Mere Angne Mein 16th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 16th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun scolding Aarti. Aarti cries. Kaushalya thinks Shanti can tell Chandra about Aarti. Chandra says what did you do, you slapped your bahu, oil box fell by her hands and she fell, I was just holding her. Shanti says I was scared seeing baby and slapped in anger. Preeti says yes, baby is Riya’s last sign. Shanti says Aarti is step mum. Chandra says I can understand, your fear is right, but she is your new bahu, its not right to behave this way with her, if Shivam knows this, how will he feel. She thinks he is like his Dada, he can tell Tau ji, if Tau ji comes here, it will be tough to make her leave. Shanti sits and hits herself with slippers. She asks Aarti to get away. They all ask her to stop. Shanti asks Aarti to apologizes and pulls her hands. Chandra gets a bucket

of water and pours water on Shanti’s head. Everyone gets shocked.

Rani asks Ashok to call Amit and ask how is he, he gets allergy by having brinjals. Ashok asks her why is she worrying if there is no relation, he is just a stranger now. She says yes, I m not weak. He says I knew your heart will melt, so I made Neem laddoo. Rani leaves. Ashok sends the laddoos by some guy. Rani thinks of Amit. She thinks why am I worried for him, I will not fall weak. She wipes her tears.

Chandra apologizes to Shanti. Preeti says Chandra did Shanti’s visarjan. He says I just thought of this way to get you to senses, you know why people do tapasya in Himalayas, so that Rishi’s mind stays calm, I want you to be calm, sorry. Shanti gets angry. Chandra says my Guru ji taught this way to me, elder’s beating is like blessing for young ones. Shanti says yes, you leave from here, go and rest.

Preeti says yes, we will apologize to Aarti. Chandra says I will go, but you have to accept my request, you all have to do satsang with me and repent. Preeti says we will come. He goes. Shanti gets angry and cries.

Aarti goes to her room and cries. She wishes Shivam comes soon, she wants to get free. A guy comes and keeps sweet box for Amit. Constable locks him. Amit comes. The guy asks Amit to help him. Amit asks what did you do. The guy says I got laddoo for you. Amit asks what laddoo and checks. He asks who has sent this. The guy recalls Ashok’s words.

He says no one, you had brinjal allergy, so I got this special laddoo to make you fine. Amit asks him to say truth. The guy thinks what to do, I will take Rani’s name. He says Rani has sent this laddoo. Amit says I knew Rani will send this. He hugs constable and frees the guy. He goes.

Pari feeds tea to Shanti. Pari says Chandra will know Aarti’s truth, then Tau ji will know this. Shanti feels cold. Nimmi says it was not Aarti’s mistake, baby was with me, the boy gave damaged container to Aarti. Shanti asks why did you not tell this before. Kaushalya asks her to be away from Aarti, she is bad character, she got her lovers to beat her husband, this is not small thing. Nimmi asks what.

Kaushalya says her husband said Aarti drinks wine too, Shivam can start drinking again. Nimmi asks how can you believe anyone. Shanti asks her to be quiet, its right, I have to make her out of home. Kaushalya says she can get us beaten by her lovers. Preeti says Charn has broken our relations. Pari says she maybe planning against us also. Shanti asks Kaushalya to call Raghav and tell everything. Kaushalya says I will talk to him. Shanti goes out. She sees Chandra sleeping. She goes upstairs and sees Aarti. She takes Aarti to the room. She scolds Aarti for trapping Amit and Shivam, you got after Chandra now, have some shame, you are becoming Menka to break his tapasya, he will not get trapped by you, be scared of Lord, he is Mahapurush, don’t do this. Aarti cries and says its sin for me to think this. Shanti says I have met your husband. Aarti asks did you meet Ajay. Shanti says he told me everything, what did you do. Aarti asks what. Shanti says that you are a characterless girl, how you gave him divorce. Aarti gets shocked.

Shanti says Shivam is coming tomorrow, you leave from here. Aarti says I will ask him to wash off sindoor from my maang. Shanti says I will see if you do this or not.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Well it surely wasn’t a surprise to see Ajay and his new wife telling lies about Aarti. As it was predicatable that the whole family would believe the lies, but what I don’t get it how Amit believes it. He’s shared a drink with the man so he knows he was lying about not drinking.
    Seriously the men in the serial (except for Raghav right now) are worthless and the women don’t get me started on this. The only words that come in mind to describe the woman are lots of bleep…bleep….bleep. This show better end in July because there’s no way the writers can ever come back with a much watchable storlyine.

  2. I enjoyed today episode especially when Chandra gets a bucket

    of water and pours water on Shanti’s head????????

  3. Bravo shanti. Stupid selfish biased kaushaliya. Actual characterless preeti and pari. Dumb namita. Poor guy raghia. Most of all selfish and idiot is shivam. I hate u kaushaliya and shivam.

  4. God, please let the writers give Aarti some backbone so that she can speak at least half a sentence without crying, mumbling, and dissolving in a sea of emotional despair. Is she a five year old child or is she a grown up woman ? It is really painful to watch whenever she tries to give any spoken answer to any of the vicious women of Shanti Sadan.

    1. I wish the same.she should leave the house and get help from any ngo.

    2. Agreed ! Today’s woman is much more stronger than that Rotro arti! It’s disgusting; bearing all the tortures and taunting for no reason! If anyone tells me that a woman from your house is characterless, how would I believe that stranger! No way ! The CEO of star plus should take notice of it ! Where is the Nayi Soch theme here !

  5. I don’t like kausalya character now. She is not a good mother in law before or now. Lady were this type l don’t belive. New thinks are not in this serial. But plz don’t break any relationship. Hero heroine is super

  6. Pari is a super characterless girl and preeti is same with pari. Kausalya is a suselfishfish woman.namita think she was the main character. Santi is very bad character. In the whole part all the ladies are too much selfish and bad. Shame on you guise. Shame on you.Serial is good plz some changes on the women. Its my family ‘s favorite serial. Plz this serial play a long period like 5-10years

  7. Please change the writers as this storyline encourages Mother-in-laws to behave like this to their Bahu. Shame on the writers depicting this kind of torture / abuse upon women.

  8. This show is disgusting. No respect. Daughter in law’s I’ll treated. shanti is worst…her grand daughters are liars..cheaters n rogues yet they gave daughter in law’s a hard time. As for the men…they have no backbone. Every character of this show is disgusting. What message are we getting.

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