Mere Angne Mein 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla cursing Kaushalya. Kaushalya cries and asks Sarla to stop. The neighbor ladies taunt Kaushalya that she dislikes Sarla coming home. Sarla asks Kaushalya not to worry, she won’t come again, you all stay happy. She cries and leaves. Nimmi tells Riya that she feels Preeti came to meet someone today. Riya says this is wrong to doubt on anyone daily, this is bad habit, don’t tell Shivam. Shivam comes and asks what is it. Riya says nothing. Nimmi says I felt Preeti was here with that boy. Riya says she said she heard Nandu and now seeing Preetim, leave it.

Nimmi says I m not lying. Shivam says we will go and ask at home. Riya says I will talk to Preeti, Nimmi stop making stories. Nimmi says I m not lying. Riya says Nandu is Preeti’s husband, why will Preeti

get scared of him. Nimmi says how did they both come together. Shivam says I m leaving. Nimmi says we will also go.

Preeti comes home. Kaushalya asks where did you go, help me. Preeti says I don’t have waste time for your work. Kaushalya says don’t know what to do of her. Amit gets call. His friend asks him to take the scheme, I opened boxing ring, put some money. Amit says I just like to gamble, I don’t want to put money. The man asks him to come and see once, I will pay you for getting more money. Amit says fine, I will come. The man asks him to try his luck, he can become his partner. Amit says fine. Rani asks Amit what was he saying.

Amit asks why is she asking him, I need some money. She says I don’t have. He says don’t lie, give me money which we got by dancing in sangeet. She says that’s not yours. He says you changed after marriage. She says you changed, fine I will give money, will you become like before. He says yes, you also become like before, go back to Prabha’s house. She says I can’t even imagine that, I will get money, you have to sign on court papers. He asks whats written in it. She says no girl can come in your life. He says don’t threaten me. She says I m asking love proof, I have also signed, check. He says fine, I will sign, get money.

Kaushalya goes to Shanti. She says I don’t want to sit on swing. Shanti asks are you spying on me. Kaushalya says no, I got khichdi for Sarla and heard you, you love me and not Sarla. Shanti says yes, I do, Sarla is hurt that I do biasing that I get costly saree for you and cheaper saree for her. Kaushalya says I will talk to Sarla. Shanti says no need, I know what to do, its all because of you. Kaushalya asks what did I do. Riya and Nimmi come. Riya asks what happened. Shanti asks Kaushalya to tell them. Kaushalya says Sarla got annoyed and left. Nimmi says whats new. Shanti signs Kaushalya and stops her.

Riya says work is done and we got advance. She gives 25000rs advance to Shanti. Shanti says just 2500rs, why. Riya says I got more money, I thought to get Kaushalya’s earrings back, so I did, sorry. Shanti asks Kaushalya when did she keep earrings mortgaged. Riya says when you went to tirat yatra, thunder struck the wall and it fell, so Kaushalya kept her earrings mortgaged and repaired the wall. Shanti asks why did you not tell me. Kaushalya says you were with Raghav in yatra, so I got to get wall repaired, I did not wish to trouble you, this was my decision. Shanti asks why did you not tell later. Kaushalya says I forgot.

Shanti asks Riya why did she not give money in her hands first. Riya says I had money, I felt I should decide. She signs Shanti and asks did I not do right. Shanti says this is difference, I would have freed house first. Riya says if we waited, the man would have sold earrings to someone else, earrings are imp for Kaushalya. Shanti says I will talk about this later. Nimmi thinks Riya maybe competing with me. Nimmi tells Shanti that even she thought the same. Shanti thinks all of them are weak, they can’t run home well. She imagines all of them troubling them.

Amit reads the papers that no woman will come in his life. He cuts the word Nahi and signs on the papers. He says anyone else is welcome in my life. Rani gives him papers. He shows her sign and says now no one will come in between us. She gets shy. She says I will read papers. He says keep this, else our love will catch bad sight. She hugs him. He says leave me, no need to hug, don’t read, keep it. She smiles. He goes.

Pari gets Preeti’s call. Preeti says I can’t stay in this house, give me some idea, you have experience. Pari says yes, give divorce to Nandu and leave. Preeti says Dadu will kill me. Pari says you have to live your life, think well, how to divorce Nandu and marry Lucky, don’t tell Nandu and throw papers on his face. Preeti agrees. Pari says I will make the divorce papers, I will help you. Preeti says Pari you are so nice, Nimmi just spoils things. Nimmi hears this and says you are loving Pari, don’t forget she pretends and troubled us. Preeti says she is good to me. Nimmi says I will see till when this madness goes on. Preeti asks her to leave. Nimmi asks who was there with her in temple. Preeti gets tensed and asks what do you mean.

Nimmi says you did such things before, I had to pay for it. Preeti says I will slap you, Riya has sent you. Nimmi says Riya did not tell anything, I have seen you, this time no one will support you. Preeti asks who was with me. Nimmi says I don’t know, I know there was someone, you got scared, I understand when you are happy, sad, say lie and say truth. Nimmi goes. She thinks Dadi is giving me big responsibility, I have to be strict to Preeti and others.

Riya tells Bunty that Shanti told her that she will make her heir, I can’t tell this to Shivam and family. Shivam comes and hears her. Riya gets shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Will Riya tell Shivam? What is dadi trying to do, using Riya, nimmi and kaushaliya. Hope preeti does get into big trouble this time, serves her right for listening to pari. Why can’t anyone take decisions for themselves without consulting shanti? It’s about time sarla looked after her own house, isn’t it?

  2. I guess new season will come up now. The only issue now is to keep shanti sadan save.We have also seen Amit ki chalaki where he has cut the word “nahin” and then signed off the paper..Sarla ka episode toh ab band ho chukka hein.The only thing left is Preeti and Nimmi.Preeti and Lucky story reminds me of rab ne bana di Jodi of sharukh khan.Guess its going on same track.Lets see who will be new heir of Shanti Sadan

  3. Wat about paris younger sis. Moreover shanti sadan family is not ameer or entrepreneures to fix a responsible person to have its key and manage it. Its mere an ordinary family. Director is joking.

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