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Mere Angne Mein 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya requesting Shanti to get Preeti educated. Shanti fumes on Riya. Riya happily tells Shivam that she gave courage to Kaushalya to talk to Shanti. He panics and asks why did she do this mistake, she has sent a deer to a tigress, and worries. She says what mistake, I have done this to get nice proposal for Preeti, what will happen, Shanti can just refuse. He thinks how to tell Riya what will happen, and how did Maa agree to go. Shanti agrees to Kaushalya. Kaushalya thanks her and runs to inform Riya. She tells Riya that Shanti agrees. Riya smiles. Shanti looks at them and gets angry. Kaushalya says thanks to you Riya, you made Preeti’s life better, I m very happy. Preeti comes and asks what happened. Riya says don’t be tensed, its good news, you can go for your

job now. Kaushalya says Riya has done all this.

Riya says no, its because of Kaushalya’s try. Kaushalya hugs Riya and cries. I felt I did something in my life for my children for the first time, its big day for me, its all because of Riya. Riya says you did all this, I believe the one who tries never fails. Kaushalya says yes, but Shanti agreed so soon. Shanti recalls Riya’s words and gets angry, thinking Kaushalya will kick out Riya very soon, no one will save Riya.

Shivam comes to Kaushalya and says I m glad that you spoke to Dadi, I m proud of you. He thinks he did not know Shanti will agree so soon, is this any peace before storm and worries. Sujeev comes downstairs and asks why are mummy and Mama awake. Sharmili says how will I sleep, Pari and Vyom did not come back home till now, I feel scared being worried for you. She cries and hugs him. She rungs the bangles to irritate him. Sujeev says I will not leave them for coming home, Mama where is the gun. Sujeev takes the gun and shoots, asking where is that bad Pari. Pari and Vyom get shocked and hide. Mama says Pari is there. Sujeev aims gun at Pari to shoot her. Sharmili asks Sujeev to scold them, and get answer from them.

Pari says she was doing puja and got late. Vyom says yes and calms Sujeev. He takes gun from him. Sujeev gets normal and asks Vyom why is he having gun in hand and why is Pari hiding. Pari says I was playing hide and seek. Sujeev tells Sharmili that Pari’s madness is increasing, I m worried, we have to take care to doctor soon. Sharmili says yes, you said right, she is getting mad, I will get them treated, don’t worry.

Shanti goes to kitchen and says Riya has won everyone in this house and angrily eats green chillies. She sees Riya sitting on her swing and gets shocked. Riya asks are you shocked, I told you I will change the mindset, see your bahu has spoken today for her daughter’s right, this did not happen in 25 years and happened today. She smiles.

Riya says I have made Sarla leave this house and I will change your rule, your domination is near the end. Shanti’s imagination ends and she worries. She says nothing will happen till I m alive and gets angry. Pari goes to mee Vyom. He asks why did she come, did she not see the issue. She says I think Sharmili is doubting us. He says yes, before she gets sure, you go from here, I don’t want new problems. Sharmili says I will have to talk to Vyom. Vyom says now he won’t come on picnic and asks her to refuse Sujeev. He warns her for not going alone with Sujeev. She says fine and leaves. Sharmili comes to Vyom’s room and he is not there. She thinks where did he do. Vyom and Pari were hiding behind the door. Pari says we got saved today. He says yes, and hugs her.

Raghav comes home and asks Shanti why is she awake till now. She is worried and tells him about the guy’s family wanting a working bahu, Riya came and spoke to them, Riya did all the work and they liked her, they wanted a girl like Riya, what was the need to say Preeti can study later, guy has come to see Preeti, not Riya. Raghav says Riya did not say right, we have made Preeti stop working and studies, you decided that so I did not say anything. She says you mean I m wrong, and Riya is right. He explains her that Riya is right, if Preeti does not study and earn, how will she get independent. Shanti says I know, study is fine, no need to work, why did Riya say wrong.

Raghav says it was just about thinking, our decision was wrong, if we allowed Preeti to study and work, she would have progressed in life, I agree with Riya. He gets call. She says listen to me. He says wait, Nandu calls him and says I m boarding train now and will call after reaching Moghalsarai. Raghav says fine. He tells Shanti about Nandu.

Raghav tells Shanti to sleep, he will also go and rest, he is very tired. Sarla argues with Ashok. He gets Nirmala’s call and talks nicely. Sarla scolds Nirmala and him. Ashok ends call and says you won’t understand me, Nirmala was talking about work. She says I understand well and worries. Kaushalya hugs Raghav and laughs. He asks what happened and asks her to be happy. she says we missed a good relation today, and Riya asked me to convince Shanti for Preeti’s studies and job, and Shanti agreed. She says Shanti is like coconut, her heart is soft. Raghav says you never do anything wrong. She says I will get tea for you. He says you know me well and rests.

Ashok talks to Rani about Sarla’s scolding. Rani advices her to reply Sarla as her way, then Sarla will get quiet. He laughs and says this won’t work. Its morning, Rani prepares for going picnic and asks Amit how is she looking. She says we will leave soon. Sarla comes and scolds Rani. She asks her to have some shame. Rani says she has ordered food for Pari. Sarla asks how did you get money to order food. Amit asks them not to fight and not involve him.

Sujeev asks Pari to come fast, they have to leave. She says she has stomach ache. He says he will give her medicines and asks him to get ready fast, picnic won’t be cancelled. Sharmili talks to her uncle and asks them to come, she will do all arrangements. She tells Sujeev and Pari to go, Vyom can’t come, as girl’s family is coming to see him. Pari and Vyom get shocked. Nirmala brings the food and gives Rani. Rani and Ashok welcome her and ask her to have tea. Sarla insults Nirmala. Ashok asks Nirmala to go, as Sarla does not respect even him. Nirmala leaves. Ashok and Sarla argue. Sarla says she will take homemade food cooked by Rani on picnic, and asks Rani to cook food, else she will go with Amit. Amit asks Rani to cook and do as Sarla says. Rani agrees.

Riya gets newspaper and looks for good jobs for Preeti. She shows the marked vacancies and apply. Preeti says I have also shortlisted and shows Riya. Shanti looks on. Riya tells shanti about finding a job for Preeti. Shanti asks her to find a job for her too, she also wants to work. Riya gets puzzled. Shanti smiles.

Kaushalya and Shivam stop seeing Shanti selling tomatoes on the road. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode.especially in Pari’s house their Hungama is too funny.Even Shasikala’s dream was incredible.Sarla started getting jealous.LOL.

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