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Mere Angne Mein 18th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anupam, Bua and Sahil feeling lonely after Riya’s bidaai. Anupam says bad happened with Sarla, she is a good woman, we should apologize. Bua says yes, but I m tensed about Riya, she will stay with Shanti. Bunty says don’t worry, Riya is lucky to get Shivam, his sisters are sweet and his mum is also nice. Bua says yes, I have seen Kaushalya making Riya wear the Chandrahaar. Bansi and Rajender are finding the money in Shanti’s room and mess up everything. They think to steal costly things from there and take it. They go to the terrace and run to leave before anyone sees them.

Everyone come to Shanti Sadan. Shivam and Riya wait at the door. Sarla comes with Rani. Shanti asks where is Amit. Sarla says Amit does not want to come here. Raghav asks where is he. Sarla

says he was angry and dropped on the way. Raghav asks did she not stop him. Sarla says he was in tension, I tried to stop him. Raghav asks her to call Amit. She calls him and says he is not receiving the call. Raghav asks pandit can they do grah pravesh without Amit. The pandit says no, it won’t be possible without the husband. He says Shivam and Riya can do grah pravesh. Shivam says no, I will get Amit.

Sarla asks how, do you know where he is. Shivam says I will find him. He leaves. Amit comes to his friends and plays card. He says he has got married and they joke on him. Amit scolds them. Shivam comes there. Amit argues with the man. Shanti talks about Amit. Pari gets a call from Vyom and says its call from parlor. Vyom says he will start preparing for marriage if she says. She says she wants a grand marriage. He says she is imp for him, than rituals, his family loves him. He says he respects his elder brother a lot, everyone agree to him. She says fine, I will talk later. Sarla asks what happened, such long talk. Pari says nothing.

Shivam asks Amit to come home. Amit scolds him and asks him to leave. Shivam says everyone is waiting. Amit raises hand and Shivam insists. He brings Amit home tying his hands. Sarla asks whats this, is this way to tie him and bring him here. Raghav asks how did he get Amit here. Ashok says he did right. Sarla says you are Amit’s father, find out what happened. She asks Shivam to apologize. Shivam says he was not ready to come, so I tied him.

Amit says I was sleeping under Peepal tree, he did not wake me and did not tell me, he tied me and brought me here. Shivam looks at him. Raghav asks Shivam to apologize. Shivam says sorry. Raghav says lets go inside now. Shivam and Riya see each other and smile. Kaushalya does the aarti of both the couples. Sarla taunts Kaushalya. The pandit guides the rituals. Sarla is annoyed. Shanti asks her not to make her talent, as grah pravesh is there and more rituals also. Raghav says he has some work. Shanti asks Kaushalya to do the rituals soon. Kaushalya does their grah pravesh. Sarla and Amit make faces. The brides some inside the house and marks the red foot marks. Amit says he will go from here. Rani says Amit be here. Amit leaves angrily. Shanti looks on.

Riya asks Rani not to cry, everything will be fine. Sarla says Amit is very worried, let him be alone for sometime. Bindu comes to Renu and says she is very happy as Shanti and Sarla pair is broken. Renu says I want Kaushalya to be happy. Bindu says it will happen when Sarla goes from here. Sarla asks Amit why is he upset. Amit says we will leave now, why are we getting insulted. She asks him to understand, if we get annoyed and leave, then come back in 2 days. She says Raghav is ATM machine for them, she has to take big house and get two daughters married, she will make Shanti ashamed and make them regret to repay us for this. She says Kaushalya is lucky, her husband, son and bahu earns, your tilak amount went to Shanti. Amit says its our big loss. Sarla says I will do tandav here that Shanti gives us money, but we should not show our anger now.

Kaushalya does the rituals. Shanti asks her to hurry up, she has to do Kankan opening rasam too. She says she will get nek and goes to her room. Shivam holds Riya’s hand and they smile. Nimmi and Preeti see them and smile. Nimmi asks him to carry on, no one is seeing. He says stop it and leaves Riya’s hand. Shanti is shocked seeing the room lock missing and her room messed up. Everyone go there and is shocked seeing the theft at home. Shanti asks everyone to check their room and find what happened. Rani asks Riya to eat food, such things keep happening here.

Riya says I think its theft, we wil see. Rani stops her. Amit asks Sarla did the cash get stolen. Sarla asks him not to say this. Shanti checks the money and its safe. Bua and Anupam miss Riya and are worried for her. Bua gets an idea. Sarla asks Kaushalya if they can start the Kankan rasam. Shanti asks why is she asking. Kaushalya says yes, as you say. Shanti asks Sarla not to take tension, money is safe, she has seen it. Sarla asks what shall I do, is it coming in my side. Riya tells Shivam that she is feeling bad. Shivam says thieves came at home, nothing stolen, don’t worry. They start the Kankan rasam.

Sarla asks Shivam about his Kankan, as he had special entry. Kaushalya says he has it, I tied to him when his hand got cut. Sarla says yes, he is lucky. Shanti asks them to start the rasam. Riya and Rani open the kankans from Shivam and Amit’s hands. Kaushalya asks Riya to open by both hands. Sarla asks her to teach her bahu cheating. Kaushalya says I was joking. Sarla taunts Kaushalya. Riya opens the Kankan and they smile. Rani fails to do the rasam. Shivam opens the Kankan from Riya’s hand. They have an eyelock and smile. Shanti looks on.

Bindu tells Sarla has given her one rs in envelop and cries. She says Sarla insulted me. Sarla cries and says I have not given, I got this letter at Riya’s home and lies.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Pls can anyone tell me what is the meaning of mere angne mein???

    1. It means in my yard.

  4. Nice episode need more shriya parts

  5. @ supipi it means at my place(house) …i think

  6. if we see by deep meaning it means in my world

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  9. Good Episode and lovely to see shivam and Riya together.

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