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Mere Angne Mein 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amit and Rani exchanging varmala. Amit does not bend and Rani jumps to make him wear the garland. Shivam bows down and Riya makes him wear the garlands. Kaushalya smiles and Shanti signs her not to smile. Shivam makes Riya war the garlands. Rani poses with Amit. Pari asks her to stand well, its her marriage, not fashion parade. Rani thinks she will see Pari when she comes to her home. The brides go upstairs. Shivam apologizes to Amit for the confusion. Every guest gifts Shivam. Amit gets annoyed. Nimmi asks Sonal to keep the envelops. Pari argues with her. Preeti tells Shivam that she is very happy for him.

Nimmi says we will take pics, smile now. They pose for pics. Shanti sees Sarla crying. Shivam and Riya sit in the mandap, along Amit and Riya. Shanti talks to

pandit and asks about Chandan haar given to Riya, can it be passed to Rani. The pandit says no, its traditions that Chadava should be kept for the one its bought for. Raghav says he has got the necklace. Amit passes it to Rani and throws it in her lap. He shows his anger. Shivam gives the necklace to Riya and also shagun clothes.

Kaushalya cries seeing her mum’s necklace and makes Riya wear it. Shanti makes faces. The pandit says every ritual was done by Shivam, maybe Lord wanted they both to marry. FB shows those scenes. Shanti tells about foot coloring ritual and Radha does it for Riya. She applies some red color to her foot and says she will do it for Rani too. Radha asks for nek. Shanti gives 100rs. Bua asks her to give more money, its shagun. The pandit asks the grooms to fill sindoor in their bride’s maang. Shivam says first Amit will do this ritual first. Amit fills Rani’s maang. Shivam fills Riya’s maang. Riya happily cries. The pandit tells about ghatbandhan and wedding rounds. Nimmi does the ghatbandhan for Shivam and Riya. Sarla’s goons think to ask money from Sarla and call her. The couples take the wedding rounds. The pandit says wedding is completed and the couples take the elders’ blessings. Bansi calls Sarla and says he is standing outside, he wants his money.

She gets tensed and says I m coming there. The sisters tease Shivam. Sarla meets Bansi and scolds them for not doing the work well. She beats them with her sandals. Ashok comes there looking for Sarla. She says they are thieves. They blackmail her and she stops Ashok from calling police. She says we will get some sweets for them. Ashok asks the thieves to learn from her goodness. He goes to get sweets. Sarla scolds them and says Shivam has run and Amit could not marry his love, I did not get 5 lakhs, which my mum was getting. They get stunned and run away. Riya’s bidaai is done and her family cries.

Bansi and Pappu come to Shanti Sadan to find the cash. Sarla says she will go to her home. Shanti says why, you will come to our home. Sarla starts her drama again. Bansi does not get the cash and tries finding it. Raghav pacifies Sarla and says be happy that Amit has got married too. Sarla says not with one he wanted to. Raghav says you decided to get him married to Rani, now take bahu happily. Sarla tells Shanti that everyone supports a son over daughter, and acts annoyed. Bansi tries finding the cash and says don’t know where that old woman has kept it. Riya cries hugging Anupam, Bunty, Sahil and Bua.

Rani’s aunty does Rani’s bidaai and teaches her to take good care of Sarla and Amit. Amit and Rani are on the way and he is upset thinking of Shivam and Riya. Amit gets down the car and asks Sarla asks him not to go. He says he will not come to Shanti’s home and see Riya there. He angrily leaves. Rani asks whats her mistake. Sarla scolds her and Rani argues with her.

Shivam tells Sarla that he has got Amit home by tying his hands and legs. Sarla gets angry and asks him to apologize. Even Raghav asks Shivam to apologize to Amit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  10. good episode and atlast they got married each other

  11. preeti kumari

    marriages are made in heaven…….

    this episode proves it……maja a gya

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