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Mere Angne Mein 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya asking Shivam to apply for govt. job. He says I don’t want to do govt job and holds her hand angrily. She says fine, don’t do. He leaves her hand and says I m sorry. She asks him to promise, he will always be angry like this, he looks cute in anger. He says you are pulling my leg.

Pandit tells Shanti that her time is not going good, she can get a small puja and havan done, everything will get fine. She says I will be glad seeing the new generation. Riya thinks to tell Shanti that she is not ready for baby right now. Pandit gives the puja items list and goes. Shanti gives list to Kaushalya and asks for Raghav. Kaushalya says Raghav went to meet Saxena.

Nirmala asks lawyer about the divorce process. The man says I know some men who can do this work

in two days, they work for madam X. Nirmala sees Rajendra and thinks he is the pandit who did my marriage rituals, but he can work for me. She gives him money and he finds her voice identical. She denies and he goes. Lawyer tells Nirmala that her work will be done soon.

Riya talks to Bunty on phone and asks how shall I tell them that I m not ready for baby. Bunty asks her not to tell anyone, and just say you are trying and its not happening. Riya asks how can I lie. Bunty asks will they get happy if you say truth, how will they know truth if you don’t say. Riya agrees and ends call.

Shanti catches Saxena in the market and asks about Raghav. He says he met me and left. She asks whats the matter, tell me and stops him. He says sorry, Raghav asked me not to say anything. Nandu says I m feeling guilty to cheat Preeti, I don’t have courage to tell her truth. He sees Preeti coming and hides. His friend meets her and says he is Lucky’s elder brother. She touches his feet. He asks what are you doing, who are you. She says I m Lucky’s friend. He says I don’t like girl and guy friendship, I get angry seeing girls, you don’t meet Lucky ow, go away else I will do something. Preeti leaves. Nandu says its good she left.

Shanti and Kaushalya wait for Raghav at night. Riya asks Kaushalya not to worry, Raghav will come. Kaushalya says how did he get so late. Raghav comes and is worried. He says I will not have dinner and goes to his room. Riya says I will get food plate. Kaushalya says I will see him. Riya calls Shivam and asks when is he coming. He says I m not coming home tonight and jokes. She sees him outside house and asks him to come. She goes to get food for him. Shivam tells Kaushalya that he started saving for Nimmi. Shanti hears them.

Kaushalya asks him to see house’s state. Shivam says you feel just we do wrong and Dadi does right. He says I won’t have food and goes. Riya gets food. Kaushalya says he has gone, he used to be happy guy and now after marriage, he is always irritated. Riya thinks even Kaushalya is talking like Shanti. Shanti cries and calls Kaushalya. She says I can’t see Raghav in tension, after puja tomorrow, we will get Nimmi’s abortion done. Kaushalya cries and goes.

Riya takes food for Shivam and says I made this, have some food. He says wait and is busy. She says I will eat food, I made food and you don’t care. She starts eating. He asks what will I have now. She says there is still much food. He eats food. She says I think I should join job again, think well, you react now. He says everyone knows Papa is honest, new officer has taken this matter on ego, I trust Papa. She says I trust you and smiles. She asks how is the food. He asks shall I say truth, don’t get angry, its not good, sorry. She acts and goes. He asks what happened. She laughs and says sorry, I will tell Kaushalya to learn cooking, Kaushalya made this food. She goes. He smiles.

Shanti cries and says how will Nimmi raise child alone, its tough, I m not against her child, Nimmi is very young, how will she manage, the child has no father, who will help Nimmi, Shivam can’t help her forever, my decision is right.

Shivam asks where is Nimmi, she has my documents. Kaushalya says she went out with Shanti. He asks where did she go with Dadi, did they go to hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shiviya scenes is so nice i love it

  2. Kya he ye serial ????
    Main character it k pas mind nhi uska pti sanki he. Khushiya over acting krti he or usme to manufacturing defect he I think .
    Writter k pas story nhi to an Kya kre? ??
    Judai movie ki story li
    Rab ne banadi jodi ki story li dono Ko mix kiya or ek sada sa dish ready kiya MAM.

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