Mere Angne Mein 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking everyone to keep Preeti’s marriage in 20 days. Kaushalya says I will make list and asks Sarla to stay. Sarla says I will come later and make final list. Shanti asks her to help Kaushalya in work. Sarla says I will come daily and goes. Riya tells Kaushalya that we will make list and then distribute the work, we will talk to Shanti first. Shanti thinks this is Riya’s real test, lets see how she manages. Nimmi tells Kaushalya that she will make Preeti’s lahenga. Shanti says I will come with you for shopping. Kaushalya says we have designer at home, and asks Shanti about 1 kg fruits. Shanti says it should be 5 kgs, your wish.

Kaushalya says if we keep marriage soon and functions together. Shanti says yes, its good idea, tell this to Sharmili. Preeti

looks on sad. Shanti asks Kaushalya to call jeweler. Shanti tells the chain, necklace, anklet and what all things needed. Riya worries for expenses. Kaushalya says I want to give three sets to Preeti. Shanti asks her to fulfill all her wishes and desires, we will do that grand. Kaushalya says I promised Sarla that I will give her Chandrahaar, and tells what jewelry she noted. Shivam comes and Nimmi says she wants a set as well. Preeti gets Mohit’s call and goes from there. Nandu cries seeing the preparations and says I can’t see Preeti getting married.

Riya says we will make jewelry for Preeti and Vyom first, it will be nearly 2-3 lakhs, then we will think about family. Shanti thinks now it will be fun. Shanti says we have kept money for Preeti’s marriage, it will be grand, you spend your monthly salary to run home, don’t do anything less to ruin our respect, I will handover money to you. Kaushalya says I will give Chandrahaar to Sarla, she did big favor on me by getting this proposal, this time Riya won’t refuse.

Sujeev is at home. Sharmili, Mama and Vyom come home. Sujeev asks where were you since morning, and tears the cheques angrily. He says this month, you won’t get money, run home anyhow. Sharmili asks why did you listen to me first, you did right. Pari comes there and looks on. Sharmili says Sujeev we went to do a big work, we fixed Vyom’s marriage. Sujeev gets glad. Sharmili says you have to sign big cheque now. Sujeev says sure. Pari says my sister is very nice, as they all assume so. Sujeev asks don’t you think so. Sharmili thinks Pari should not say bad about Preeti. Pari asks Sujeev to ask Sharmili. Sujeev says if mummy chose her, the girl would be good, congrats Vyom, I m very happy for you. He asks what amount cheque you want. Sharmili asks him to think and give. Pari says this time I also want a big diamond necklace. Sujeev agrees and asks Sharmili to make same jewelry for both bahus. Sharmili agrees.

Preeti disconnects Mohit’s call. Shivam comes to her and asks is she nervous about marriage. She says nothing like that. He says today I knew you are grown up now and will go in few days, do you like the guy, we did not as your wish, tell me if you have any doubt. Mohit calls again. Shivam asks do you like the guy, you know we always share things. Preeti says I like this proposal, I have no doubt. He asks sure and hugs her. He asks her to make a big list of whatever she wants, he will get anything, now stop crying.

Mohit calls Nandu and requests him to make him talk to Preeti once, I can’t stay without her, I love her a lot. Nandu says you don’t think of doing anything, Shivam will beat you, don’t take Preeti’s name, forget her, nothing can happen now. He ends call and cries. He says I should have told Mohit the truth, that Preeti’s marriage is fixed, he can stop this marriage, Vyom will break relation with Preeti, my way will be clear for me, no one will marry Preeti then, I can marry her. He stops himself and says I love Preeti, I can’t do this with her, but…

Bindu comes to Sarla’s house and looks for property papers. Rani asks what are you doing. Bindu says ask Sarla, she is taking Nirmala’s property. Bindu tells that Sarla kept the papers and I want it. Rani argues and asks Bindu to go out of Amit’s room. Bindu pushes Sonal and asks Rani where are the keys. Sarla comes home and Rani and Sonal tie Sarla and Bindu together with ropes. Sarla asks Bindu why did she come. Bindu asks for papers. Sarla says I don’t have. Bindu says I will call police. Sarla denies everything. Bindu says I will sit on hunger strike and not get up, give me papers. Sarla says I will call police. Rani calls police and inspector scolds her. Rani tells Sarla that police is coming. Sarla asks Bindu to leave, and takes her purse also. Bindu taunts Sarla and they argue. Bindu runs.

Shanti talks to jeweler and says Preeti’s relation is fixed, we want chain and ring for groom in 15 days. He says it will be costly to make it so soon. Shanti says I will not see rates this time, show the designs. Riya and Shivam look on. Shivam says they are so happy, I will enjoy Preeti’s marriage a lot. Riya says yes, we have to see we take care of this responsibility well. He says yes, and Nimmi told me you took class of neighbor aunties. She says yes, they were creating issue, promise me, you won’t get temper if Mohit does anything in marriage. He says fine, I have some work now. He goes.

Shanti says we are seeing for groom, they will get ring for Preeti. She checks the designs. Riya looks on. Kaushalya shows the designs. The man says it will cost 3 lakhs. Riya asks 3 lakhs? Shanti says we want it within 15 days. The man says fine, and asks for advance. Kaushalya asks Riya to get money. Riya thinks to smartly spend money.

Shanti gives the money and asks him to do work soon. Riya gives 5000rs. The man asks what a joke, give atleast 10000rs advance, as order is of 3 lakhs. Riya goes and gets more money. Shanti says don’t feel bad of Riya, her training is going on. The man leaves. Shanti asks Riya what happened. Riya says nothing. Prabha runs and stops Bindu, asking what happened now. Bindu tells her that Sarla took Nirmala’s property papers, I will go to Ashok’s stall and find out whats cooking there. Prabha says Ashok can’t help. We have to do something. Sarla and Rani look on from balcony. Prabha asks her to think well and find some way, I will see that Sarla.

Sarla asks Rani to see Prabha. Rani says I m with you, get a saree for me. Sarla scolds her. Rani says that lady inspector scolded me and said she won’t come, its good. Rani keeps the water and Sarla asks her to drink it first. Rani says I got this for you. Rani asks about papers. Sarla does not tell her anything and makes Rani thank her.

Riya shows the list to Shivam and asks him to check it, we will show it to Raghav in morning, we will apply loan in office and then manage finance well, everyone is excited for Preeti’s marriage, I don’t know how to manage. He says it will all be fine, don’t worry. She says I m just planning. He says we have to give anything if the groom’s family asks for. Riya says I will not give dowry if she wants, I don’t support dowry. He says even I don’t, but there are some rituals by elders, we have to agree, we all will manage well. She says yes, but I have some tension, will you support me. He smiles and says always, please stop taking tension. They hug.

Nirmala asks Ashok about Sarla, does she not miss you. Ashok says no, I keep myself busy in work all day. She asks him to call Sarla to know her welfare, He says I will talk to her when I want, Sarla troubles you and you are taking her side. She thinks she wants to know if Bindu went there or not. She says if Bindu knows about papers, don’t give it to her. He asks her not to worry, I will not give land papers to Bindu. She thinks he is innocent and will support me.

Shani goes to room and calls Sarla. She asks Sarla to call Pari’s home, you have to call them but not by our name. Sarla asks what are you saying. Shanti says call by some other name. She says call Sharmili and praise Preeti, tell her that you also want to get your son married to Preeti, so that Sharmili will hurry to do marriage. Sarla says fine, I will call, and tomorrow morning Sharmili will be there. Shanti praises her mind and apologizes to her husband’s pic, that she is doing this for Preeti.

Raghav asks Riya to work hard and manage the responsibility well, there should be no mistake, think a father is saying this to his daughter. Shivam looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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