Mere Angne Mein 17th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 17th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya calling Riya and asking her to come home to help her manage the home duties. Riya asks her not to worry and says she will come home. Riya tells Shivam that she has to go home to assist Kaushalya. Shivam gets worried. Riya says she has to go home, its imp as Sarla’s news did not come till now. Shanti tells Kaushalya that good proposal has come and they would like Preeti. A man is shown on the way looking for Shanti sadan. Pari makes Preeti ready and does her makeup. Nimmi comes there and Pari argues with her. Nimmi asks Pari to get ready, as its Navratri and she should look good. Pari gets provoked by Nimmi and sits to get ready.

Preeti keeps the envelop and Pari sees it. Prabha comes to meet Rani and asks did she find anything about Sarla. Rani asks

her not to worry, Sarla will come. She gives some sugar for Prabha. Prabha asks her to use this situation and just take hold of this house. She asks Rani to show the men that Rani worries for this home and then she can see how they agree to her. Prabha asks for tea powder, and says she will return it. Bansi and Lallan find some tree and light diya there. The man comes there and greets the Ambe Mata. Shanti gets impressed by him and says we will sit and have a talk.

The inspector tells Raghav that he will find Sarla soon. Raghav and Shivam worry. The inspector says the goons are not professional kidnappers, we are trying out best. Raghav says its good if we get info soon. They leave. Everyone see the prospective groom very spiritual. Shanti asks Nimmi to bring Preeti. Pari sends Preeti and looks for the envelop. Nimmi goes in the room and Pari starts acting. Pari leaves.

Bansi and Lallan see police coming and hide. A devotee comes to pray near the tree and gets arrested by the police. Bansi and Lallan flee with sarla’s unconscious self. Shanti talks to the groom’s parents. The groom’s parents ask about Sarla and her kidnapping. Shanti laughs out and dismisses the fact by lying. She makes Kaushalya attend the guests. The guest ask about the girl. Pari and Nimmy bring Preeti. Pari shows her beauty and sits along Preeti. She thinks why did God made me so beautiful. The guy smiles seeing Pari. Kaushalya calls Riya and Riya says she is on the way. Shanti talks about the Family. The Groom’s mum accepts the proposal. Shanti asks Kaushalya to bring sweets. Shanti asks the guest to sit and she will come.

Police does not get any clue of Sarla. Raghav says we will leave for home now. Bansi and Lallan think what to do of Sarla. Bansi gets an idea and starts crying as he lost his family member. Shanti checks the ring and says to Kaushalya if they give ring, we will gift the ring in exchange, else no. Groom’s mum asks again about Sarla and says she wants to exchange rings between the groom and bride. She wants photos and videos to be taken.

The Groom gets up and asks Pari to give her hand. He holds Pari hand and make her wear Ring. Pari says are you mad. Shanti shows Nimmi and says this is the girl. I have sent Nimmi’s photo. The Groom’s mum says you have send Pari’s photo. The Groom says I like Pari and all gets shocked.
Bansi takes Sarla on the cart and starts acting, police came to him and ask about the Sarla’s unconscious self body lying on the cart. The police shows him Sarla’s photo and asks about her whereabouts. Bansi says he didn’t see any such woman. Police leaves.
Ashok comes to canteen and sees some persons asking for Amit. Amit hides. People starts fighting with each other.Ashok tries to stop them ans sees Amit hiding his face by applying flour on his face. The goons beat Ashok and asked him about Amit.Amit watches all this and the goons says asks Amit to tell we came here. Shanti is really worried. The groom’s mum says our son is right, we will make Pari our bahu.The groom’s mum scolds Shanti and they exchange heated argument with each other. Pari says to groom leave from here I will kick you out. Shanti asks about the photo which she sent for proposal,the groom’s mum says she didn’t brought the photo along with her. They keep on arguing. Riya comes and tells the Groom’s mum to stop arguing and leave.Riya says we have sent Pari’s photo and the groom’s mum says we are leaving.
Riya tells Nimmi has kept Pari’s photo in the Envelope. Shanti scolds her and ask whose picture she has sent. Nimmi gets tensed.

Raghav and Shivam are on the way. Bansi and Lallan see them and get stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wats Riya’s problem?she s really iritating

  2. wat is wrong with riya, am hating dis serial nOW

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