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Mere Angne Mein 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Preeti and Nimmi to keep geyser on and makes Kaushalya covered in blanket. Shivam stares at Riya. Riya calls the doctor. The doctor checks Kaushalya and says she would have got pneumonia, its good Riya called, she is smart. Riya says I called him so that situation does not go out of control. Shanti says Raghav is calling, tell him what happened Shivam, Raghav gave you the responsibility. Kaushalya takes the call. Raghav wishes happy wedding anniversary. She also wishes him. He asks about Sarla. Kaushalya says everything is fine. He asks about children and Shivam. Kaushalya cries and says Shivam is doing his responsibility well.

He asks why is she sneezing, did she get unwell. Kaushalya says no, I was getting sleep now. She ends call. Shanti says Kaushalya

lied to save Shivam. Pari sits on the bed and Sujeev makes her get up. He scolds her. He asks why is she wearing such bad color saree, don’t wear this color saree again, go and change. She says okays. He asks what okay. She says you said you don’t like the saree. He asks how can she talk in high tone, she dislikes and breaks everything in the room. She screams and says she also knows to break things. He calms down and stops her, asking does she have any mental illness. She says you did all this.

Shivam throws things in his room. Riya comes and he argues with her. He blames her for all this. He scolds her for not wishing good for the house and putting everything on him always. She cries and says I was not discussing things, you forced me, I told you not to react, you slapped Nimmi, you did mistake and asked me to say sorry, I will not say sorry, I don’t know manipulating things and people. He raises his hand and stops. He asks what does she mean, his mum manipulates.

Riya says I called doctor as I care for Kaushalya, I should have not discussed this in my family, why does your family make a big scene out of small matter, this never happened in my home. He says whom do you have there, just your dad. I did big mistake by marrying you. Riya cries and leaves. Vyom comes to Sujeev’s room. Pari hugs Vyom. Vyom asks Pari what happened. Sujeev says I don’t know, Pari broke everything and now hugging you, we have to show her to doctor. Vyom leaves.

Pari apologizes to Sujeev and he hugs her. He says I should understand, you will need time to adjust here, I will take you out and keep a party at home, invite your family too, your saree looks so good, this color suits you. She says you said this color is not good. He says no, this is my fav color. She says fine, I will wear, eat and roam by your choice. He smiles. Preeti sits with Kaushalya. Nimmi says we shall clean the water downstairs. Preeti says you go, I will come.

Nimmi cleans the floor. Shivam sees her and feels bad that he slapped her. He cleans the floor to help her out. She says no need to help me. He says sorry, you know I did not raise hand on you till now. She says that’s why I feel more bad. She cries. He hugs her. Preeti comes there. Shivam apologizes again and says I forgot about surprise planning for parents, I can’t bear anyone saying about my sisters, even from Riya. Nimmi says fine, I will forget this. Preeti gets a call and goes. Nimmi asks what shall we gift. Shivam asks how much money you have. She says 5000rs. He says I will arrange 5000rs for the gift and hugs her. Preeti gets message from Mohit that he will wait for her all his life. She smiles.

Riya is angry and packs her bag. She cries and calls Bunty. She says I don’t want to stay here, no one understands me, not even Shivam. I m going home. Bunty says wait, tell me what happened. Riya says I m not able to adjust. Bunty says Anupam is heart patient, he will be sad if you leave home, solve the problem, don’t run away from situation. Riya says I tried, Shivam raised hand on me. Bunty asks what, tell him you will break his hand, but don’t break relation, people make gossip and life gets difficult. Bunty explains her that this will affect Anupam.

Bunty reminds Shivam warning Riya about his family, and even then Riya was ready to adjust. Riya says fine, I will try to solve problems. Bunty advises her not to be annoyed with husband for long time. Riya thanks her and ends call. Shivam takes Preeti’s phone and asks why is she smiling. Nimmi says I send her jokes, that’s why makes her laugh. Shivam says fine, I will read jokes. Nimmi says leave it, and asks about gift. Shivam says don’t ever think I will change, you both are my life. They hug. Riya looks on.

Pari gets Sarla’s call and disconnects. He tells Sujeev that mummy calls a lot of time, I will talk later. He insists that she should talk to her mummy, else he will talk. Sarla calls again and Sujeev takes the call. Sarla says she is in problem. Sujeev greets her and says I m your son in law, I told Pari to talk to you. Pari takes call and goes out to talk. Sarla says I m outside your house, come. Sharmili sees Pari leaving and goes to see. Pari gets shocked seeing Sarla’s Sadhvi look.

Sarla asks for help. Pari says you are acting, go to Nani, I m your daughter and know you well. Sarla says we are in real problem. Pari says ask Amit to leave Rani and marry any rich girl, Rani is problem. Sarla says I m serious. Pari says she will talk later. Sarla scolds her for not helping her. She sees Sharmili coming. Sarla leaves quickly.

Sharmili asks Pari whom was she talking, is she taking any Sadhvi’s help to do some magic on them. Pari says no. Sharmili scolds her and goes. Pari says listen, its not my mistake, my mummy has taken Sanyaas, she came to bless me. Riya recalls Shivam’s anger and cries. Mera naam ishq……………..plays………….. Shivam sees her and gets sad. He goes to Riya. He says Riya…. She says enough, not anymore. He leaves from the room.

Preeti goes out of the house. Shivam comes on terrace and Preeti hides seeing him. Kaushalya gets up and feels cold. She covers herself with blanket and wishes Raghav was there with her in this tough time. She says she can’t manage all this alone. Riya checks Kaushalya’s fever and gives her medicines. Kaushalya says she will take it later. Riya says you are annoyed with me. Kaushalya asks did I say anything. Riya says no, I m your daughter, I can see, and feeds the medicines to her. She asks Kaushalya to scold her, but take medicines on time. Riya says I m not that bad, just a bit different from you all. She asks Kaushalya to sleep and goes. Kaushalya cries and hugs Raghav’s pic.

Sarla asks Bansi to spread the news that Sarla has become Sadhvi, Shanti should know this. Rani calls Sarla. Sarla answers call. Rani asks where is she, and how is Amit. Sarla says she is Sadhvi Sarla, its time for her Sadhna now. Rani gets shocked. Preeti meets Mohit at night. He smiles seeing her. She sees Sarla in Sadhvi’s getup, and gets shocked.

Sarla does Sadhna…. And sings Jhuti Duniya….. Shanti, Kaushalya and Nimmi see her and get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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