Mere Angne Mein 18th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti crying. Nandu asks her not to be sad, try to forget whatever happened, I promise I will not let any sorrow come in your life, I will give you much love, I always loved you and could not say, maybe that’s why Lord has heard my prayers, I m very happy that you married me. Preeti touches her sindoor and recalls Nandu’s words. She starts crying and throws things.

Nandu asks what are you doing, and shuts door. She scolds him and says don’t think this marriage act as truth, this is my room, get lost. He says fine, I will go, I know we should have not got married in that situation, but I will tell one thing, I love you a lot. You can make me leave from your room, how will you make me leave from your life, you are my wife from today, you can’t deny this. She

throws things angrily while he leaves.

Pari and Nimmi have an argument. Pari asks her to get lost. Nimmi says I can’t leave, you ill mannered people have to bear me in this house, be careful, don’t try to command me, else I will not leave you, I m not Preeti, I m fearless, I m not scared of anyone. Pari goes. Mama and Sharmili see this. Mama says I think we got a tigress home, we will send Nimmi to Vyom’s room. Sharmili refuses. Mama says you wanted Vyom to get married to get his baby for claiming Sujeev’s property. Sharmili says we can’t trust Nimmi. Mama says Sujeev is liking Pari, they can have baby soon, get plan ahead, we can’t find any girl for Vyom soon now, accept Nimmi itself. Sharmili goes.

Riya prays for Nimmi and Preeti. Anupam comes to her and asks what happened. She asks will everything be fine. He says don’t worry, I m alive, I won’t let your life get ruined.

Sharmili asks Nimmi to go and stay in the room. She says I understood your drama to have poison, police came that time and I did not say anything, you have to be here according to me, if you agree, go to your room, else leave from here. Nimmi cries.

Shanti and Sarla come home. Kaushaly asks what happened about Nimmi. Sarla says don’t worry, its all fine, Sharmili agreed to keep Nimmi. Kaushalya and Shivam get glad. Sarla asks them to make Shanti have some food, and goes murmuring that her dreams shattered. Shanti asks what shall I do, I don’t understand, I did not wish Preeti to marry Nandu. She cries and prays for Preeti’s happiness.

Nimmi goes to Vyom’s room. Pari argues with Nimmi. Nimmi scolds Pari angrily and says I got married to Vyom by all rituals, I did not elope and marry like you. She goes to room. Vyom says this is my room. Nimmi says whatever happened is over Jija ji, I mean Vyom ji, I would have gone from here, but this mangalsutra and sindoor is of your name, where will I go, I don’t know whats happening in my life, I just want to tell you that….. Vyom sits reading book and avoids her. She says I don’t get sleep in light. He switches off the lights and goes to sleep.

Riya and Shivam miss each other and cry. Shanti sees the swing and says I have been away for much time, now I have sent Riya out of this house, now I got rule in my hand, I will get colors back in my life, Shanti Sadan will run on my fingers very soon.

Its morning, Preeti cries seeing herself in mirror. Nandu comes and Preeti stops him at the door. He says I m going office, I will go market while return, if you want anything, tell me, I will get it. She scolds him and cries. Nandu says you can say anything, but I will do my duty. He leaves. She shuts the door and cries. Riya cries. Anupam asks her won’t she go office. Bunty comes and says I will talk to Riya. Anupam asks them to talk. Bunty says I had guests at home and came late, I know it should have not happened, you don’t be sad, you know uncle’s health, if you cry, he will be upset too, come with me to office. Riya refuses. Bunty says Shivam will be there, maybe you will get a chance to say your words.

Shanti tells Sarla that Riya called and Shivam did not touch phone, I know very well that he will not call Riya. She ends call and asks Shivam where is he going, is he missing Riya, we had such big loss because of Riya, remember this when you miss her.

Kaushalya asks Shanti to change clothes and sit on the swing. She calls her Lord.

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    And Please Don’t Separate PREETI AND MOHIT.
    If You Want to Spoil VIRGINITY then You Can SPOIL Vorginity of People Like PARI.
    Please Protect Characters of Good Origin,
    Good Behaviour.

  2. This serial will never change..evil evil evil.

    Nothing more than that. Shanti is happy that she got her authority back. Least bothered about familys suffering.

    So the directors are showing that a person
    can go to any extent …be it ruining others life also for for theit selfish attitude

    Guys can we all do one thing..lets all post the comment as ” BAN THIS SERIAL AS IT IS EXTENDING WRONG MESSAGE ONLY TO SOCIETY”

    Let everyone post this comment to show that everybody strongly hates this serial.

    • Vids

      Agree with you..its all messed up. I would have been glad watching if riya had brought in some modern changes in the family. Also got her sils married to right person.but this is absurd.

  3. Hail to all crews of mere angne mein now the drama will be back on track as shanti is back on her swing, nimmi n’ pari’s’daily rukus shivam na riya at office woo im just waitin for tmrw epi.

  4. jaz

    Kuch nai hosakta ye show ka I’m hating now days head ache serial starplus ki nayi soch I hate all serial in star plus

  5. Crystal

    Dear writers ,
    Please expose nandu. He is very selfish and dis loyal … He is ugly inside out … Bring back mohit or if you don’t plan to bring mohit … Throw this nandu out .. At lest … And don’t forget to expose his tactics … He is disgusting … I hate him

  6. AB

    This is so absurd. A marriage by deceit is considered null and void then how can Shanti make it work. How can the writer be so idiot to write such an episode. I think this is the turning point for this serial from where it will join the bandwagon of other serials full of stupidity. What an IDIOT writer.

  7. kanthi

    Will truth prevails n this serial?liar nd cheaters only tastes least raghav can understand his bahu riya

  8. asha

    I hate this nandu from my core of heart.yaar this is not fair itna gatiya game khelne ki vaad vi yeah chamliko tail ko one sided milgaya.yeah nandu mein saram naam ki chig nai hai jaldi expose karke fakoo isse show see.facebook,forum,net har jaga ki comment padkar aalogo ko samaj nai aarahai kyaa MAM ki fanz nandu ko kitni nafrat karte hai.stupid show.start to hate.plzz get mohit back in preeti life.plzz mohit ko positive vanakar mohpree ko milaaoo.I love nimmi-pari fight.hope vyom will be fall in love with nimmi soon.

  9. I am also hating this serial because preeti got married to nandu!! I really hate nandu since the begning when he came into the house !!! But I knew that this will happen !!
    Even I request the director of this serial to expose nandu and get him out of this house fast !!! He looks ugly !!! So sorry to say this but I hate nandu !!! He was at least better in 3 Idiots !!

  10. Bello Mayowa

    evil should be exposed, nandu & shanti should not get away with their evil deeds. they should be exposed

  11. sam

    if santi can call police to keep vyom and nimmi be married, why cant she think the police can ask riya to come back to her sasural. don’t know where the story is going, but ninni should really kick butts in her in laws especilly Pari.

  12. saina

    In which day and age will a girl allow herself to be forced into marriage? With a creep too? And why did nimmi and preeti allow their grandmother to abuse Riya? Makes no sense. They both knew the truth

  13. Anjali

    Why are u all being so mean Nandus a human being and it’s wrong to judge him by his looks in fact I hate preeti she is so dumb I swear nimmi should have given her one tight slap but I’m happy with nimmi and vyom

  14. fan

    I hate nandu he has ruined the life of preethi.Riya is dumb n khushiya I know what happened with your daughters was not good but don’t be so much dumb that u don’t understand shivam
    Sara g every time you plan goes in vain koi Sarla ko sarla sadan toh dilwado

  15. mohini

    I have stopped watching this show.. Yes i do read the Comments sometimes
    I hate Shati,Sarla, Khushiya Pari, Nandu and Amit.
    Directors and Writer has gone MAD.
    So Swapna , I support you

  16. Mere angne mein watcher

    Are you people gone to lunch that you can’t watch it for its entertainment value but need it to be a message for your society? Of course it is not always reality based. The characters are at times caricatures but that’s what is the charm. It is merely to entertain. You’re expected to yell at the screen telling them how they’re making stupid decisions and mistakes. You tune in next time to see if anyone has figured something out. The fact you all are bothered about the writing says it is done well. If it was a dud, no one would care.

  17. nb

    I dont agree that TV serials are merely for entertainment. Serials and films affects the society especially youngsters. It has happened in reality many times before. Hence the sensor boards/ authority should be careful in sanctioning the storylines.

    • Mere angne mein watcher

      TV serials are merely entertainment. If they are in India to educate the masses, then the country is in trouble! Anything I watch with my kids, I discuss it. I’m the educator NOT ektaa kapoor.

  18. Lata

    First of all, It’s just a serial, secondly even if the6 kids mess up like this what do elders do?they set things right by talking with the affected parties..catch Mohit..he did tie the girl up and forced her to marry him, so hand him over to the police..ckear the mess with Sharmili..she may or may not agree but nowhere ever a good parent with a thinking brain will let his daughter get married to some one like Nandu..GOD! He is a nightmare to watch..That too a meek girl like preeti..Is marriage the only solution..fine preeti goofed up but marry her off to Nandu that’s the solution they have come up with?..Makers of the show we hate Kaushalya, not because she acts well and potrays the role of a Dumb Dumber Dumbest bahu so well but because we don’t want women like her potrayed and aired accross the nation…Shanti devi’s character gets power because of Mrs dumb(khusiya), MADAM X on the other hand is another out of the world character, some one who does not seem real at all…the whole serial is one Big Parpanch..shivam, Raghav total useless…shivam fellow only makes angry faces..Riya is in line to becoming another Khusiya, did she forget about shanti devi’s challenge…who will forget such a thing? An open challenge to be thrown out of the house eh! The show has some misguided script writers who forgot how to get on with the story in a sane way…

  19. anu r

    I havnt watched last few episodes.can any1 tell me why every1 is commenting against he responsible for breaking preeti’s marriage.wht did he do?


    NANDU is Not A Good Person.
    He is A Cunning FOX
    He Didn’t Want PREETI’s MARRIAGE to be Done with VYOM,as He LOVES PREETI.
    He Even Beat ROHIT When He Got The Chance(Risk Free Hitting).
    Even Now The MERE ANGNE MEIN Director Writer Producer Has CHANCE to Bring The STORY On A RIGHT TRACK
    By Bringing RIYA Back to “SHANTI SADAN”
    By Not Allowing PREETI AND NANDU’s CONJUGATION, INN Dono KA Milan NAHI HONA.Varna Ganda Hojayega STORY.
    Aur PARI-VYOM KA Relationship Expose KARNA.
    SHARMEELI KA b Karamkaand HAI Na?
    EK WOMAN KO GHAR mai Rakhri(same FACE)
    Director SE EK Viniti HAI
    Please Kaushalya KO INSAAN KE TARAH DIKHAO

  21. Sunita

    OMG, kaushia is calling shanti GOD. Insaan ko insaan rehne do bhagwaan ka tardja mat do.
    Pehle apne betion ko samajna to seekho, everyone is calling you dumb. Kuch to seekh lo.
    Start with saying NO to your SAAS and learn to fight for your right silly cow.

  22. nb

    Its Ok what Nandu had done or the marriage also. It is also Ok that somebody in any joint family may be evil minded. But whole family rather most of the main characters in the serial are negative or devils is not acceptable. That is also Ok in one or 2 episodes and they realise and go ahead. But it happens again and again and again. This is my point against Ekta serials. Also the devils never go punished and the are always one step ahead than good characters for years together. This is the storyline of almost all Ekta / Star plus serials and hence dragging goes on for years. My point is that this is not clear reflection of society. They are dragging back the mindset of audience to 100 BC ma be.

  23. Mere angne mein watcher

    You all talk of Nandu being horrible. It must be a class thing for you all. How does Vyom make a better husband! He sleeps with his “sister-in-law” and is involved in some conspiracy holding a woman hostage and amusing her, perhaps to steal her money and life.

  24. Mere angne mein watcher

    Mohit is no good for Preeti since he’s psycho, Nandu simply for the fact he repulsed her, and Vyom is a criminal and womanizer. The best thing for Preeti is to leave the household, get her old job back and find happiness and confidence before a man. But the show must go on and this is not a real person.

  25. Kiran prakash

    Preeti is a fool. Riya is out of the family due to her but she is kept mum. On the other hand she is scolding Nandu who has saved her and her family. Dadi of joint families are like Shanti Devi only. This story is a lesson for Dadi, Bahu, Beta, Beti and niece and nephews.

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