Mere Angne Mein 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti coming to meet Sarla. Sarla hides the food and says she was worried for her, after what all happened. She starts her drama and shows concern. Shanti says she has come to see her. Pari acts along and says mum did not eat anything. Kaushalya talks to Nimmi. Nimmi says Dadi did drama, she took vitamin tablets, let her come, I will see her. Kaushalya asks why did she go in her room, don’t tell anyone. She gets tensed. She goes and opens the door. Raghav comes home and calls out Shanti. Kaushalya says she has gone out.

They tell him that they tried to call Dadi and she is not receiving call. Raghav calls Shanti and asks where is she. He says fine and ends the call. He says she has gone to meet Sarla, arrange food, everything is fine. Shivam and Riya attend

the class. The man asks them to give their uniform measurements. He says we all will take pledge today and asks Shivam and Riya to come. She smiles seeing him. He asks them to pledge that they will work for the company. Riya and Shivam pledge together. He gets a call and leaves. Bunty says did his GF call. Shivam says I will come on time, don’t worry, I will help Phupa ji. Riya goes to hear his conversation.

She talks to some guy who makes her busy and Shivam leaves. Riya asks him to talk later, she is in hurry. Kaushalya tells Raghav that Nimmi has passed with third divison. He gets angry and asks her to work hard, elders are not her enemies, they tell for the good. He sits to eat and says he wants to see them independent, and then they will think about their marriage. Shivam comes home. Raghav calls him and he joins them for food. Sarla says he worries for Raghav, he works all day and don’t know he got food or not. She says she is thinking to stop Sonal’s studies, as its very high fees. Shanti says I will adjust something.

The sisters talk to Shivam. Nimmi says she will expose Dadi today. Shivam says leave it, dad is at home. Nimmi says its good, Dadi is not at home, its so peaceful here. He smiles and says lets end the game today. He says lets do it, Shashikala vs Srivastav siblings and they join hands laughing. Riya comes home and sees balloons, decorations and calls out her dad. Her dad makes the cake for her. She asks whats all this. Her dad and brother congratulate her. She says thanks, who told you this, Bunty? She says she spoiled the surprise. Riya says she is thinking something.

She says her salary is 15000rs, why don’t they invest 5000rs in retirement plans. He asks her to manage it. She says cake looks different. He says I tried my best, and her brother jokes on the cake. They celebrate. Nimmi asks Kaushalya not to take tension. Raghav stops Shivam and talks to him.

Kaushalya gives him tea and wants to tell him. Raghav asks the kids do they have to go to room and sends them. They see Shanti coming home. Raghav goes to see. He asks where was she. Shanti starts her drama and says Sarla is upset, so she went to talk to her. He asks what happened to Sarla. She tells him everything adding more spice in it. Kaushalya worries. Raghav gets shocked knowing what all happened. He gets angry on his family. Nimmi tries to tell about the vitamins tablets.

Sarla’s husband comes home and tells her that they got a good proposal for Pari. Pari says she is not in hurry and asks what does the guy work. He praises the guy and they get glad that he is rich. He then says that the guy supplies vegs in his canteen. Sarla gets angry and Pari argues. Raghav says its enough now and Kaushalya falls in Shanti’s feet to apologize to her. Nimmi says forgive us, I just wanted to say Dadi has eaten vitamin tablets not sleeping tablets and shows them. Shanti recalls that and starts acting again. Raghav is stunned.

Shanti cries and says she is ashamed that she is not educated, she wanted to die and failed. He asks Raghav not to leave home, else people will gossip that I have divided this home. She hugs Nimmi and gets angry. She says she has forgiven her and Kaushalya. She asks Raghav to promise he will never leave house for her sake. He says fine, but we have to apologize to Sarla. She says she went to apologize and Sarla has forgiven them. Shanti says she will not go for Chaar Dhaam. She thinks she will answer Nimmi tomorrow.

Sarla argues with her husband. Pari says dad if you force us, we will go. He asks where, to Nani’s house, where else can you go. He asks Sonal not to become like them, he wishes they understood right and wrong. He says he has told them that they can come to see Pari. Sarla asks him to refuse. He says he gave his word. Sarla scolds him and he leaves.

Its morning, Raghav gets ready. Kaushalya helps him and he gets annoyed. She asks him to trust her, she will not let anything wrong happen in this home. She says he did not think how will she love without him. He says even I can’t live without you, if anything happened to mum, it was also tough to live. She cries and he looks at her. He goes back to the room and gets teary eyed.

Shanti plays the radio. A girl says about her Dadi troubling her a lot. Shanti thinks she had heard this story. The man suggests Kaushalya to make the lady go in acting company. Shivam looks on and smiles. Kaushalya comes and brings tea. Shanti starts arguing and scolds her. He goes to Preeti and asks what is she doing, Dadi has identified her voice on radio, what will she do now. She says what, I m scared. He says I m with you, go and meet her once. She says I have just….

Nimmi gets ready and asks Kaushalya for money to fill admission form. Kaushalya asks her to wait. Shanti asks her to sit at home, Sonal will teach her at home. Nimmi says she has to go college. Shanti thinks and starts drama. Shivam stops Preeti and says he was joking. He says good job, thanks to you and RJ. He says he will drop her. Shanti sees Raghav and sneezes. Raghav asks is she not well. He asks Nimmi to call doctor. Shanti says she is taking tension about Nimmi, she goes so far to collage but result is same, time and money waste. She says Sonal will teach Nimmi and get some money to study ahead. Raghav says I will see about this.

Riya talks to Bunty. She bumps into Shanti at a function and breaks her slipper. Shanti asks who will pay for it, your parents? Preeti and Nimmi tease Shivam about Riya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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