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Mere Angne Mein 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with arrangements being done by Bua ji at Riya’s home. She asks the men to send the kirana items and asks Bunty to check everything. Kaushalya is annoyed with Raghav. He gives her a letter and flowers. He apologizes to her and she smiles. She keeps the letter and is glad. Pari talks to her BF. Sarla is doing arrangements. Shanti sees Kaushalya smiling, and puts water near her, to make her shocked. She asks why is she smiling, and takes her flowers. Kaushalya is still happy to have one flower gajra with her, and sits smiling to wash the utensils.

Shanti asks Nimmi to clean Shivam’s room, as she will give that room to Amit and the new bride. Nimmi argues and Shanti asks her to be ready to go off home, as Shanti will find a guy for her and get her married. She asks her

to bring the designer clothes she made. Rani comes to meet Amit and Sarla, and says she has made gold earrings for Amit’s to be wife, and asks him to give it to his wife. Sarla cries doing drama and sends Rani. She takes the eearrings and asks Sonal not to let Rani come in the functions. She leaves.

Rani goes to her home and cries. Her aunty asks her not to worry, and says Sarla is not a right woman. Rani says Sarla will stop her from going in marriage, but she will attend it. Raghav likes Nimmi’s designs and she gets glad. Shanti passes some taunts. Nimmi says she wants to go off from this jail. Shanti beats her and Nimmi leaves. Sarla comes to them. Raghav compliments Kaushalya. Sarla and Nimmi have an argument. Nimmi shows the bridal dress she designed, and Amit likes it a lot. Sarla says she did good work. Amit likes all the decorations and arrangements. Bua ji asks Anupam did the mehendi come from Sarla’s side and he says no. Bua calls Sarla and Shanti gets the call. They have an argument. Bua asks Shanti to send haldi and mehendi from groom’s side and ends the call. Shanti says does anyone talk like this with groom’s family. Bua says she spoke to groom’s Nani, she felt she knows her, I don’t like that lady. Anupam says nothing like that.

Bua’s bahu comes and Bua takes her to show the room. Anupam sees the arrangements. Riya’s sangeet is going on, and everyone dance. Bua ji dances along the girls. Ashok takes Rani along to Shanti house. Sarla, and the girls dance in sangeet, while Kaushalya plays the dhol. Sarla grinds the haldi. Kaushalya dances with her daughters. Shivam comes home. Sarla gets shocked seeing him return so early. He says train was early and goes to freshen up. The sisters stop him, saying Amit has taken his room, and send him to their room. He gets angry.

Ashok brings Rani there and Rani greets Sarla. Sarla gets tensed seeing her, and Rani says I have come. Sarla asks her to do any work if she has come. Shanti asks Sarla to come. The house swings in happiness. Sarla dances in haldi function. Raghav asks Kaushalya to dance, and he wants to see her dancing. She says everyone is here. Shanti looks at them and comes to hinder. She asks Raghav to come and dance. Raghav dances with them. Kaushalya smiles seeing him. Shanti goes and dances.

Riya sits for her haldi and wears yellow saree. Bua ji says this will get haldi and her mum will bless her. Bunty gets sad. Riya says she will come to meet Bunty anytime. The haldi ceremony is done. Sonal goes to call Amit, and the haldi falls on Shivam’s hand. Sarla looks on worried. Sonal says its good shagun, you will get married soon. Shivam looks on.

The girls meet Riya, and say about their relation with Shivam and Amit. They say Shanti is their Nani, and Riya looks at Bunty being confused.

Update Credit to: Amena

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