Mere Angne Mein 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amit offering lift to Aarti. He asks her to come and have juice. She says it won;t look good. He says I don’t think much. She says others think. He says fine, I wanted to thank you, don’t feel bad. She says I did not feel bad and goes. He acts to faint. She asks what happened. Shanti prays for Kaushalya. Nimmi comes crying and says why all this happens in our house, I did not get mummy anywhere. Shanti asks her to call her uncle and find out, don’t ask directly. Some men help Amit. Aarti gives him water.

Amit asks her to sit. She asks him to have juice. He says I think Lord wants us to have it together, if you don’t drink, I won’t have it either. He does drama. She drinks juice with him and asks him to leave her hand. Amit does drama. She fans air. He gives

her a rose and saree. She gets shocked and gets away.

He asks her to keep it, he could not give her any gift that day. She says I have no right to take gift from you. He asks why did you take gift from Shivam, I don’t know what am I saying, I just said it, I was just thanking you. She says I did not do any favor, you were right that day so I helped. He insists. She says I can’t take this saree. He sits on knees and proposes her. She gets shocked.

Kaushalya wakes up in hospital. Raghav comes and asks is she fine, what happened. Doctor says she is fine, she can go home. Shivam comes and apologizes. Raghav asks what shall we do now, shall we die. Kaushalya cries. Raghav asks why did you drink again. Shivam tells the matter. Raghav gets shocked. Shivam says please forgive me, I won’t do this mistake again, else you kill me.

Aarti asks Amit how can he think this, he is a nice man, but its sin to hear this, can remarriage happen. Amit asks why can’t I get chance. Prabha and Bindu see them. Amit cries and does acting. Prabha says we will tell this to Rani. Amit tries to explain Aarti that he loves her. Aarti runs. Rani looks on and laughs. She says I m sorrowful for you, you are not getting any girl. Amit says I will marry Aarti. Rani says fine and laughs. Amit gets angry on shop vendor.

Shanti asks Nimmi to call Amit, ask him to find Kaushalya. Nimmi calls Amit and says Kaushalya is missing. He asks what shall I do, don’t call me, she will come back if she is alive. She gets shocked. He says what did I say, if Shanti heard this, it will be tension. Nimmi tells what Amit said. Shanti says I will see him. Aarti comes. Shanti gives baby to Nimmi. She asks Aarti from where did she come, did she know something about Kaushalya. Aarti says no, why, what happened to her, is everything fine. Shivam gets Kaushalya home. Shanti gets glad and says I was worried for you, where did you go. Shivam says she went to pandit to talk about my marriage. Shanti gets shocked and says remarriage can’t happen. Shivam says she came my office, and did big drama, she got adamant asking me to remarry, I can’t remarry. Shanti scolds Kaushalya.

Amit comes and sees Aarti. Amit says you said Kaushalya is missing, she is here. Shanti scolds Amit. Amit says my mood was bad, I fell from bike, I m fine. Pari says Shivam’s remarriage talk is happening. Amit thinks will Shivam win this time also. He asks about the girl. Pari says we did not get girl for him yet. He says fine, its tough to get girl. Shanti says remarriage does not happen in our house. She sends Kaushalya.

Amit massages Shanti’s leg. Shanti asks what do you want. Amit asks something. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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