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Mere Angne Mein 17th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya thanking Shanti for allowing Shivam to do what he wants. Shanti asks her to be away from swing, till he makes her heir. Kaushalya looks on and thinks Riya made Preeti away and sending Shivam in risk, Sarla is right, Riya is making me away, don’t know what black magic she learnt. Nimmi comes home and tells Shanti about seeing Pari with new neighbor, trust me. Shanti asks why did you start again, maybe Pari met some relative. Riya says Nimmi is same house bahu, she would know relations. Nimmi says that guy is MLA’s son, he is working in Shanti Sammelan. Shanti asks her to go. Kaushalya taunts riya indirectly and asks Nimmi to come along.

Sarla gets Varun’s Bua Laxmi to Shanti Sadan. She says Shanti is old and lost senses, she feels I m old. She shows Kaushalya

and says she is his Bhabhi and very greedy. Sarla takes her inside house. She introduces Laxmi to Shanti and praises Badri’s son Varun. Nimmi says now you believe me, Pari was with Varun. Sarla says Pari works a lot. Nimmi says I know, she is roaming out. Sarla says Nimmi started again. Nimmi and Riya laugh.

Bua says Varun apologized for that day fight, he will come some day and apologize. Shanti talks to them. Sarla asks Kaushalya to get tea and snacks. Kaushalya goes. Sarla asks Laxmi to sit, she will just come. Laxmi Bua stares at Nimmi. Varun proposes Pari. Pari accepts his proposal and says I will marry you, I want it to be simple. He says it will happen as you want. He smiles.

Sarla goes to kitchen to talk to Kaushalya. She praises Varun and says whoever girl marries him, her fate will be good. Sarla says I m thinking to talk about our girl. Kaushalya gets glad. Sarla says I told Laxmi about girl’s first marriage, they have no problem if girl is poor, you talk of good standard, they should not feel we are poor. Kaushalya agrees. Riya comes and they stop talking. Riya takes snacks. Sarla thinks Kaushalya got mistaken that its about Nimmi’s proposal. Kaushalya asks Nimmi not to wash utensils, the maid will come and wash. Shanti and Riya get shocked. Nimmi asks which maid. Kaushalya says who came every day. Shanti says what happened to Kaushalya now. She asks whats this story of maid. Sarla laughs and says nothing, you forgot. She winks to Shanti. Shanti asks Laxmi to go now, you can come later. Sarla says no, she will come in evening, I invited her in my birthday party. Shanti says no. Sarla winks again.

Sarla lies and asks Laxmi to come. Nimmi says Sarla is going to do something. Riya says I also think so. Sarla introduces Nimmi. Kaushalya smiles. Sarla praises Nimmi. Shanti says so we will meet in party, come with gift. Sarla says she is funny. Laxmi says its fine, I will come with gift. Kaushalya tries to show high standards and values. Shanti looks on. Sarla sees off Laxmi.

Sarla says I will also leave now. Shanti says come with me to room. Riya and Nimmi wonder whats the matter. Nimmi says maybe Shanti involved Sarla in heir game. Riya says anything can happen. Sarla calls Pari. She asks are you with Varun, invite him in my birthday party today. Pari says but your birthday… Sarla says I can celebrate anytime, invite him. Pari agrees. Varun asks what happened. Pari says its my mummy’s birthday, will you come to Shanti Sadan. He says yes, I will meet your friend. He asks him to be away from Nimmi, they are poor people. He recalls Nimmi. He says as you say.

Shanti asks Kaushalya and Sarla since when do they start manipulating. Sarla says Varun is a nice guy, I have seen him, he is great. Shanti asks who is in our house for marriage. Sarla signs Kaushalya and says there is someone, so I invited them in party. Kaushalya says I m with Sarla, Laxmi is nice. Sarla asks Kaushalya to give water. Kaushalya goes to get juice. Shanti asks whats happening. Sarla says Varun likes Pari, Bua has seen Pari singing bhajan in temple. Shanti gets shocked.

Nimmi says I will not marry that guy. Kaushalya says if he agrees to marry you, I will get you married to him, understood? Nimmi and Riya get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amalina

    So basically, sarla and pari’s dramas are never ending! In my opinion, the director is indirectly trying to give a message to us – “honesty never helps, but if continue your dramas and evil plans, you will succeed!” I understood this message through sarla and pari’s never ending evil plans and even after being honest, Shivam and riya never succeeded! So basically this show was made to give us (viewers) this disheartening message.??? all the things I stated above is my opinion and may or may not be true. So don’t believe it after all it’s just an opinion.

    But I truly find this a waste time. I still can’t believe that in the beginning (when it was most boring) it used to telecast for a whole hour. I can’t even tolerate it for 20 mins (10 mins is actually the adverts divided into 3 sections, if u watch it on hot start u will see it about 20-22mins and he rest is just adverts!:). I only truly like this show when shivam and his siblings and Riya come together to do something. Even now seeing shivam and Amit cooperate although out of greediness, is a great to watch. Wished they did the same with nimmi, preeti and a better, less evil version pari although it’s impossible!?

  2. Ha ha ..I just go thru written updates to save Half an hour …On this boring episodes…

  3. You are so right. Most boring

  4. Boring, boring even to read the written update !!

    1. So, why did you read this.You can ignore.Right?

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