Mere Angne Mein 18th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 18th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla telling about Varun’s proposal for Pari. Shanti gets shocked and says Pari is married. Sarla says talk slowly, her husband is mad, how will she pass her life, I m her mum, will I not think of her, I got Bua here, how did you like her. Shanti says she looked good. Sarla says don’t tell this to Kaushalya, she will worry for Nimmi and get after the guy. Shanti says fine, I will not say, what is the other matter. Sarla says this family is getting new members in their party, I was thinking if you join them, you can fight elections. Shanti gets glad. Sarla says you work a lot in locality, jump in elections, think if you win, people will cheer for your name.

Shanti smiles and says don’t joke like this. Sarla says really, there is full chance, Pari and your

future is in your hands now. Shanti says I will think. Kaushalya comes with juice. Sarla goes. Shanti is very happy. Kaushalya smiles seeing her. Shanti asks her to leave.

Shivam comes for boxing. He asks how will we earn big amount, this is small amounts. Amit says your wife’s jewelry is there, you invest that. Shivam asks are you mad, I can never think of touching her jewelry. Amit says then get satisfied in little amounts, I want my share. Shivam pays. Pari comes and greets Shanti. Nimmi and Riya ask each other to wear the necklace. Sarla comes and asks them to get ready first. Riya says we are selecting jewelry, we will come. Sarla asks them to come fast to welcome guests. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to get ready well. Laxmi and Varun come and greet Shanti. He wishes Sarla happy birthday. Laxmi gives gift. Kaushalya sees Varun and smiles.

Shanti also acts sweet and asks Kaushalya to get badam milk. Kaushalya says he is a prince, you got his proposal for Nimmi. Sarla says he is good valued also. Kaushalya thanks her. Sarla fools Kaushalya. She signs Shanti to see Varun. Shanti likes him and smiles. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to keep hair open. Nimmi says its fine. Kaushalya says if they like you, your fate will be good. Riya says we don’t know their family. Kaushalya asks who is Nimmi’s mum, you keep your mind to yourself. Nimmi says if we don’t like each other then, you did not ask me. Kaushalya says what to ask, the guy is nice, he should like you, he knows about your past, even then he is ready to marry you, what else do you want. Nimmi says I will not marry such guy. Kaushalya scolds her and says I will get you married to her.

Shanti thinks peace went after Preeti went, but now I think peace is returning. Riya sees Nimmi worried. She asks Nimmi not to worry, do what you find right, come, smile. Varun talks to Shanti and gives the form to Shanti. Shanti checks form. Kaushalya and Sarla get snacks. Varun sees Nimmi. Nimmi greets Laxmi. Laxmi hugs her. Kaushalya gets glad.

Shanti tries to sign Kaushalya. Kaushalya signs Riya. Shanti signs Riya about the paper. She says Riya is modern bahu, I take her advice. She asks Riya to come. She asks Riya to read whats written in it. Riya says its written you are ready to become member, and you have give 1001rs as fees. Shanti says I have money in bank, I can’t pay fees. Varun says I paid fees, you just sign. Shanti says then I will sign. She applies thumb impression. Sarla praises Nimmi. Pari gets shocked. Kaushalya smiles. Sarla looks on.

Sarla tells Kaushalya that Laxmi wants engagement today. Kaushalya thanks her. Sarla thinks to give shock to Kaushalya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amalina

    I think that Varun and Laxmi will choose nimmi over pari and then Nimmi’s past taunts will come back. When she married vyom unwillingly to save pari, she was accused of being jealous and stealing her sister’s place. Now the same taunts will come back!???

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