Mere Angne Mein 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amit betting Rani for the game. Rani dances on Mere Haathon mein…….. in Shanti Sadan. Rani is very happy and misses Amit. Amit plays the game. His friend worries for him. The man shows the cards, while Rani falls down being tired of dancing. The man starts laughing in cheap way and Amit gets shocked of losing the game, as well as Rani. Sarla asks Rani to take a breath, she is dancing madly. Rani says I will take a lot, as I did not get a chance to dance in Pari’s sangeet.

The man asks Amit where is his wife. Amit says take double money from me, give me few months time. The man asks his goons to go and get Rani. He tells Amit that he should have thought this before betting his wife. Rani tells Shanti that she has to leave, Amit will be coming home. Sarla gets

annoyed. Rani says Sarla did not answer me anything today, she looks unwell. Shanti asks Rani to take tiffin and leave. Kaushalya says I wish you stay here till marriage, come early tomorrow, I want you to grind haldi and apply to Preeti first. Riya and Shanti look on shocked. Riya gets sad and looks at Preeti. She cries and asks Rani to come tomorrow. She says its good that Rani applies haldi to Preeti, but I have right too. Kaushalya says no need.

Riya asks why, listen to me. Kaushalya says its final. Shanti looks on. Rani tells Kaushalya that you give me much respect. Kaushalya says you deserve it, your heart is clean, that’s why I want you to do all rituals. She asks Riya not to touch Preeti, and just be in room. Riya cries and asks why are you saying this. Kaushalya requests her to not do anything now and thanks her for what all she did till now. She says I m here, its my daughter’s marriage, I will manage. Riya says I did this for Preeti’s good, I did not know this will happen, I m sorry. She leaves. Shanti smiles. Rani asks Kaushalya not to worry, I will do all the work. She asks Sonal to come. They leave.

Shanti looks for something in her room. Sarla asks what are you doing, I m getting dizzy seeing you. Shanti says you are supporting Riya a lot these days. Sarla says no, I just want marriage to happen peacefully. Shanti says no, you are favoring Riya as she has the rule. Sarla says its not like that. Shanti says I know everything, you are getting big greed for marriage.

Sarla starts emotional blackmail and says you don’t trust me now, when I die, then you will understand. Shanti says enough, don’t start it now. Sarla falsely cries and leaves. Pari apologizes to Sharmili. Sharmili says fine, but remember what I can do. Vyom and Mama keep the clothes back and leave. Pari thanks Sharmili and praises her.

Nimmi cries waiting for Kaushalya’s forgiveness. Kaushalya tells Preeti that she will not talk to anyone till she gets married, there is no sister and Bhabhi in her house, Rani will come soon and do all rituals. Nimmi asks Kaushalya why is she saying so, and apologizes. Nimmi says I wanted Preeti to meet Vyom so that they know each other, Riya did not know that Dadi refused to Sharmili, I lied to her that you are not at home and asked her to take Preeti with her soon. Kaushalya gets shocked.

Riya cries in her room. Shivam comes and asks are you worried again. She hugs him. He asks did anyone scold you again. He says when will that day come when you don’t cry. She says don’t joke, mummy ji stopped me from doing rituals and gave my duties to Rani, even Dadi scolded me and said I m making everyone away. He asks why do you do this, maybe you did any mistake, try to explain them. She says I explained but…. There is no use, I took Preeti to meet Vyom so that they can understand each other and problems after marriage will get less, I did not know Mohit will come there. Shivam gets shocked.

Nimmi says I forced Riya to leave, Riya wanted to ask you and go, but I insisted her. Kaushalya scolds her. Nimmi says I was tensed about Preeti. Kaushalya says if Mohit harmed Preeti, if marriage broke, what would you do. Nimmi apologizes. Kaushalya asks Nimmi not to worry for Preeti, you and Riya will be away from Preeti. Nimmi says don’t punish Riya for my mistake, try to understand. Kaushalya says I m foolish, I can’t understand. She cries and requests Nimmi to be away from Preeti. She leaves. Nimmi cries. Preeti hugs Nimmi and cries.

Shivam says I know your intention, but if this marriage broke, what would happen to our family, do one thing, be with me, atleast I will be there to explain you, I m worried by all this. Riya says I don’t understand, whenever I try to do good, bad happens. He says do one small thing, stop doing good, go and apologize to mummy. Riya says what wrong did I do, I feel someone wants to prove me wrong always. He says it means someone from my family wants to prove you wrong, fine don’t apologize, I will apologize from your side. He gets angry and leaves. Riya worries.

Rani wears a beautiful saree and asks Lord to send Amit, she can talk to him in Sarla’s absence. The door bell rings. Rani thanks Lord for answering her prayers. She opens the door and the men greet her. The man asks are you Amit’s wife. She says yes, and gets tensed.

The man tells Rani that her husband lost her in gambling. He says now you are mine.. Rani panics and asks Amit to answer her. Amit shouts yes, I lost you. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Again height of showing women in poor light and Indian epics twisting – Amit is no dharmraj then why this drama of pledging wife – what writers think of women shanti , sarla .pari over the top characterization ; kausalya , rani fools always – Riya a confused protagonist – please end such serials bring in real life wome characters as in meri awaz hi pehchan hai

  2. Waiting to see rani what will she do

    1. Yes, me too. Let Ria stay away from the wedding preprations and stay out of trouble. Can’t blame Kosalya for scolding Ria bz she is innocent uneducated home maker who is not exposed to the outer world. She waz tuned by her MIL to dance for her beats, she trust her and do thibgs according to her wish. She find happiness by making her MIL and husband happy. She expect her children to do the same, cant think more than this.

  3. I just agree with gopal women are shown of bad character and foolish

  4. Totaly drama pls writter make riya strong n strong open her eyes for shantis game

  5. So in these kind of marriages, they are fixed with the whole family from both sides deciding on everything, the bride and groom barely get to talk to eachother but the JOKE is it is so important that they meet once or twice after everything is fixed and right before the marriage. The most ridiculous thing ever!!! And nobody seems to get that. What is the point of meeting right before marriage and ‘try to understand eachother’? It is not like if there don’t agree on things, they can break it off. They do not have that choice. They might as well sit and get to know eachother after marriage. Stupid logic and stupid ignorance and sheeple just going along with it.

  6. I read Mam regularly, and thought that this serial is about women empowerment in its right sense but now it has proved all wrong of all its claim. Entrainment on the basis of bringing down the image of a modern women instead of upholding in esteem is lost. This this definitely not doing good to India since most of the people especially women consider any serial a reality than entertainment. Please keep the pollution away and let people breathe.

  7. Thoda b maza nai ara is seriol me..riya ek dam stupid lag rahi ho….kuch acha dikhao

  8. not a family programme,pl keep away from the serial.
    I think it’s motto of the writers

  9. This serial may have a dangerous impact on some unsuspecting viewers. Stop enhancing negativity!

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