do Preeti and Vyom’s marriage today evening. He says its good, 8 hours are enough. She says I will give you a list, wait. Kaushalya says we have to send Preeti to parlor. She says I will call Sarla and Rani to help me. Raghav asks her to calm down and plan everything well. Shanti asks Kaushalya to ask everything to Riya. Raghav says its Preeti’s marriage, you have to manage. She says I have taken sanyaas. He says you did all work at Dadda ji’s time, you have to see all these things as well. She says you will ask me to manage and then stop me, I won’t do anything now, let Riya do everything. He says Riya has no experience. Shanti says she is managing home well, I will bless Preeti, I can’t do anything more. Raghav says fine, do anything you want, I will ask you when I want, I will see then. He asks Kaushalya to invite guests and makes her write the list. He asks Riya to call Anupam. Riya says he has gone out of city. Shanti says he got well and went. Kaushalya coughs. Raghav asks Kaushalya to divide the work.

Shanti talks to Pari and asks her to get nek from Kaushalya. Pari agrees and is glad by Shanti’s ideas. Sarla argues with Rani. Sarla asks Ashok to come at Shanti Sadan in evening. Bindu and Nirmala come there. Raghav comes to Shanti and asks about the money. Shanti says I have saved 5 lakhs, you get one lakh from your office, we will take 4.5 lakhs now and do all arrangements, and keep 50000rs. He is tensed. She says we will take 15 days time, don’t worry. He says fine, I will apply for loan. She says I will give money to Riya, let her spend. She says even Shivam and Riya can get 1 lakh from office, be happy, smile now. He says yes, I m happy, and leaves. She apologizes to her husband and says I lied to Raghav, I have 10 lakhs, I have to save for Nimmi also, I have to do this to get my rule back, I will make Riya helpless to manage expenses, she will come to me then.

Bindu asks for property papers. Ashok says Nirmala gave me papers herself, now if she says, then I will give you. Sarla says what will we give if we have nothing, and scolds Bindu. She beats Bindu. Ashok asks Sarla what is she doing. Bindu sits there and says I won’t go till I get papers. Ashok asks what is this kiddish things, get up. He says Nirmala ji, your matter is reaching my home, sorry, free me of this duty, Sarla get the papers and give to Bindu. Nirmala says don’t dare to give my property papers to Bindu and shouts.

Riya attends call and says I will ask elders and confirm. Raghav hears her and asks her to work well, I m sure you will do duty well, ask Amma if there is something. Riya says I wanted to ask, but she refused. He says she will help you and solve all problems if needed, you have to work hard. Shivam hears them. Raghav says its Preeti’s marriage, arrangements should be done well, think a father is saying this to his daughter. He goes. Shivam smiles and teases Riya. He says I m always with you, don’t be tensed and holds her hand. She scares him of Raghav and runs laughing. He smiles.

Nirmala says I will drink poison. Sarla hugs Nirmala and says don’t cry, don’t worry about Bindu. Sarla says I will take Nirmala to her home, and not let Bindu create hurdle. Nirmala thinks I want to stay here in Ashok’s home. Sarla scares Bindu. Bindu says fine, I will leave. Bindu cries and asks Ashok to do something.

Sarla takes Nirmala to drop her home and says I will see how Bindu stops us. She calls police. The lady inspector scolds her. Sarla says I m not that woman, my name is Nirmala, and tells the address. She complains about Bindu. Inspector says fine, we will come. Nirmala thinks Sarla is dangerous. Sarla asks Nirmala not to leave the house, I will make my bungalow on your land and you can shift in my home, and pay rent. Bindu comes there and says Sarla has come here. Sarla says go home, police is there to welcome you. Bindu gets tensed and runs.

Sujeev is leaving from market. Nimmi is on call and talks to Kaushalya. Sujeev plays the horn. Nimmi shouts mad man, can’t you see I m on call. Sujeev gets down the car and asks what did you see, you think I m mad. She says yes, you are mad, and argues with him. He says talk with manners and scolds her. She angers him. He says I will shoot you, wait, and gets a wooden stick from some shop. She calls him mad again and runs. He says I will not leave this girl. She throws flowers on him. he gets hurt. She hits the car with the stick and punctures the car tyres. He says now I won’t leave you. The people call her Jhansi Ki Rani. Sujeev fumes and beats the men there. She hides and runs from there. He says you are mad, you are bad.

Kaushalya asks the parlor lady to make Preeti ready. Nandu is at tea stall and upset. He talks to the man and says my mind is not working. The man says I feel you are like Devdas, is this about love. Nandu says yes and talks to him.

The auto driver asks Nimmi to get down the auto, as there are passengers. Mama hides his face under GF dupatta. Mama asks rickshaw driver to make this girl out of auto. The auto driver stops the auto and scolds all of them. Nimmi goes. Mama scolds the driver. Nandu asks someone to write a love letter in English for him. He asks him to write English lines, and tells hindi lines. The man says I don’t know this language you are saying. The stall man says I will explain, write I love you, I want to marry you. Nandu gets Kaushalya’s call. She asks him to get Gajras for Preeti, its her engagement today. Nandu gets shocked and asks today? She says yes, Sharmili said she wants to keep engagement today itself, and we all agreed, get Gajras soon. The stall man asks Nandu what happened. Nandu says her engagement is fixed, they called me home. The man says you go, I will get this letter home. Nandu goes.

Sarla, Ashok and Rani come to Shanti Sadan. Rani helps Kaushalya in work. Ashok says I will make snacks. Sarla asks Kaushalya to let Ashok work. Kaushalya says Rani and I will manage. Ashok says fine, I will leave, I will come in evening. Raghav asks Sarla did she tell Sharmili everything. Shanti says no need to tell anyone. Raghav looks at her.

Raghav asks Riya to do everything well. Shanti says this money will give shock to Riya and laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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