Mere Angne Mein 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti leaving for her job interview. She talks to Raghav and says maybe Shanti went to temple. Kaushalya gives tiffin to Raghav. She says I don’t know where is Shanti. Riya says I guessed she went to temple, don’t worry, when she comes, I will ask her to call Raghav. Raghav leaves. Kaushalya wonders where did Shanti go. Sharmili tells Vyom that girl’s family is coming to see him. Pari and Vyom get shocked. Vyom asks why did you not ask me if I will marry or not. Mama laughs. Sharmili asks did I ask you anything till now, I m doing this for your goo, right Sujeev.
Sujeev says yes, but I called Pari’s family on picnic too. Sharmili says you both go, Vyom won’t go. Vyom says no, I will go with them. Sujeev says no, girl’s family is coming to see you, we

will be fine. Sharmili says let them go alone, they did not go after marriage. Vyom asks Sharmili to obey Sujeev’s decision. Pari says I will also go for picnic, I m elder bahu and will stay at home. Sujeev says fine, we will call Pari’s family here for lunch. Sharmili says no need to call them, I will be busy with girl’s family. Pari agrees. Mama says no, call everyone, Sarla will help Sharmili. Sharmili scolds him.

Sujeev says Mama is right, I will call them. Pari and Vyom worry. Pari asks Vyom what is this drama. Vyom says even I don’t know. She gets angry and leaves. Kaushalya worries for Shanti. She asks Riya about the tomatoes kept on terrace. Riya says its not there. Kaushalya sends Preeti to find Shanti. Vyom tells Pari that he can’t live without her, and asks her to come with him, they will tell Sharmili that they love each other. He hugs her. She thinks she will lose Sujeev’s money and asks him not to do anything, just promise me you will be only mines. He says I promise. Sharmili calls out Pari.

Vyom hides Pari. Sharmili comes and asks him did he see Pari. He says no. she says I have seen her coming here. He says no, Pari is not here. Pari worries seeing her earring there. Sharmili steps on it and picks it. she says this seems a earring, Pari wears such earrings. Pari gets tensed. Vyom stammers in tension and says I don’t know anything. Sharmili says I just asked, if I like the girl today, I will get you married. He says there is no need for marriage so soon. She says Pari is not giving me any happiness by becoming good bahu, and you are friendly with her, so I thought to get you married to a nice girl, do you want to keep friendship or marry. She gives him earring and goes. Pari tells Vyom that Sharmili will get him married. Vyom says I will tell mummy that we love each other. Pari says your mummy will kill us. They say we can’t stay without each other, let this go on as it happens, we will think.

Sarla gets ready and asks Amit to buy few things to take to Pari’s house. She argues with Rani and asks her not to come. Rani asks why are you coming, what will people say hearing mum has gone on picnic with son, Amit will get his name spoiled. Amit comes and says people will say Amit keeps good care of his mum. Rani says yes, and Amit does not care for his wife. Ashok asks Sarla to take Rani. Sarla argues.

Sarla calls Sujeev and says we are leaving now. Sujeev says actually, we have to cancel picnic. Rani laughs hearing this and tells this. Sarla asks why did you cancel picnic, we wanted to meet you. Sujeev says we will meet, and invites all of them for lunch, Pari is already cooking and she will be glad. Rani taunts Sarla. Sarla says Sujeev invited us at home for lunch, but why is Pari cooking food. Amit asks Rani to give him some food, what will Pari cook. Sarla asks them to get ready well and taunts Ashok asking him to hide his poverty by good dressing. Ashok says I can’t come with you all. Sarla doesn’t care.

Kaushalya tells Shivam that Shanti is not at home. Preeti comes and says Shanti is not in neighborhood. Shivam and Riya ask Kaushalya not to worry, Shanti will be fine. Kaushalya says no, Shanti is old and stays unwell, anything can happen. Kaushalya asks Shivam to come with her, they will find Shanti. They leave.

Shivam and Kaushalya ask people about Shanti, and try to find Shanti. Kaushalya blames herself for talking about Preeti to Shanti. Shivam says I m glad you raised your opinion, don’t worry, Shanti will be fine. A boy tells them that he has seen Shanti near the vegetable market.

Sharmili asks Mama to welcome girl’s family. The girl and her parents walk in. Pari comes and greets them. She says hellos… and thinks she will make Sharmili doubt, and look happy. Sharmili wonders why did she get ready so much. She says she is my elder bahu, Sujeev’s wife, she likes to get well dressed. Pari stares at the girl and thinks she is very beautiful, and Vyom can like her.

Shanti sells tomatoes in the market. Shivam and Kaushalya stop seeing her. Kaushalya gets shocked. She asks why is Shanti doing this. Shivam asks Shanti what happened to her. Shanti says Kaushalya got many tomatoes, so I have come to sell it, Riya told me that everyone should be independent. Shivam asks Shanti to come home. Shanti says you all made your mum speak out to me, and now stopping me….

Sharmili asks Pari to get tea and snacks. Pari calls servant and makes him do all the work. Sujeev comes and greets them. The man asks for Vyom. Vyom comes and Sharmili introduces him. she asks him to sit. Pari looks at him. A man asks for tomatoes. Shivam asks him to go. The man argues. Shanti cries and says see, he is stopping me from selling tomatoes. Shivam says she is my Dadi, go from here. The men argue and push Shivam.

Shivam and the men fight. Shanti says leave him, I m really his Dadi. The man asks why did you not tell this before. She cries and says I m trying to become independent. Kaushalya requests Shanti to stop this. Shanti says you let me come here daily only then I will come home. Shivam calls Riya and tells her that Shanti is angry. Riya says I will come there. He asks her not to come. Preeti blames herself and asks Riya why did she try to bring a chance, Kaushalya will fall in big problem.

Shanti cries and says if Preeti’s job is necessary, then I should also work. Kaushalya says fine, I will stop Preeti from going for work. Shanti says you think I did this acting to stop Preeti. Shivam says no, Preeti should work. Shanti says I m illiterate and doing this work, Kaushalya you also work. Shivam asks Shanti to forget all this. Sharmili asks Vyom to make the girl wear the ring. Vyom looks at Pari. He says whats the hurry, first we will get to know each other and then decide. The man agrees and says times have changed now. He says my daughter likes Vyom, once Vyom says yes, we will decide the marriage date. Pari thinks I will see that girl, how will she marry Vyom. She says we will have sweets. Sharmili tells Mama that I think Pari is trying to spoil things. Pari makes the juice fall on the girl, and asks her to come to washroom to clean. Sharmili sends Mama after them.

Shivam hires rickshaw and asks them to drop Shanti and Kaushalya home. The driver says I know Shanti well, she won’t come till her drama ends. Riya comes there. Shivam asks her to go. She gets shocked seeing Shanti selling tomatoes. She says I won’t go, I will stop Shanti. Shivam asks her not to say anything, I know you are right, good and care for us, but Shanti runs our house, we will run by Dadi’s saying. She says fine, what did I do. Shanti asks Kaushalya to come and sell tomatoes with her. Kaushalya also sells tomatoes.

The neighbor ladies see them selling tomatoes. Shanti blames Riya for all this. Kaushalya runs and stops Riya. She says I spoke to Shanti about Preeti, and this happened, Riya don’t go there. Riya says I will solve this. Shivam says I don’t want to get into this, I love my Maa, I love you too, but.. Riya asks him to go office and she will manage. Riya asks Shanti why is she selling tomatoes. Shanti says Kaushalya got 15 kgs, so I thought it will get rotten, and you told me that everyone should be independent. Riya says I did not tell this to you.

Shanti says I gave permission to Preeti for job. Riya says yes, Preeti will get nice guy. Shanti asks Kaushalya to be independent, else she will also have to do her daughter’s visarjan, think about my state, I m without Sarla. Riya thinks Dadi is missing Bua.

Riya sells tomatoes. She tells Shanti that she will sell tomatoes with her daily, and then go office. Kaushalya smiles. Shanti stares at Riya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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