Mere Angne Mein 16th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 16th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti asking Nandu to fill her maang if he loves her. Nandu gets shocked. She asks why are you thinking so much, don’t you love me, were your promises false, one who love don’t think all this, take this and fill my maang, if you don’t love me, tell me once, I will go from here. Nandu sees Nimmi coming. Nimmi sees Preeti and he turns away. Nimmi asks what are you doing here, what is this sindoor. Preeti talks rudely. She sees Shivam coming and thinks if they see Lucky, they will not leave me and Lucky. Shivam apologies to Preeti and says I should have not raised hand on you. Preeti leaves. She says if they see Lucky then…. She calls Nandu. Shivam asks him to answer call, its disturbing. Nandu starts leaving. Preeti asks him to come. Nimmi says I heard Nandu’s

voice here. Shivam says what will Nandu do here, come. Preeti sees Shivam leaving and gets relieved.

Sarla says Amma called me for ghatpuja, but Nirmala is still on my head. Kaushalya takes care of Shanti. Shanti says when I said I will make you sit in my swing, you are serving me. Sarla comes and hears this. She gets shocked. Shanti asks what will you do when you sit on the swing. Kaushalya says I will tell Riya to shut up. Shanti asks will you show saas avatar and not care for house. Kaushalya says I will not sit on this swing, if I sit, I will run this house as you run, I will follow the path shown by you. Shanti sees Sarla hearing them. Sarla cries and asks did your heart eyes not see me now. Shanti asks what are you saying. Shanti asks why. Sarla says I wanted to see, do you know I m standing on the door or not. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get khichdi for Sarla. She asks Sarla to come to her room.

Nandu asks Preeti to come, we will marry today, come. Preeti says no, leave it, tell me did they ask you anything. Nandu says I don’t know them, what happened, why are you worried, who were they. She says my family. He says come, we will talk to them and take blessings for marriage, I have to meet your family. Preeti says no wait, its not like that, they trouble me a it, they can’t see me happy. He asks what did they do. She thinks I can’t tell him about Nandu, I will tell him after marriage, it does not matter if I don’t say, I can’t lose Lucky. She says they are jealous of my happiness, don’t meet them. She says they told Maa I m here and answers Kaushalya’s call. She says I m in temple, I m coming home.

She says I feel suffocated in that house, I feel like breathing when you are with me, if you don’t marry me, I will give up my life. She goes. Nandu worries and says Lord, you made me stuck. Sarla says you don’t start ghatpuja without me every year, why did you hurry up. Shanti says I called you, you said you have to do puja at your home. Sarla asks when did I say. Shanti sends Kaushalya. She asks Sarla to come.

She shows the saree for Sarla. Sarla says you are fooling me by giving saree, you made me an outsider, you made Kaushalya the heir instead me, don’t I have right on this house, should I not get chance to become heir. Shanti says leave me, I got bedsheet for you. Sarla throws it and beats her head angrily. Shanti asks why are you crying now. Sarla says you love Kaushalya more than me. Shanti asks her to stop the drama. Sarla asks her dad to see Shanti.

Sarla cries and says Kaushalya will insult me like always. Shanti says no. Sarla says I felt you will always worry for me, but you proved me wrong. Shanti says don’t say this. Sarla says you made me helpless to say this, you know why I sold my husband, I was fed up begging you, I was so ashamed, I had to make excuses always, you have broken all my hopes, you have not understood my needs. Shanti says fine, I helped you a lot, hiding from Raghav, you are responsible for not getting things, you sold Ashok, whats my mistake. Sarla says fine, its my mistake, I feel you don’t me to get anything, you made big house for yourself, did you think to make house for me, you say I m imp and you love me, this is not truth, the truth is you love Raghav and his family the most, I m just burden for you.

Shanti raises hand and says I wish to break your head, you started spitting poison alone. Sarla says I always get insulted, your decision showed my value in your eyes. Shanti says how to make you quiet. Sarla says I don’t want your fake pity, I m leaving. Shanti says listen to me, I told Kaushalya that I will make her heir, I gave you chance, you made house reach till auction. Sarla says you did not pay tax. Shanti says its your mistake, you could not manage your home, I will test Kaushalya, she is cow, but not a fool like you, she would have not let house get auctioned. Sarla says you are comparing me with Kaushalya. Shanti says you fell in my eyes, I understood Kaushalya is great, she always took care of you, you never respected her.

Sarla cries and says you did not call me for ghatpuja, Kaushalya was laughing on me. Shanti asks when will you understand, I did not call you so that you manage your house. Sarla says I don’t trust you now. Kaushalya comes there and hears them. Sarla says I m feeling my mum died when you got ill, you are someone else. Shanti and Kaushalya get shocked. Sarla comes out and scolds Kaushalya. She asks Shanti to make Kaushalya sit on swing, you proved daughter is outsider and bahu is yours, Kaushalya made me away from a mother, Lord will never forgive you. Kaushalya gets shocked.

Riya says I got advance for work, and gives to Shanti. Shanti asks why just 25000rs. Riya says I thought to get Kaushalya’s earrings first and got it. Shanti stares at Kaushalya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shanti doesn’t know about the wall breaking. Still nothing being done about the house documents.

  2. Dragging & dragging.
    greedy preeti..does she really lyk lucky?i think his property..shame on u..
    sarla again started her drama

  3. where is today’s episode.Its not updated.Please update fast

  4. Hy amena sorry to intrupt u BT dear I think its chaatpuja not ghat Puja….

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