Mere Angne Mein 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya calling some man to make a new bed. Shanti and Kaushalya are relieved that Riya did not call police. Shanti asks Riya whats this drama. The man says I will get items tomorrow and make the bed. He goes. Riya tells Shanti that she will never leave Shivam. Sarla and Amit buy a second hand phone. He asks her to keep it in new box. She says its for Chanda, not Shanti. He asks really, don’t worry, I will give her the phone. Sarla asks why. He says I will drop you home and go there, since Riya turned her face away, I want to teach her a lesson. Sarla says Rani bites me more, Riya is better. They leave.

Nandu is on the way. Preeti calls him. He thinks what to do, Preeti called for the first time, don’t know to get happy or sad. She calls him again. He answers well.

She asks about the house. He says I can’t hear you, I will reach home and talk to you. Sarla and Amit come to Shanti Sadan. Shanti taunts Riya. Amit shows the phone.

Sujeev and Sharmili talk to the man. Nimmi and Pari hear them. Sharmili gets shocked seeing Nimmi and Pari behind. Sujeev asks Sharmili about the jewelry. Sharmili says its Nimmi’s jewelry, I was giving it to jeweler, and returns it to Nimmi. Sujeev asks whats the need to give jewelry. Mama says for selling in bad time. Sujeev says are you mad, I will shoot you. Sharmili says I gave jewelry to get it polished. She asks Nimmi to go to room and keep the jewelry. Pari thinks to check the jewelry.

Amit tells Chanda that its smartphone, he will train her to use it. He asks Chanda how is she, he could not meet her. Sarla asks Amit why is he asking all this. Riya says Amit, Chanda is staying well here, she gets many gifts here, if Shanti is here to fulfill all needs, then there won’t be any problem. Chanda says I don’t want any phone. Amit says I got it by love, keep it. Sarla calms down Amit and asks him to leave. Amit drinks juice and stares at Chanda. Riya observes this. Sarla says now leave, its late. He leaves.

Sarla says we will take a feslie. Riya laughs and corrects the word selfie. Sarla says I know and takes selfie with Chanda. Riya reminds Shanti that marriage can’t happen till 6 months. Sarla says yes, but arrangements can be done, don’t worry.

Nimmi sees the jewelry and says how did Sharmili get this. Pari looks on and thinks to get the jewelry. Nimmi keeps the jewelry in the cupboard. Sarla likes a saree. Shanti asks her to keep it, my Shivam is marrying the girl of my choice, I will fulfill all my wishes this time. Sarla asks Shanti about her promise. Shanti asks what promise. Sarla says you said you will give me Chandrahaar if I get nice girl for Shivam. Shanti says you will get it later.

Shanti asks Chanda to say if she does not like the saree. Chanda says no, its good. Shanti says I m thinking to get your and Shivam’s engagement done. Riya looks on. Shanti says marriage can’t happen according to court papers, but engagement can happen. Riya likes the idea and says I will help you in doing their grand engagement, but don’t dream about marriage, Shivam still loves me a lot, if you don’t believe, fine, I will prove it. Shanti asks her to prove it then, I will get Shivam married and you will sit crying somewhere.

Kaushalya asks Preeti to have food. She sees her packing bag and asks are you going somewhere. Preeti says I m married, should I tell you everything, Nandu is getting house by railway office, so I m doing packing to go to my palace. Kaushalya likes the good news and says you will have your own house. Preeti says you are wishing I leave from here, if you told before, I would have stayed on road. Kaushalya says you are talking bitter, person is responsible for what happens in life. Preeti says don’t give me lecture, stop it, I m going and won’t come back to see your face, don’t trouble me, else I will leave right away. Kaushalya cries and leaves.

Riya thinks Sarla and Shanti got Chanda here to get her married to Shivam. Shanti asks Kaushalya to choose her saree. Kaushalya murmurs about Preeti. Shanti asks what happened. Kaushalya says Nandu is getting a house. Shanti says its good news. Kaushalya says Preeti can’t happen house alone, Nimmi is different, she can do everything, Preeti is broken within, she thinks we are enemies. Shanti says we all will help her. Chanda says Shanti is right. Kaushalya smiles and sits to choose saree.

Riya sits washing her clothes. Riya falls down and gets hurt. Shivam comes running to her, and cares for her. She says I can’t get up. He lifts her. Shanti asks what are you doing, where are you taking her. Shivam makes Riya rest on the sofa and checks her leg, by shutting the door and turning the curtains on. Everyone get shocked.

Shanti says you said you can’t get up. Riya says I had to proof Shivam loves me. Shanti says you are playing game with me, I need to give you an answer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vow riya good great job done

  2. nice episode its nice to see shivam care for riya

  3. Ragini

    Star plus has lost its charm they show boaring serials.They should show serials like swaragini krishna dasi and Naagin

    1. posting same comment everywhere o.O ,,,,trying to promote Swaragini????

  4. Awesome episode today. Enjoyed a lot after long..

  5. Is nearly four weeks since I read the update of this serial. They are still tryiing to outwit each other. This Shanthi has given birth to some really evil, low down human beings whose only objective in life seem to be grab money, hurt and insult others. Star Plus has totally lost track of the story. What an awful serial

  6. Good job Riya.

  7. Star plus is losing its position bcoz of borng shows like sathiya…tamnna….i think…colors serials are …far nor entrtng dn …stars

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