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Mere Angne Mein 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti acting infront of Raghav. She says she is not partial to all kids and gives 1000rs to Nimmi and Preeti. She acts good and shocks them. Shanti asks Sarla to come. Pari gets tensed as the lady says she will file case against Pari and parlor. Pari acts like fainting and being in shock. The parlor lady cares for her being worried. Pari manages the situation. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to call Shivam. Nimmi calls out Shivam. Shanti jokes and Sarla laughs. Shivam comes there. Kaushalya asks him to come.

Raghav asks Shivam to become responsible. Shanti talks about Nimmi and Preeti’s marriage, and says everyone is asking dowry these days, Shivam did not earn for his sisters. She says we can’t expect to have money from Shivam. Shivam gets up. Raghav asks what attitude

is he showing, and asks him to have food. Shivam says I m done and leaves. Kaushalya stops him and asks him to have food. Shivam says I m going to meet someone and goes. Shanti says see his attitude, if he does this infornt of Riya, what will she feel. Sarla says she will go home now and leaves.

Pari tells her madam that she will sell her earrings and return money. The lady asks her to get leave for few days. Pari says no, let me work and starts acting. The lady asks her to do light work. Shivam’s friend stips him and asks if he will come in cricket team. Shivam says no. His friend returns his money. Shivam says keep it, I will take later. The man says I can’t return if I spend, you will need it more as you got married. He asks for a party. Shivam says sorry, I did not know I m getting married. The man asks did he plan honeymoon, and asks where will he go. Shivam laughs and goes with him.

Amit tells his friends that he has bought land worth crores. Rani comes there and sees Amit. She tells she is Amit’s wife. Amit takes her away and asks why did she come. She says she was going to temple to pray for his long life. She asks him to give some money for chadava. The men ask him to invite them for lunch, as Amit did not give party. Rani says sure, I will call them on lunch. Rani takes money from Amit and Amit is not able to say anything infront of his friends. They say they will see Amit’s bungalow. Raniu asks what, oh that one, we did not decorate it till now. Amit asks her to go, and asks her to come in car. She says driver was unwell, so I came by auto. She leaves.

Amit tells his friends that his wife spends a lakh per day on shopping, and says he got stuck by marrying her. Amit worries. Sarla is angry as Amit is not taking her call. Sarla buys vegs and bargains. Bansi tries to sell the pic of Shanti’s husband by lying. Sarla catches Bansi and Pappu, and scolds them. Sarla sees the pic and gets shocked seeing her dad’s pic.

Raghav says he has work and has to leave now. Shanti thinks its good, Kaushalya can’t talk to Raghav now. Shanti talks to Kaushalya and asks her to go for singing bhajan, as she did not go since Shivam’s marriage. Sarla scolds Bansi for stealing her dad’s pic and selling it in the market. Sarla asks them to pose and takes their pic. Sarla gets to know that photo frame is worth 15000rs and gets glad.

Bunty and Riya are in market and have a talk. Rani comes there and hugs Riya. Riya tells her that Shivam and she had a fight. Rani says we will have some chaat and then talk. Rani gives her some tips. Shivam and his friend are also outside in market. Rani calls Shivam and asks him why did he not meet her, he has forgot her, she knows everything, and asks where is he now. Shivam says I was outside. Rani asks him to come to help her, she has come to have chaat, she has no money and cries. Shivam says don’t cry, I m coming. Rani and Riya laugh. Shivam tells his friend that he has to go.

Shanti cries and does drama. She says Raghav came for job again, he could not rest as Kaushalya did the drama. Nimmi gets angry and asks Kaushalya to go to stay at Pradeep’s house for few days. Sarla slaps the men and asks for selling the radio. Sarla asks them to give 800rs for the radio and takes it. She gives them 50rs as she is madam x. She says this 50rs for is 4 months rickshaw trips. She asks them to get rickshaw else she will take this pic to police station. Nimmi taunts Shanti for ruining peace in the house. Shanti gets angry. Nimmi runs from there. Shanti says I will do what I want here. Kaushalya worries and asks Preeti to start Shanti’s fav radio program.

Shivam comes to the chaat stall. Rani calls him and asks him to come at saree centre, and makes excuses. Shivam goes to the saree centre and Rani and Riya are there. Riya says she does not know to wear sarees. Rani says I will see there and come. Shivam meets Rani and she says its good you came here, I have to make someone meet you. He asks whom to give money. She says I gave money, I want you to meet my best friend, she likes you a lot, I think you will also like her. Shivam asks what will I do meeting her. Rani brings Riya there and says this is my friend. Shivam gets glad seeing Riya.

Rani says I did not call you, and asks Riya did she call him. Riya says no. Rani says I will find out who called me, and goes by making excuse. Shivam and Riya look at each other. Shivam apologizes to Riya. He chooses a saree for her. Riya says its not good. Rani brings a saree and asks him how is this. Riya buys the saree Shivam liked. He sees it and smiles. Shivam says he will pay the bill and recalls Shanti’s words. He has less money and gets upset. He says he has 800rs, and asks Rani to add 400rs, he will give her money later. Rani says fine. Shivam leaves. Riya looks on.

Shanti talks to pandit and taunts Kaushalya that she will get 18 lakhs if she gets Raghav remarried. Kaushalya is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Whats wrong with Shanthi…Raghav is earning for his daughters then why to depend on Shivam….

  2. All crap shanthi is so irritating

  3. Shanti is ruining the drama.

  4. This dog shanti!! Let Riya come back to te hao use, and then the fun will begin

  5. Shanti n her daughter is too much. Don’t feel like watching this program. It’s only shows good people only suffers.

  6. shanti ko maar do yr serial me . b’coz she is so irritating

  7. yr I can’t bear this next

  8. Shanti and her daughter are doing my head, they are do greedy for money tat nothing will stop them from taking money from anybody. And tat sarla oh omg she drives me mad specially wen she acts crazy. She is so irritating tat I don’t feel like watching this drama. Mum and daughter are so greedy.

  9. Shanti is so annoying. used to watch this drama everyday but now I even miss it because I hate shanti. why do u let her treat that sweet woman like that? the writers are also dragging the whole thing. bring back Riya already and end shanti’s reign. then i’ll start watching.

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