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Mere Angne Mein 17th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam going to Kaushalya. Kaushalya is annoyed with him, and says he has become like a goon to beat people, I will call you Shivam Bhai. He asks her to listen. Riya says I have to leave for meeting. He says I will come along. She says we got an order by difficulty, I don’t want to lose it by your anger, you always fight, if you want to help, sit at home and help. He says go to hell, I don’t want to help you. Riya asks Nimmi to come. She tells Kaushalya that lady called for Tervi, we are going to her house, Nandu will meet us there. Kaushalya makes her have curd.

Preeti and Pari go to meet Lucky at the garage. Preeti says he always meets me here. Pari says you always make excuse, now I decided that I will become your Jethani. Preeti calls Nandu, and he disconnects.

He calls Ramesh to go to garage and manage Preeti. Nimmi and Riya question Nandu about his relative. He makes excuses. Sarla gives money to Sharma and asks why are you counting money, are you not ashamed.

Ramesh comes to garage and says Lucky is busy and can’t come now, sorry I was angry that day. Pari tells him that they can have tea and coffee, it reduces tension, we can know about each other, I m Preeti’s cousin sister Pari, I heard a lot about you. Preeti asks Pari what is she doing, this man is mad. Pari says I have seen more mad people, lets have tea for free.

Riya and Nimmi see Sarla and hide, to find out whats happening. Sharma says auction will stop, be ready to give amount. Sarla says fine. Riya says how can Sharma stop auction. Nimmi says I read in newspaper about such fraud agents. Riya says we will expose him, and then maybe our house will get saved. They record the video. Riya says now Sharma won’t be saved. She calls reporter and says I have to share video with you, it will be useful for you. She sends the video and they smile. Riya says we have to meet client and then go home, if Sarla reaches first, then she will create an issue.

Pari talks to Ramesh. He says I feel all girls are cheaters, and I don’t trust anyone. Pari says no, all girls are not alike, I won’t break your hearts. Ramesh goes. Pari says he is shy boys. Sarla comes home and tells Kaushalya that good news will come, agent told me he will stop auction, he asked for 25000rs and I gave 5000rs to him now, we have to do something and arrange money. Kaushalya asks how will we get money. Sarla asks her to sell furniture and utensils, we have to do something to stop house auction, if house is not there, where will we stay, on bullet Raja’s bullet, till you think, they will shut the house, listen to me like you listen to Shanti. Kaushalya agrees. Riya and Nimmi come home. Media comes and takes Riya’s interview.

Riya tells them that she has given the clip, I m in stress and they are misusing power, they want to take money from us by agent Sharma. Sarla worries. Kaushalya asks Sarla what happened. Sarla says Riya does not have sense, she runs her mind, I have given money to Sharma, and Riya is exposing him, Riya will get house auction done. Kaushalya worries and asks what to do now. Sarla says my mind is not working. Shanti comes home and sees the media.

She asks whats happening, is everything fine. Riya says our house is getting auctioned. Lucky meets Preeti and Pari at garage. He compliments Preeti and Pari’s beauty. Pari calls him sweet. He says you are like my Saali, tell me how to serve you. Pari says I m jealous of Preeti. Preeti says we will leave now. Nandu asks her to sit. Preeti says Pari come, we have to leave. Pari says nice to meet you Lucky and they leave. Ramesh says Nandu you saved me today. Nandu says yes, Pari can’t be trusted, don’t know when she marries you.

Shanti asks how will our house get auctioned. Riya says they are auctioning our house by wrong way. Media reporters see Sarla and ask her about hiring the agent. Sarla says Riya is mad and does not know anything, don’t listen to her. Shanti asks reporters to leave, else I will make report that you entered my house forcibly. She gets stick and makes the reporters leave.

She says I went out for 4 days and you all got fair at home. Kaushalya says just you can save this house, municipal people locked your room. Shanti asks what, who did this and why. Kaushalya says we did not pay tax. Raghav comes home and asks whats happening in Shanti Sadan. Shanti tells him that her room got sealed by tax officers, reporters have come, you went to Mishra house and did not see this live. Shanti asks Sarla what did she do in her absence. Sarla tells how hardly she tried to fix this issue, and her fate is bad, the money got stolen outside municipal office, I tried to hire agent and stop auction, Riya reached there and exposed corrupt Sharma.

Riya says no, that man was fooling us, he would not help us. Shanti asks why did you not tell me on call. She asks Raghav to see, Kaushalya and Sarla are fools and Riya is their head, I won’t let my house get auctioned. Riya says we are trying the same. Shanti asks what will you do. Riya says we opened event company, we will earn money. Shanti tells her that its not easy.

Shanti says how did you open company without asking me. Riya says we will tell you once money is arrange. Shanti asks the event company’s name. Nimmi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Once again shanti blaming Riya without listening to what’s been happening.

  2. Shreya Shandilya

    M wondering shanti Devi’s reaction hearing SHASHIKALA EVENT COMPANY… ROFL…not able to control my laughter…???????????????????????????????

  3. It is about time the writers use whatever brain they have and expose sarla-pari-preeti. If they fail the show will fail!!

  4. Disgusting And irritating SERIAL of ALL TIMES.
    I Don’t Know Why These Bastards Are Not Ending The SERIAL.
    The Only Motive of This SERIAL is DRAG DRAG DRAG
    That’s it.
    There is No Story in The SERIAL.

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